It’s an Absurdly Beautiful Day!

Nov 20th

Welcome to Wednesday!  Oh my goodness, as much as I love the Crio Bru I started drinking yesterday, I didn’t make the switch from coffee in a way that would be most comfortable.  I woke up this morning with a caffeine deprivation headache.  Guess what I’m drinking right now?  Well, you’d be half right.  I mixed the Crio Bru with coffee so I have a lovely cup of creamy coffee with chocolate overtones from the Crio Bru! I think it’s delicious and highly recommend it to anyone who typically loves mochas.  I have such a long list of things to do today, that it’s probably a good idea that I’m getting some caffeine into me early.  It’s so hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week and I am NOWHERE near ready!  Today should make a good dent in what needs to be done, so I’m hoping by the time I see you tomorrow I can tell you that I’m much more relaxed about getting everything done in time.  Why don’t I plan ahead better? Never mind, I know the answer to that . . . I’m a terrible procrastinator.  It’s really a good thing that I work well on a time limit and under pressure.

Absurdity Day –  Today is totally absurd!  Seriously! That’s what it is . . . Absurdity Day!  Crazy, right?  Some days are illogical and seem to be senseless, which is definitely the definition of Absurd.  Today is to be celebrated in an absurd manner, which means not sitting back and waiting for something to happen, but to seek out things that are somewhat, if not completely illogical.  Have fun, but don’t try to make any sense of it! If you could see my to-do list you would say – THAT’S ABSURD!  So, without even meaning to I set the tone for this celebration . . . and will attempt to get through my list and make a complete success of the absurdity of the day.   (This was seriously the most absurd picture I could find! Isn’t that funny and sad all at the same time?  Poor dog had to have felt like hiding in a hole forever after this was done to it.  I giggled anyway.)

Beautiful Day – Our world, especially lately it seems, is so filled with ugliness.  People just aren’t nice to each other any more. From horrible things like the “knock out game”  starting to become common, to home invasions, people stealing at the first opportunity, bullying . . . the list goes on.  We forget that the world is a beautiful place, filled with beautiful sights, sounds and aromas!  I couldn’t find the creator of this day, but I’d like to think that it was set up to remind us to look past the surface ugliness around us and appreciate what God gave us – this beautiful, amazing world.

This Day In History

1959 – Ford quit making the unpopular Edsel.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Peanut Butter Fudge Day –  I love making fudge, and seriously, mixing in peanut butter to this lovely treat, could it get much better than that?  For all its intense richness, fudge is surprisingly easy to make. And it only gets better with peanut butter added to the mix!

Well, I am ready to embrace the absurd AND the beautiful today . . . and get started with my extensive list of chores.  So, READY . . . SET . . . GO!!!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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