Ice Cream Parfaits and Sardines . . .

Nov 24th

Good Sunday Morning Everyone!  In spite of some masked marauders attacking our back deck in the night (raccoons) in an attempt to loot all of the bird feeder food, I mostly slept alright and am ready to get the day going. Today we make our final plan for Thanksgiving dinner and will head out to get the non-perishables and have a day out together.  We’re planning on having lunch out – which is something we don’t do all that often (Why bother?  We both cook and often it just doesn’t make sense to pay good money for something we can make better and healthier at home!) so I want to choose wisely.  Other than that, the plan is to just hang out together, watch more Christmas movies (I do love them so much!) and get ready for our short work week!

National Parfait Day – Yum.  Is there anything more tasty than a parfait?  A parfait? What’s that?  Well, for those who don’t know, a parfait is layers of ice cream, whipped cream and any combination of syrups and fruits – basically a fancy way of saying ice cream sundae.  And it’s usually served in a fancy glass, probably to match up with the fancy word.  You can also get/make yogurt parfaits for breakfast – layers of vanilla or fruit yogurt, with fresh fruit and granola.  These are pretty delicious too.  So, if you were to celebrate today with a Parfait, what flavor would be your favorite?  Mine is ALWAYS vanilla ice cream with hot fudge and nuts.  Oh my gosh, yes.  I won’t be having one though.  I anticipate being “bad” enough with my food choices this week already and have to save myself for pie!  If you have one though . . . enjoy!

Blase´Day – Well, I’m just at a loss about why someone would be wanting to celebrate being blasé!  There are so many things to get excited about that you wouldn’t think there would be time for blasé!  You don’t have to be absurdly happy, or growling angry, just be INTERESTED in life!  If you are wondering what in the world blasé even is, well here’s the definition for you: blasé (blah-zey) adj., Indifferent to or bored with life; unimpressed; unconcerned; nonchalant.  And here it is in a sentence:  She stuck out like a sore thumb in a sports bar; her blasé demeanor a stark contrast to the fervent fascination shared among most patrons.  (This wasn’t my sentence, but after I found this example I couldn’t come up with one that was better to me!)  If you really are blasé about life, about today, about the holidays, etc.  well, THIS IS YOUR DAY!  Enjoy it . . . oh wait . . . that wouldn’t be blasé now, would it?

Food Celebration of the Day

National Sardine Day – They’re both small and silver in color, but sardines are not the same as anchovies! And what’s more, the term doesn’t refer to a single type of fish, but various small saltwater fish related to herring.  I must admit that I’ve never actually eaten a sardine.  We have a few tins of them in the cupboard for “just in case we need emergency protein”.  We’ve never been that hard up (in my mind anyway) for protein to have to crack them open.  Some of these recipes do look interesting though.  I may have to get brave – someday – and give them a chance.

Well, short but sweet today.  There were a few others listed that I chose not to write about.  I don’t do U.N. devised special days, and I think there was one that was put in the wrong place on the calendar by mistake – due to Thanksgiving being later than usual.  I’ll include that one about shopping at the proper time.  Other than that, it’s time to get ready for grocery shopping and lunch with my honey!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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