How Superstitious Are You? Happy Friday The 13th!

Sep 13th

Good Morning.  I apologize in advance if today’s post isn’t as happy or fun as I try to make them.  I was up late filling a cupcake order – it just was too warm in the house and I couldn’t get the icing to work properly for the longest time! – and my brain is a bit fried.  I’ll do my best though.

Before I start though, I would like to say something that may, or may not, be popular.  I guess ultimately I’m not here for popularity, but to write the thoughts I have and sometimes these thoughts just need to get out to you.  Yesterday 1.8 million (by latest count) bikers went to Washington DC, in a unified show of patriotism, to give their respects to those who lost their lives in the terrible attack of 9/11.  They went in spite of their permit being denied, for they – as for all of us who are citizens – had their permit in the words of our Constitution.  They went with one heart, one mind and under one God.  The organizers Facebook page had links to the Washington DC traffic cameras so that those of us who couldn’t be there could see the events as they unfolded.  The weird thing was that many people were logging on but nobody was seeing any motorcycles . . . let me repeat that . . . nobody was seeing any of the 1.8 million motorcycles on ANY of the traffic cameras.  Many people started really watching and do you know what they realized?  The traffic cameras were on a loop, showing the same footage every 10-15 minutes or so.  People began realizing that they were seeing the very same vehicles over and over . . . and in one of the feeds there was SNOW on the ground.  One of the organizers called her representatives and asked them if they heard anything around 11-12 yesterday.  One guy said yes . . . then quickly changed his story to no, then wouldn’t talk.  The other said they were out of the office.  You cannot tell me that NOBODY saw or heard 1.8 MILLION motorcycles – many of them loud Harley’s.  So, why the lie?  Why hide the feed?  Why pretend it didn’t happen?  I have my theories, but the whys aren’t as important as the fact that it happened.  For those of you who have been sleeping or pretending that bad things aren’t happening, and who are under the impression that our government has our best interests at heart – if this doesn’t wake you up to the facts, then you indeed may be lost.  We are losing our freedoms one by one, and at an ever increasing rate of speed.  They are telling us what to eat, what to drink, how to educate our children, where we can and cannot express our religious faiths, how to run our businesses and who we can and cannot refuse service to.  Now they are being far more blatant in hiding from us what they choose not to let us see in the news, and the media is in their pockets.  Now is the time to take our nation back  If we don’t do it now, we may not get the chance.  Please, open your eyes. We need to be united again, as one nation, no matter what our religious or political position.  We are all equal and freedom should be protected, at any cost.

Blame Someone Else Day – I know people who do this every day, so it won’t be much of a celebration for them.  But for those of us who actually take daily responsibility for our actions, this day could be fun.  Imagine all of the problems, errors and mistakes you could heap on someone else today!  I know who that would be in my office, just between my office mate and I – we get a bit of a giggle over this individual regularly.  Today though you don’t have to take responsibility or blame for any silly little mistake you may have made.  But be aware – while you’re placing blame on someone else, they may just be putting the blame for something on you! 

Defy Superstition Day – There are those people out there, I’m sure we all know some of them, who woke up this morning with dread in their hearts – all based on silly superstition.  Today is the day to break those superstitious beliefs, or help someone else break theirs.  So, what are some of the top superstitions?  Well, there is, of course, the “unlucky” number 13.  Black cats also put fear into people (though I have a black kitty who is VERY sweet!).  Walking under a ladder has always been something to avoid (though there is logic to this that has nothing to do with superstition).  There is actually a long list of superstitions that would boggle your mind.  My ex-in-laws believed in some really oddball ones.  Did you know that hotels do not have a 13th floor, a room #13 or rooms ENDING in 13?  All because of silly superstitions.  One way to celebrate this one would be took look up the most common ones and find out why they started and when!  If I had more time and I’d do that now, but I do need to get to work.

This Day In History

1788 – New York City becomes the capitol of the United States. I bet you didn’t know that!

Food Celebrations of the Day

National Peanut Day – Despite what the circus may claim, elephants don’t prefer peanuts. They’d rather be munching on watermelon or pumpkin. We’re not complaining — more peanuts for us.

Thank you for spending the week with me again this week.  We made it to Friday! WOOHOO!  Doesn’t get much better than Friday – unless it’s Saturday! God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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