“I Got A Rock”

Jan 7th
Happy Old Rocks Day!  Old Rocks?  You’ve never wanted to just get up, stretch your arms, yawn and declare – I think I’ll just have a party to celebrate rocks????  Well, I haven’t either, but apparently that’s about to change.  Today is Old Rocks Day and though digging around didn’t reveal when exactly it started, it has apparently been a holiday for quite some time.  When you think about it, all rocks are pretty old, and I’m sure if they could talk they’d have a lot to tell us.  Rocks have been here, well . . . forever, right?  Think outside the box of rocks here when it comes to what we consider rocks to be  – fossils are old rocks, gemstones in our jewelry are old rocks, coal is an old rock. . . everywhere we look we are surrounded by old rocks.  Over the years whenever I’m out and about walking on a beach I look for rocks with sparkly spots, or white rocks.  You see, my Grandma K LOVED rocks, all shapes and sizes, sparkly ones to fill in spaces in her garden between the flowers, flat ones to line her garden paths.  Throughout my childhood whenever my family went somewhere we would find rocks to take to Grandma’s house.  I remember my father lugging these gigantic rocks to the car whenever we’d go on a picnic or a walk on the beach, and the joy on Grandma’s face as she inspected each one.  She actually labeled them and had rocks from all over the world that the family would pick up whenever they went on a trip.   By the way, the picture shown here is exactly amazing view you’ll see wandering up and down the coastline here in Washington State.  Hearing the waves crash up onto these rocks that have stood sentinel for centuries is awe inspiring and tends to make me feel very small and very humbled by the creation we are blessed to visit now and again.
There are many ways to celebrate Old Rocks Day and I think each of us should try to do at least one little thing for it- too bad it’s on a work day though – it would be a good day to head for the beach.  I will keep my eyes open on my travels to and from work and the store to find at least 1 little stone that my Grandma would have liked.  If you live my neck of the woods a trip to Sequim, WA would be a good thing to do – they have a fossil museum there that has some awesome examples of dinosaur fossils found in our area, an educational experience you don’t expect to get in such a small touristy town.  Finding a nice fist size rock to paint and decorate for a paperweight would be a fun thing for a kid to do, as well as looking at books on gemstones, agates and fossils.  Ever go into those waterfront tourist shops like they have in Seattle?  Ye Olde Curiousity Shop  has a great bin of different stones that can be bought by the bag.  I remember going through them when I was a kid, and carefully selecting a few that I really liked.  I always was drawn to the pink or purple crystally looking ones.

No matter how it is celebrated, be aware that rocks tell our geological history, we just need to learn to read the tale through our observation and study.  Charlie Brown always got a rock in his Halloween Trick Or Treat bag, little did he know he was getting a little bit of history at each stop and I’m betting he didn’t know there was a day he could have celebrated with those rocks just weeks after he received them!

harlem_globetrottersHarlem Globetrotter Day – Today is an historical landmark day, and many of us will recognize the name of this amazing group of men who got their start this day in 1927.  The Harlem Globetrotters team was begun this day and were inducted into the basketball hall of fame in 2002!  They even have their own star in Hollywood!  This article that I found is full of many details that I didn’t know anything about.  It’s very interesting!    I remember watching the Harlem Globetrotters with my dad when I was a kid, though honestly I remember less of them playing as I do him laughing and completely enjoying everything about them.  He took us to the Key Arena in Seattle once to watch them play when I was a child – though I can’t remember if we were there specifically for the Globetrotters, or if they were in addition to watching the Sonics play, but either way, watching them zip around the court, doing all those amazing tricks and maneuvers with the basketball, was incredible.  Makes my pathetic attempts at just dribbling the ball in school just that . . . pathetic.  I never was an athletic kid anyway – sigh.
Have you had enough and you just want to scream??? Well today’s the day to let it rip!  Today is “I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day“!  Today is the day to let it all out – scream, rant, rave, throw yourself on the floor and kick like you want to do but just can’t or they’ll drag you away in a funny suit.  Be discreet though – if you do all that at work, your boss may be celebrating too and not take it either!  As we look at the world and what is going on in it, and in our own country and economy, it gets overwhelming.  Tempers may be short as we look at our ever dwindling paychecks, and knowing that they’ll likely continue to shrink while the cost to live increases.  Daily we may want to just wake up and cry, but know we must keep plodding along.  Today is the day to just release all that pent up tension, frustration, rage, or just yell for the sake of yelling!  Have a pillow fight with someone you love – it releases frustration in a fun way.  Get some bubble wrap and pop all of those bubbles if you can’t get away with just standing up at your desk and venting the way you feel inside.  That bubble wrap is quite therapeutic!  However you do it, make sure that you don’t hold it all inside for too long because it really isn’t healthy.  Not much we can do immediately to solve the problems we face, but since we can’t change it, we may as well not hurt ourselves by locking it away without releasing it.  At some point the valve on it will bust open and at least today you can let it be a controlled explosion.

National Tempura Day – tempura, is there anything quite as delicious as those crispy bits of deep fried wonders you get along with your sushi at the local Japanese restaurant? Biting into those golden bits of shrimp or fish – well, yum.  Did you know that tempura didn’t originate in Japan?  Nope, they got the original idea from Portuguese traders and missionaries.  Though I am on a strict diet right now and cannot enjoy this particular holiday, enjoy some tempura for me and let me know how it was.  I’ll live this one vicariously through you.

Thank%20God%20Its%20MondayAnd last, but not least, today is National Thank God It’s Monday!  Not a sentiment you hear often, but truly, Monday doesn’t have to be all that bad!  It’s a new beginning to the work week, and  an opportunity to be productive and set new goals to complete by the time you breathe that sigh on Friday, thanking God that it’s Friday!  Rather than slog through those doors at work slowly and with hesitant dread, charge through them with energy and vigor, thanking God you have a job in this economy and determined to do the very best you can so you can keep that job, and get a lot done to show how valuable you are so you continue to keep it!  If you are fortunate and blessed to be a work at home mom, or work your business at home, just attack the week with the same enthusiasm, knowing that you can accomplish a lot this week and arrive at the weekend with a sense of victory over all you were able to do.

No matter how you celebrate this day, enjoy it to the fullest.  Appreciate the history under our very feet, scream out all of your frustrations into your pillow, try a few tricks with a basketball, lunch at a Japanese place and be thankful for a new work week.  Worth a try, right?

Be blessed and I’ll see you at tomorrow’s celebration.

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