It’s Dress Up Your Pet Day! What’s The Best Costume Your Pet Ever Wore?

Jan 14th

Never have I been so glad to see Tuesday arrive.  I hear people complain about Mondays, but except for regretting that the weekend is over, Monday has never really been a problem for me.  Yesterday though – THAT was a Monday that made me want to hurry home and crawl under the covers and hide.  It was just one of those days where if people weren’t snapping my head off,  there was something else going on instead – like the computer acting up.   I just hope that all the snappy people left their snap at home today.  I’ve had all of it I can take for the week.


Dress Up Your Pet Day – Every time I am in a pet store and see all the cute little costumes for small dogs, and a few for big ones, it makes me wish Tibbi was enthusiastic about being dressed up . . . she’s not, but wouldn’t that be funny?  The best I can do once in awhile is get her to hold still in a hat while I take a picture.  I guess some pets like it and some don’t.  I suspect the ones who do are dressed up from the time they are very young.  When I was little I used to dress up  my cats – that gets dangerous!  And once my daughter dressed up her pet chinchilla.  Now there was a critter who absolutely HATED being dressed up.  She was a wiggling, squirming, meeping (that is sort of the sound they make when they are upset) protest in action.  The doll’s dress that my daughter was attempting to put onto the chinchilla ended up a little disheveled . . . her head was out an arm hole, her tail was out the neck hole, and she was molting tufts of fur.  It wasn’t something that was attempted again, but I can tell you I’ve rarely laughed so hard in my life!  (This is my Tibbi girl on her 14th birthday.  That reminds me! Her 15th birthday is next month and she’ll need a new hat! She chewed this one up a bit.)

Caesarean Section Day – In 1794 a Dr. Jesse Bennett is said to be the first North American doctor to perform a caesarean section.  He was 24 years old and performed it on his wife, Elizabeth.  They lived in a modest home in Virginia, which is where he performed the surgery without any antiseptics or equipment.  It’s sad to say that he was surprised that both the mother and the baby survived the operation.  Can you imagine?  He did it knowing that he MIGHT save one or the other, but wasn’t actually expecting both to live.  Quite a heavy load to carry.  Caesarean Sections have been performed as far back as the Julius Caesar era – which is where Caesarean comes from – but they always resulted in the mother dying.  It wasn’t until the 1500s that a woman was recorded to have survived the surgery.  How common are they now?  Well, a recent study says that 1 in 3 first-time mothers are delivering their baby by C-Section.  These mothers are most likely to have repeat C-Sections.  So why would a woman need a C-Section?  Well, there are many reasons, such as preexisting conditions, complications in pregnancy where natural birth may pose a risk to the baby, or complications during labor.  There are even women today who are having elective C-Sections!  It’s turned into a convenience to be able to plan the date of the baby’s birth, and it’s quicker than natural birth.  The amazing thing is that on March 5, 2000, a woman by the name of Ines Ramirez performed a Caesarean section on herself.  She is believed to be the first woman to have done this successfully.

Organize Your Home Day–  Well this is one I definitely need, but I do wish it landed on a weekend!  Having a well organized home – which I currently do not – just makes me feel peaceful.  And it’s always a New Year’s goal to get it organized THIS year! THIS is the year.  And so far it hasn’t been.  Oh, I get a few things organized here and there, but I’ve never once had my entire house organized.  So, is this the year?  We’ll see.  When our living spaces are in chaos, so are our minds, and rather than being a place of refuge after a long day, our homes become a place that feel stifling with us.  You don’t have to tackle the entire house all at once.  One room at a time.  It’ll eventually get done.   

This Day In History

1784 – The United States of America ratifies a treaty with England ending the Revolutionary war.       
1973 – The Miami Dolphins defeat the Washington Redskins in Superbowl VII , and become the first undefeated team in NFL history.
1990 – The Simpsons debut on television. Will TV ever be the same again!?!
Food Celebration of the Day

National Hot Pastrami Sandwich Day – Pastrami was introduced to the U.S. in the early 20th century by Romanian Jews. Today, the seasoned and smoked meat lives on in classic deli sandwiches.  All I have to say to this one is  . . . . YUM!

Here’s to a wonderful Tuesday, one day closer to the weekend, and a better day than yesterday.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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