Husbands . . . Today Is The Day To Show Your Wife How Much You Appreciate Her!

Sep 21st

I was sleeping in peacefully, all snuggled in my covers, waking slowly while starting to stretch . . . when a dang Charlie Horse grabbed my calf and seized it up completely!  I hit the deck, stumbling around the bedroom trying to get it to stretch out for awhile before it eased enough to walk somewhat like a normal human, and less like a cartoon peg leg pirate.  Geez, talk about rudely shocking someone into an upright position!  It’s not a bad thing to be up though – the sky is blue, the sunlight filtering down through the trees, highlighting the various shades of green.  The green won’t be out there much longer, so I want to appreciate it while I can.  I’m sitting here visiting with you, sipping at a giant mocha from my little machine, fragrant bacon cooking in the oven (oven baked bacon just comes out better!), pancakes ready to put onto the griddle, and I’m feeling content with my world.  Excuse this being slightly later than usual – I would have had it started last night so it would be on time today, but I got caught up doing a Special Edition post that I will be publishing right after I do this one.  Stay tuned!

Today I’m going to stay home, do a few chores, finish (FINALLY) staining my new cupboards and maybe even get some time to enjoy a couple of celebrations before calling an end to the weekend and going to bed.  Bit by bit the reorganization projects in the house are taking shape, some more slowly than others, but I’m beginning to see the light at the end of this messy tunnel.  

Miniature Golf Day – I love miniature golf.  It’s so much fun, and it is the only kind of golf I’m any good at playing.  OK, well, good is relative . . . I EVENTUALLY get that little tiny ball to its destination.  It sometimes takes awhile, but I have a lot of fun throughout the process.  If it weren’t for wanting to get a bunch of stuff done here today, I’d ask hubby to go play a round at the little mini-golf course that’s a few miles from here.  I really should check that out sometime.  In July when we went east of the mountains to get our 5 generation picture with Grandma, the hotel where we stayed had a mini-golf course nestled in the middle of town where we were able to enjoy an early morning game before it got too hot.  While the rest of the family slept in (well, they did have a newborn baby waking them up in the night), hubby and I headed out and played a game.  We had such a good time!  If you have one near you, take the family out and have a great time with them – it’s a very popular game with both kids and grown-ups and it’s a fun date for couples of all ages, so what’s holding you back?  You don’t have to be any good at it to have fun, and honestly, it’s not who wins or loses that is great about it, it’s just the process of getting there, laughing all the way.  

National Women’s Friendship Day – We all need friends, even if we say we are fine on our own, and this seems especially true of women.  Having someone who understands us is important, because as much as we love our guys, the truth is they don’t KNOW what we deal with as women, just as we don’t know what they deal with as men.  We are emotional creatures who need others who can truly get what it is we are saying, because let’s be honest, to most men the emotional roller coaster that comes along with being female is a confusing place that they’d prefer not to explore.  Today celebrate your women friends, appreciate them by giving them a call or sending them an email.  Some groups of women arrange to meet for lunch or have a girl’s night out.  However you celebrate this one, please appreciate your friends and never lose sight of how important they are to you. 

Wife Appreciation Day –  I like this one!  The 3rd Sunday in September is an unofficial day that has been set aside for husbands to show their wives how much they appreciate them for all that they do.  Guys, even though you may feel appreciation for your wife and you assume she knows it, she needs to hear it too.  Women really crave the words, the romantic touches and the little extras.  They don’t need to be expensive extras, just something that shows you listen to what she says, and that all the things she does for you don’t go unnoticed.  If you show your wife how much you appreciate with these extras, the romantic moments she so richly deserves, she will move heaven and earth to do the same for you.

This Day In History

1945 – Henry Ford retires from Ford Motor Company.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Pecan Cookie Day – When I was little we didn’t buy many store bought cookies.  Most of the time when Mom made homemade cookies they were chocolate chip, peanut butter or sugar cookies.  At Grandma’s house we would get her homemade applesauce cookies or her amazing oatmeal cookies.  I know that sounds like we were spoiled for wonderful home baked treats, but I remember sometimes Mom would buy a package of either ginger snaps or these pecan sandies for my Dad.  They were for his lunch, so we weren’t allowed to dip into the package without permission, but when Mom would open them up, she’d hand us one with our milk.  I’d nibble little bits off of the edges very slowly, and the butter nutty deliciousness would just melt in my mouth.  I’ve always loved them, though oddly enough I don’t actually buy any for myself now that I’m a grown-up.  What I DO do though, is annually bake Mexican Wedding Cakes at Christmas for my Mom, and I end up doing a double batch because I love them too.  There’s still that buttery, melt in your mouth deliciousness, combined with the sweet messiness of powdered sugar.  It’s nearly that time of year again, when the cookie planning must begin, and those are usually on the very top of my list.  If I have time today after staining that cupboard, my plan is to try out a new pecan cookie recipe I found recently.  It’s a beautiful cookie and if it turns out to be half as tasty as it looks in the pictures, we may have a new favorite around the holidays!  I’ll post a picture when I’m done to let you know.  Here are some recipes that are more than worthy of making an appearance in your cookie jar, but don’t expect them to last long!

Now that I’ve stopped to make breakfast, cleaned it up, checked out a couple of news stories, and come back to the blog, it’s FINALLY done!  Distractions are plentiful on such a nice morning.  Time to get this posted and get myself busy!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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