Is Your Name Unique? This Day is for YOU!

Mar 5th
Holy Humor – Cartoon of the Day!

Multiple Personality Day  – This isn’t a condition to make fun of – since it is a very serious psychological disorder, however, I’m sure we have ALL known someone who you can swear has at least two distinct personalities, if not more.   In many ways many of us do . . . we have one personality at home, one at work, one with friends, another in church . . . the list goes on and on.  It would be wonderful if we could all be exactly who we are no matter who we are around, but reality is we all put on a show for anyone outside of our homes, at least from time to time.  Today is an opportunity to get in touch with ourselves.   Just in case you really do run into people celebrating this day – be prepared to be around people talking to themselves, or maybe talking to someone only they can see.  You might even find yourself talking to yourself!  If you wish someone “Happy Multiple Personality Day” you may find yourself saying it to them several times, once for every personality!

Unique Names Day – I have a somewhat unique name – at least it’s not a name you hear every day.  My daughter for YEARS was the only Krianne anywhere.  I just did a google search and was actually surprised to find three, including her.  I figured it was just a matter of time.  Unique names have their ups and downs though.  On the good side, you are set apart from other names and being mistaken for someone else isn’t common.  On the bad side, you can never, ever find anything that has a name stitched, printed or carved on it, with your name (You know, like vacation t-shirts, little license plates for bikes, etc) unless they are special ordered.  Where’s the fun in that? If you go to the beach you’d like to find something right then and there to take home.  When she was in grade school she tried to get the other kids to call her by her middle name – which is Jade (also not common when she was born), but they weren’t cooperative.  She would cry -“Why did you give me a weird name???” with tears streaming down her face.  The teachers always mispronounced it, the other kids called her Crayon.  It was ugly there for a little while.  But she grew up and the name grew on her and everyone else – though  most of us shortened it to Kri (kree) for normal conversation.  I never could figure out why it was so hard?  I mean, how many people mispronouce BRIANNE?  It’s just a switch of 1 single letter to make KRIANNE, but doggone if it confounded most people!  Today, if your name is unusual, celebrate it!  Be happy that your parents thought outside the box – at least for this one day.

National Peanut Month – This month celebrates one of America’s favorite foods! Peanut can be eaten in so many ways!  They can be roasted in the shell for a ballpark snack, ground into peanut butter or tossed in a salad or stir-fry, peanuts find their way into everything from breakfast to dessert.  National Peanut Month got its start in 1941 as National Peanut Week, but was expanded into National Peanut Month in 1974.  I guess there were just too many wonderful things about peanuts to reduce it down to such a short period of time!   How do you like your peanuts best?  I admit, there’s something rather wonderful about heating peanuts in the shell up in the oven, and cracking them open to eat while watching a movie.  There are restaurants and bars you can go to where they bring buckets of peanuts to your table, and when you’re done eating them, you brush the shells off onto the floor.  It’s wonderful! There’s this crunch crunch as you walk across the floor, and the peanuts are an awesome appetizer or beer snack. But I equally love them in a peanut sauce made from peanut butter, chopped up on my Phad Thai or Peanut Butter Noodles (see how I tied that into Noodle Month too?), or just any old way.  Who among us DOESN’T love peanut butter cookies (and if you do NOT love peanut butter cookies I must wonder if you just haven’t tried the right recipe?)?  However you like them, have a few sometime this month to get into the spirit of the holiday.

Adopt A Rescued Guinea Pig Month – Most of us are very aware that dogs and cats are up for adoption in shelters and rescue centers.  But how many of us are aware that guinea pigs are also dropped off at shelters by people who decide the can no longer care for them, or who lose interest as the guinea pig reaches adulthood? Rabbits too! Guinea pigs are sweet little creatures, very lovable, very cute and very easy to care for.  They are social little guys and should be adopted in multiples of at least two, so they have a buddy to snuggle with.  My kids used to have some, so they hold a special place in my heart.  Guinea Pigs (or cavies) live up to about 8 years, so they are a long term responsibility.  Some folks get some for their kids, the kids go on to college and the parents no longer wish to care for the little furry creatures, and off they take them to the shelter.  That’s not fair to the pet, and not a very responsible attitude for the pet owner.  There are things people with a heart to help can do, even if they aren’t up for taking care of a pet for 8 years.  There are foster programs that are short term til a new home is found.  There is also volunteering time at a rescue shelter cleaning cages, feeding them, cuddling them and helping spread the word about adoption as an option vs going to a pet store.  These are some of the most wonderful little pets you could have – next to a chinchilla.  My heart was pretty wrapped up in my daughter’s chinchilla, but that’s another blog.       Perhaps a good way to get ALL of the celebrations covered in this busy month, would be to get each of our personalities to pick one and go with it! Only have one personality? Well, then I guess the multi-tasker in all of us needs to come out to play.  Have a wonderful day, no matter how you celebrate it, just do it with happiness and peace. God bless you – I’ll see you tomorrow!

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