It’s a Gumdrop Sort of Day!

Feb 15th

National Gumdrop Day Have you ever heard the phrase “Goody, goody, gumdrops”? Do you know where it came from?  According to “The Phrase Finder”, the earliest printed record of this phrase showed up in a comic strip called “The Harold Teen” in November, 1936.  Gumdrops are a unique and American treat that have been around since the mid-19th century.  Gumdrops are used often around the holidays to decorate desserts and gingerbread houses. They are also popular at the movies!  I admit to loving gumdrops, but they get stuck in my teeth!  Oh yum, now I’m hungry for gumdrops. . .

Singles Awareness Day – This is a day for people who are unattached and without a significant other. It is celebrated the day after Valentine’s Day,  but since Valentine’s Day celebrates love and romance for people who are in a relationship, it sometimes leaves people who are single feeling depressed and sad.  Singles Awareness Day is those folks who are without a boyfriend/girlfriend, in between relationships, or just feel left out on Valentine’s Day.  It is celebrated the day after Valentine’s Day – so all you single folks, this day is for you! On Singles Awareness day:

  • Singles get together. It’s a chance to meet.
  • Singles give each other gifts,
  • You can celebrate and enjoy the fact that you are unattached.

After a little look around, I found references to Dustin Barnes from Mississippi State University being the creator of this day . . . and yes . . .Dustin was single at the time.

Susan B Anthony Day Susan B. Anthony was a pioneer in the fight for equal rights for women. She was  born into a Quaker family on Feb. 15, 1820, and became an activist at an early age. In addition to women’s suffrage, she fought for temperance, the abolition of slavery, women’s rights to own property and retain their earnings and organized labor for women. She was the first woman  to have her likeness on a circulated U.S. coin. On July 2, 1979, the U. S. Mint officially released the Susan B. Anthony dollar coin in Rochester, N.Y.,  which was Anthony’s home during the most politically active years of her life.   Today we commemorate her life and all she did.  You can learn more about her by watching the 1999 documentary “The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony: Not for Ourselves Alone.”  Does everyone remember the gold Susan B. Anthony dollars?  I do! They were barely bigger than a quarter and people kept getting them stuck in machines.  I always thought they were really unique, but impractical.

Celebrating the little things – like gumdrops, big things – like great women in history, and appreciating your status, whether married or single . . . is very important because it makes us happy, and being happy eases stress.  It’s the little things, day by day, that give us a little lift.  So have a good day – be blessed and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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