“In God We Trust” . . . Let’s Keep It That Way

Apr 22nd

After successfully getting through Monday . . . I trust all of you did too! . . . we came home and finally mowed the lawn.  According to the weather guessers we are in for rain for the rest of the week – so sad! – so tonight was going to be our only opportunity.  Sure enough, not an hour after we came inside the raindrops began to fall.  Nice, right?  Now let’s hope that we have a couple of dry days in about a week, since it’ll be ready to be done again. Sure would be nice if I could grow a garden and flowers as successfully as I grow grass and weeds!

Holy Humor Month – Joke of the Day

“In God We Trust Day” Day – This one deserves a celebration all its own! Let’s take a little walk down the path of history for a moment, shall we?  On this day in 1864, Congress passed an act that authorized that a 2-cent coin be made that bore the motto “In God We Trust”.  After the 2-cent coin was minted, they extended the motto to be used on other coins.  Time marched on, as it tends to do, and on July 30, 1956 it became the national motto! What a wonderful motto to have, right?  Well, any patriotic, God loving souls think so anyway.  It fills me with great sadness and heartache to know that there are those – a very noisy minority – who are doing their best to remove this important sentiment  and reminder from existence in our nation.  We NEED this!  We NEED to see it, hear it and think it every single day . . . with every coin and dollar spent, with every breath we draw, we need to know that “IN GOD WE TRUST!”  If we believe it on every level, and we live by it, perhaps there will be hope for our nation after all.
Earth Day – There is a piece of me that wishes to go back to celebrating “blah blah blah” day! That’s what all of this is to me.  Earth Day is set up to focus on climate change, which is a phenomenon that naturally goes in cycles.  The uproar over climate change has been a bunch of hooey from the beginning, but those who have caused the uproar aren’t willing to admit that they’ve been perpetrating a giant hoax on the world.  It has been proven that the earth goes through heating and cooling cycles . . . it has through the ages and it will continue to do so until the end of time.  It is the way that God created things!  Yes, we should be careful to not pollute and take care of our planet, but let’s keep things in perspective and not lose our heads.  Worrying about cow flatulence is ridiculous, so calm down! The polar ice caps will melt a little, freeze a little, melt a little . . . .etc.  Be respectful of the world God gave us, but stop trying to micromanage the people who live here.  If we are all responsible for our own actions, and are wise stewards of what we have been given, then we will ultimately be OK.  Think of it this way . . . Our God is a big God.  He created all of this in the first place and He is perfectly capable of keeping us spinning on our axis and going for as long as He sees fit.

Food Celebration of the Day
National Jelly Bean Day – most of us are all jelly beaned out, but if you aren’t then today would be a good day to eat the rest of those Easter jelly beans.  My favorites are the Jelly Belly’s, especially the really tart ones, and the buttered popcorn flavored ones.  Yum!  Jelly beans date back to at least the 1860’s.  There were advertisements at the time, promoting sending jelly beans to the Union troops fighting in the Civil War. Here’s an interesting little bit of trivia . . .If you lined up all the jelly beans folks ate around Easter time, they would circle the globe nearly three times!

Jelly Bean Easter Egg Nests
Jelly Bean Biscotti
Jelly Belly Banana Split
Watermelon Cake
No-Bake Chocolate Nests With Jelly Bean Eggs
Pebbles Cupcakes

The whole topic of people trying to wipe mention of God out of our country really gets me fired up, and I would hope that it would get everyone else fired up too!  I know that we all have the right to feel the way we wish to feel, but we don’t have the right to shove it down everyone else’s throat.  A minority of people wants to drastically change our country, and in great part already have. Unfortunately many changes have already happened, and I can honestly say that very few of them are an improvement.  As we watch our rights and freedoms diminish day by day, I cannot help but feel badly for future generations and worry about what sort of a world they are coming into.  The simple motto “In God We Trust” speaks volumes.  It doesn’t need explanation but it shouts to the world that we are a nation that does indeed TRUST IN GOD!  At least we used to trust in God.  Those of us who still do have an obligation to take a stand and not allow “them” to push God the rest of the way out of our nation . . . not if we want the slightest hope of still being our nation.  Something to think about.  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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