It’s Friday AND It’s National Hamburger Month! Shaping Up To Be a GREAT Weekend!

May 3rd

Good Morning! Happy Friday to everyone!  I was talking with my office mate yesterday about how incredibly long this week has been at the office – she felt the same way.  Didn’t feel like the week would ever come to an end, but finally it is!  I’m sure we are all very ready for the weekend.  It’s time to celebrate today though, so get ready! It’s a busy day!

Garden Meditation Day –  Many people find gardening to be very relaxing.  The feel of the soil in your hands, taking the time to focus on the plants and the seeds, carefully pulling the weeds.  While you’re there, feel the sun warming your skin, the breeze whispering quiet music to accompany the singing of the birds.  Today concentrate on each small task you carry out in the garden, rejoicing in God’s creation and the beauty of nature.  If your garden or yard space isn’t set up for relaxation, perhaps make a plan on how you can carve out a piece of it for those quiet moments when you would like to just spend some time thinking.  My Grandparents had a really nice garden.  Grandpa was a genius at setting it up in a way that was both artistic and practical.  He had taken an old swing set from a garage sale, painted it a bright grass green, put an awning up over it, and replaced the individual swings with one long garden bench swing.  He and Grandma would go out and sit on that swing, and holding hands, watch their garden grow.  Sometimes when we went to visit he would take me out to sit on the swing.  Gently swaying back and forth, holding hands, we would just watch the garden.  We didn’t talk.  Grandpa said if you listened very carefully you could hear the leaves reaching to heaven, growing every moment of every day.  Those were precious times.  We all need some garden meditation time in our lives.  I

International Tuba Day – The tuba is a very important instrument in a band, one that no concert or symphony bandleader would want to be without.  This day recognizes musicians around the world who struggle with the weight and size of this big instrument.  The tuba’s big, deep sounds provide a lot of character to concert music.  I’m sure nobody can truly imagine a tube-less marching band!  The tuba player has a big job.  He lugs this heavy instrument around, and he provides the big wind that makes such an impact in the music world. International Tuba Day was started by Joel Day in 1979.  At the time Joel was a tuba player in his high school band.  He started the day as a result of the lack of respect for tuba and tuba players by his fellow musicians. 

Lumpy Rug Day – A good rug is something to truly appreciate.  I didn’t realize how much until we bought a house that was being lost to the bank by the contractor.  They tossed the last minute construction and installation touches on the house in a hurry, haphazardly and without any attention to doing it correctly.  The result?  After less than a year in the house the carpets began to get lumpy and bulgy in places.  Very frustrating.  A rug should be smooth, even and definitely NOT lumpy.  One way to celebrate this day would be to be able to replace the carpeting . . . and maybe some day we will. When we’ve decided if we want carpet or hard wood. While the dog is still around and too old to deal with the slipperiness of slick floors, we’ll keep the carpet we have and deal with changing it at a future date.  For now, if you have a lumpless rug, appreciate it.  It is one of those things you don’t think about being grateful for, until you don’t have it any longer.

National Special-abled Pets Day – Pets, like people, each individuals.  Their personalities traits vary from creature to creature, regardless of whether they are the perfectly bred specimen, or a ragtag mutt.  Today we celebrate the special animals, the ones that maybe their animal moms and dads in the animal world would reject as weak or unwanted.  These sometimes make the very best pets!  My daughter sent me a text today – she’s pretty excited.  She’s been looking for a new critter to love, and has decided that perhaps a hedgehog would be perfect.  She was looking at information and hedgehog breeder sites and ran across one that has a young female who was born without her right eye.  The breeder is having a hard time finding a taker for this little sweetie because people perceiv her to be ugly or unacceptable.  My daughter contacted the breeder, explaining that her husband has one eye.  He was shot in the face in Iraq while serving in the Army.  He lost his left eye.  My daughter figured that this little hedgehog would fit right in.  The lady contacted her, touched that she would seek out this special animal, and will get back to her if she decides to part with her.  Different animals are just different, that’s all.  As my daughter observed today, people can be just as cruel and indifferent to animals that look different a they are to people who are different.  It’s not fair, no matter the species, to  reject them over something they cannot help.  If you have room in your home, and in your heart, perhaps consider adopting a special-abled pet.  It would be a definitely blessing for the pet, and a blessing for you as well.

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day – Trends come and go, and fashion is often driven by the most popular, the wealthy, or the completely uninhibited.  Growing up we didn’t have the money for me to follow the trends, so I was always a little behind the other kids with styles.  My daughter on the other hand, had the benefit of Grandparents who loved to provide her with everything her little heart wanted in the clothing department. To this day she has an entire room for a closet! This included multiple pairs of the same style of shoe, in different colors. One day she came out of the bedroom, ready for school, in a teal and purple outfit (it was the style at that time), with an purple shoe on one foot, and a teal shoe on the other (you remember those little canvas tennis shoes?) With the purple shoe she had on a teal sock, and with the teal shoe she had an purple sock. It actually looked pretty cute! She asked me if she could go to school like that, and honestly, there wasn’t any reason not to let her, so off to school my 2nd grader went, proud of her different look. Within a week the other girls were doing the same thing. Yep, that was my little trend setter. The outfits she came up with sometimes made me cringe, but that particular idea was a good one! Who knew that it would turn out to be an actual holiday at some point? I’ll have to tell her, it’ll give her a chuckle I’m sure.   

No Pants Day –  This celebration actually started out rather comically, that is IF the story is even true.  It is said that on January 10, 1986 an absentminded New Yorker forgot to put on his pants before leaving for work.  As he boarded the NYC subway, his pantsless legs were met with groans, giggles and stares.  At first he was embarrassed, but soon he began to welcome the strange looks and the stares.  He enjoyed it so much that he decided, along with several other folks, to celebrate going pantsless one day every year.  Over time those who climbed onto his pantsless bandwagon began to question the sanity of going without pants in January.  It was decided to change the date of No Pants Day to May 1st so the odds of the weather being warmer and dryer were in their favor.

Paranormal Day –    Today is the day when everyone who believes in paranormal activity are encouraged to share their experiences with other people. The question though is, what exactly IS paranormal activity?  Well, it has been described as “phenomena and manifestations which lie outside of normal experience, which can neither be scientifically explained, nor proven.”  If you believe in the paranormal, then you don’t need to feel alone.  45% of Americans believe in ghosts.  Even if you don’t believe in ghosts, if you believe in angels or in miracles, then you can actually say that you do believe in the paranormal!  My personal opinion is this – there are too many things we cannot explain to just brush off the notion of paranormal activity as nonsense. 

Food Celebration of the Day (Actually this one is a Month Long celebration!)

National Hamburger Month – We sure do love our hamburgers — Americans eat more than 14 billion of them a year. The most popular burger topping? Ketchup, of course!

Well, this will give all a place to start for the day!  I’d intended to include some monthlies, but some technical difficulties with the computer had me starting in on this a little late.  Have a wonderful Friday, be safe as you go about starting your weekend.  God bless you! I’ll see you tomorrow.



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