It’s Friday! And the Sun is Shining! Win Win!

May 19th

I am happy it is Friday.  The last few weeks have been emotionally exhausting.  I don’t want to cry at work, so I will try to hold it in until I get home and let it out.  For the past few days we have been worried about my Grandma.  She a stroke on Tuesday, and though she is somewhat aware of her surroundings, her long-term prognosis for recovery isn’t very good.  She’s had a long and interesting life, but that doesn’t mean we are ready to let her go.  If we lived closer I’d be able to take turns with other family members sitting by her bedside, so there’s a certain amount of guilt along with the sad feelings.  I can’t imagine that she would want to be trapped inside of her body like this, so I pray for God to either heal her, or take her to her Heavenly Home to be with Grandpa.  It just seems so strange to think of her this way, when we just saw her a few weeks ago and she was laughing and having fun with us.  It just goes to show that life can take a turn right when you least expect it.

Verse of the Day

Friday – May 19, 2017

Humble yourselves, therefore, under God’s mighty hand, that he may lift you up in due time. Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.

1 Peter 5:6-7


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

You’ve probably had a similar experience to this one. Someone asks you how you’re doing. At first, they seem interested, but as you begin to share the burdens of your heart, you begin to realize that they aren’t really listening and aren’t really interested; they’re just being polite. Most people have so many burdens they simply don’t know what to do with more. Our Father in heaven, however, says “Cast all your anxieties on me. You can share all of them with me, because I genuinely care for you.”

Food for Thought

I know we have all heard it before, but we truly are not guaranteed anything past this particular moment in life.  In a blink it could all change.  If you were to be called Home right now, would you be left with any regrets?  I know for sure that I have a few, but I’d like to think that the people that I love know that I love them, and that any unresolved issues will be forgiven.  I can’t bear the thought of my family or friends having their last memories of me be of anger, frustration, doubt or any other negative emotion.  Treat each day like it is your last – never forget to tell the ones you love how much they mean to you.  Something to think about.


Boys and Girls Club Day – How many of us have seen a group of kids hanging around together on a public corner, in a store parking lot, at the mall, doing nothing.  Why? Because there’s nothing for them to do.  Kids need something to keep them occupied.  If they aren’t heavily into sports or other school related activities, if they don’t have a job or aren’t old enough to have one, and if their parents don’t have them busy doing something at home or with family time, these kids are at loose ends looking for something to keep them busy.  Today we celebrate the invaluable Boy’s Clubs and Girl’s Clubs around the country. There are clubs all over America providing safe recreational activities for our youth. They teach values and citizenship and help to keep kids out of trouble and off of the street.   These clubs and community groups are so important – more so today than ever before.  With more parents working and so many families broken, or heading in different directions, these children need something to give them that sense of community that they used to get in the home, or in their churches.  There are several ways to celebrate this day:  Learn about your local Boy’s and Girl’s clubs, encourage your children to join them, volunteer your time, make a donation, or if there isn’t one in your area, see what you can do to start one.  The kids are our future, and right now, with some of the kids I see . . . that’s a really frightening thought.


Endangered Species Day – Today is the chance for people everywhere to learn about how to protect endangered species and how important it is to protect them.  It was started in 2006 by the United States Congress and was envisioned to be a celebration of this nation’s wildlife and wild places.  Each year, on the 3rd Friday in May – and throughout the month – zoos, aquariums, parks, botanical gardens, wildlife refuges, museums, schools, community centers, conservation groups and other organizations throughout the country hold tours, have special speakers, exhibits and children’s activities all set up to be opportunities to learn more about Endangered Species and how we can help protect them.


May Ray Day – This one cracks me up!  This one was set up to give people a reason to get outside and enjoy the sunshine – soak up the rays, invite friends for BBQs, have a picnic, or even head to the beach.  The reason I’m giggling?  Well, it has been acting like October around here so far this spring.   hear that better weather is on the way though! Let’s hope the weather guessers are correct!


National Bike to Work Day – (3rd Friday of the Month) – I really love living away from town, there are days that it would be nice to live a little closer to work.   It is National Bike to Work Day and is a great opportunity to get some exercise, and to save gas. And of course saving gas these days is pretty important!  Prices aren’t AS high as they were, but they aren’t cheap either. We could really save by biking!  Unfortunately I live 21 miles from work and there just isn’t the time to get there without leaving for work hours early, even if I could ride that far without keeling over. Or I wasn’t still afraid of biking, even after many years since I had a bike crash that broke my finger, sprained my wrist, gave me road rash from my face down to my knees, and put a permanent dent in my pride.  It would be wonderful to not only get past the fear, but be able to ride to work all the time – not just on Bike to Work Day.  If you have the opportunity to save some fuel, consider this option!


National Pizza Party Day – Americans love pizza.  We already knew that, right?  How many of us have pizza at least once every couple of weeks, whether we get it in a restaurant or make it at home?  I often make pizza on Friday nights.  I’d prefer to buy it somewhere and bring it home so I don’t have to cook on Fridays after working all week, but we are on a healthy eating plan and doing pretty well, so I don’t want to mess it up.  When I make it at home I can control what is in the food and reduce sodium and other junk.  Here are some interesting facts about pizza in our country: Iowa has the most pizza stores per person – with 4.13 stores per 10,000 residents.  The average American eats 46 slices of pizza each year.  There are 3 billion pizzas sold each year in the United States.  There are over 5 billion pizzas sold worldwide each year.  WOW! Do we corner the world market, or what?


National Hepatitus Testing Day – So WHAT is hepatitis?  It is an inflammation of the liver that is most often caused by a virus.  In the United States the most common types are Hepatitis A, B & C.  They are three separate diseases, each caused by a different virus and they spread in different ways.  There are vaccines available for A & B, but right now there isn’t one for C.  They can all be detected by a simple test.  There is a list of people that the CDC recommends be tested for Hepatitis C:

  • Anyone who was born from 1945 – 1965.
  • Anyone who has shared needles, syringes or other equipment to inject drugs.
  • Anyone who received a blood transfusion or organ transplant before 1992.
  • Anyone who received blood products for clotting problems made before 1987.
  • Anyone who has been exposed to the blood of a person with Hepatitis C.
  • Anyone born to a mother who has Hepatitis C.


O. Henry Pun-Off Day – This is an interesting one and I’m not sure how I missed it for the first couple of years I was doing this. In 1978, fans of word-play got together to celebrate puns. English and literary critic John Dryden called puns the “lowest and most groveling kind of wit”. This is a fun answer to that declaration.  Every year this is held at the O. Henry Museum in Austin, Texas.  In 1990 a support group of former and current contestants in the pun-off was formed to make the unwritten rules of the competition formal and to assist in providing guidance and support for future events. Austin resident Gary Hallock has run the contest since 1990.   This collection of witty word smiths gather under the title of “Punsters United Nearly Yearly” – or PUNY (hehe).  People who participate in the even compete in one, or both of two areas of punning . . . Punniest of Show – which has people performing a 90-second prepared piece filled with puns; and PunSlingers, which has them in head-to-head bouts of spontaneous punning on a randomly selected choice of traditional topics.   From the beginning of the Pun-Off they have used a four-person panel of judges that receive scores from 1-10. These scores are based on performance, originality and wit.  The four scores are added together for a combined score of 4-40 for each contestant.  Scores lower than 1 are rounded up to 1, and scores higher than 10 are rounded down to 10.  The one with the highest score wins each event, with any tied scores decided by level of audience response.  In 2009 they increased the judge panel to six people, but they toss out the highest and lowest scores and use the remaining 4 scores that are added together for the final score.  They did this so that it would prevent any one judge from having the ability to disqualify a punster by giving a much lower score than other judges.  Oh! That makes sense.  This whole thing was inspired by the writings of William Sydney Porter, who lived in Austin, Texas in the 1800s, and began going by the pen name O. Henry.  By the time he’d passed away in 1910 he had published over 300 short stories.  He had a trademark twisted ending to his stories that kept his readers coming back for more.  The Pun-Off keeps his name alive by offering people who love word play and wit a place to enact their literary “shenanigans” in front of an admiring, occasionally mocking audience.



This Day in History –

1884 – Ringling Brothers circus premieres.


Food Celebration of the Day

National Devil’s Food Cake Day – Most likely named for its contrast to the snow-white “Angel Cakes” that came before it, Devil’s Food is one of the country’s most popular cakes — rich, dark and sinfully good. This one is tough to resist when on a diet, right?


 The sun is shining and it’s time to go to work.  We might just have a lovely day today! Spring may finally have sprung!  Let’s hope it sticks around awhile.  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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