It’s All About Food!

Dec 22nd

Running late again!  Sorry!  This time I’m up and around, but I’m just about done baking 96 cupcakes, and am getting ready to finish baking the cookie dough I made last night.  It’s hectic, but I am enjoying it.  Can’t help myself! I LOVE baking!  And since today is  all about food in my house, it’s fitting that the celebrations are about food too.

National Pear Month – You may know that pears are chock-full of vitamin C, but did you know that they’re a sneaky source of fiber, too? On average, one pear contains 6 grams of the good stuff!


National Date Nut Bread Day –  Honestly I thought we did this one just a few months ago, but it popped up on my calendars, so we get it again!  Date Nut bread is actually a good one for the holidays – it’s not too sweet and dates are healthy. Loaves of delicious, fragrant bread make great gifts too.        Here’s the link for one recipe I found, but there were HUNDREDS to choose from!

I am so sorry that this is so sort today, but honestly, I’m standing at the counter, half of an eaten pancake getting cold, and another batch of yumminess ready to come out of the oven.  All of this and I have to leave in a bit to take the dog in for a booster shot!  I know! They are open on a Sunday!  Anyway, Gotta run! Merry Christmas, God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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