Instant Milk VS Dry Powdered Milk . . . What Is The Difference?

Mar 3rd

Did you ever wonder what the difference is between powdered milk and instant milk?  Does one taste better than the other? I always thought they were just two different names for the same thing, but it turns out they are completely different products!

If you are anything like me, the thought of drinking dry milk that you have to mix with water doesn’t sit every well.  We have become spoiled by being able to just grab a gallon of whatever milk we like best and using it, or drinking, as we wish.  At my favorite market I have the option of buying milk in a glass jug (it just TASTES better to me in glass), from a local dairy that doesn’t use hormones or antibiotics on their cows.  The flavor is fresh and so much better than the other options.  When we think of dry milk we think of something with an “off” flavor.  I know that when I was in grade school and Jr. High, the general thought was that kids who drank dry milk were the poor kids, and it came with a bit of a stigma attached.  Because of those things, and not using it at home when I was growing up, I have to admit that I held that opinion too.

Economically we all have to face some very difficult facts.  Fact #1:  Our economy is in the tank, and I don’t care how often the talking heads in the media tell us that it’s improving, all you have to do is walk down the grocery store aisles, or see fuel prices, or look at your power bill, to know that they are lying to us.  Fact #2:  Across the country, no the world, there has been ridiculously unusual weather phenomenon that has drastically affected crops, which in turn affects herds of animals that are intended for food – whether it is dairy products or meat products.  Fact #3:  The result of the economy being in the tank, and weird weather related issues, in turn drive the cost of food up, up, up.  There are a LOT of factors that go into all of this, but this is the long and short of it in a few short sentences.  So what do we do?

Some of the ways we can help ourselves and our families is by reassessing what we are eating, how much it costs at the grocery store and seek out alternative shopping options.  The first thing I have changed is buying shelf stable foods to replace some of the fresh foods.  One good reason to do this is to reduce waste.  Think about it . . . if you buy a gallon of milk and you don’t use it all, it gets poured down the drain.  Perhaps if you have children at home, the thought of having to get rid of leftover milk strikes you as a strange thing, but if the kids have moved out, or you just haven’t had a reason to use it all, it goes to waste.  The milk I buy in the glass jugs? It’s $3.89 for half gallon – yes, that’s a lot by anyone’s standards, but I love that it is locally produced and that it isn’t full of yucky stuff that I don’t want in my body.  Nonetheless, it is expensive and when I am not using it for anything except my morning latte, or a bowl of cereal now and again, it just isn’t worth it! 

When I became a Thrive Life distributor I started trying out various products, starting with the milk.    After discussing it with friends who already used the milk powder, then trying it for myself, I found that the Instant Milk is really good!  At first I sort of balked at paying $24.00 (ish – depends on if it is on sale or not) for a #10 can of the milk, but it is so worth it!  It takes me about 2 months to go through a can of the Instant Milk, just using it in my coffee in the morning.  It tastes like regular milk, and if you make it up ahead of time and have it sitting in the fridge, nice and cold in a glass pitcher, even better!  I admit I don’t even bother. I have a café latte machine that I just put the water and 3 Tablespoons of the Instant Milk into the carafe, brew the coffee into it and it’s done! Delicious, frothy, creamy latte!  So, if the Instant Milk is for drinking, what is the Powdered Milk used for?  Cooking and baking! AHHHHH! Got it!  No more icky tasting milk because I’m using the proper type for drinking, and I’m saving money!

Reality is, if you use a lot of milk, it is more economical AT THIS POINT to buy it fresh however often you need it.  BUT how long will it be economical to do that if our food supply is affecting our dairy supply?  Also, we live in a world where bad stuff happens.  I am not trying to be negative, but it’s the truth.  Every region has something about it that can be tragic . . . whether it is hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes (yes, we have one near us), floods, wind, snow and ice, draught . . . at any point something could happen that could cut us off from easy access to fresh foods.  We have all heard about runs at the grocery store where fresh milk, bread and water are gone in moments and there’s nothing left for folks who are unprepared.  Not being caught without being ready for any emergency is the way to head off disaster before it happens.  Having food stored, whether you can it yourself, buy canned and packaged meals you find on sale, or having shelf-reliant products in the house, along with an ample supply of water, could be the difference between life and death for your family.

I started with the milk. . . but I’m waiting for a variety of freeze dried meats to arrive . . . I’ll keep you posted.  Whatever happens . . . economy failure, natural or man made disaster . . . my family will eat and remain strong, no matter how long we may be unable to go to a store.  Will yours?

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