How Many Things Do Trees Do For Us? It’s Love A Tree Day

May 16th

Today it’s nice to have a completely lighthearted day.  Once in awhile we need one of those! So happy Thursday to everyone and here’s what we get to celebrate today!

It’s Love a Tree Day –  Trees are pretty wonderful.  Have you ever paused to think about what trees do for us?  There’s the obvious things – shade, comfort and warmth. They give off oxygen – which has to be right up there at the top of the wonderful things trees do.  But think about all of the products we as a society have because of trees.  I worked at Weyerhauser as a log tag scanner.  At a meeting at the main office I wandered through the museum and was just amazed by how many different ways that wood pulp.  Some of them quite surprising.  It’s an extensive list so here we go:   dye, piano keys, rayon, books, fishing floats, inks, telephone books, varnish, atlases and maps, price tags, ping pong balls, tires, umbrella handles, signs, automobile instrument panels, space craft reentry shields, newspaper, photographic film, newspapers, posters, football helmets, toilet seats, guitars, road building materials, insulation, shatterproof glass, artificial vanilla flavoring, cork, vacuum cleaner bags, movies, stadium seats, adhesives, decorations, turpentine, camphor, waxes, fireworks, crayons, tannin, charcoal, pine oil, pitch, musical instruments, perches for birds of prey, toilet paper, milk cartons, flooring, bark for landscaping, cardboard, grocery bags, furniture, chewing gum, paper towels, oil spill control agents, Christmas trees, hockey sticks, wildlife habitat, cosmetics, roofs, baby foods, cider, vitamins, cooking utensils, lacquer, pallets, rubber gloves, mulch, clean water, golf tees, egg cartons, nail polish, fench posts, toys, toothpaste, eyeglass frames, syrup, antacids, shampoo, rubber gloves, menthol, electrical outlets, medicines, energy for electricity, plates and bowls, sausage casings, torula yeast, rulers, wooden blocks, houses, notebook paper, oars, plywood, paper plates, computer casings, stain remover, coffee filters, toothpicks, movie tickets, carpet and upholstery backsides, imitation bacon, diapers, horse corrals, postcards, tax forms, sponges, shade, particle board, shoe polish, luggage, bowling alley lanes, postage stamps, colognes, animal bedding, irrigation piping, fruit pie filling, golf balls, game boards, suspending agent for drinking soda, pencils, dry wall, baby cribs, baseball bats, lumber, decoys, kites, magazines, ice cream thickener, step ladders, birthday cards, brook sticks, cider, ceiling tiles, crutches, backyard play sets, axe handle, food labels, 2×4’s, candy wrappers, party invitations, disinfectants, cd inserts, gummed tape, fruit, railroad ties, shelter, belts, puzzles, swings, baking cups, buttons, cutting boards, benches, bird houses,  stereo speakers, garen stakes, stairways, beds, tables, barrels, window frames, bulletin boards, linoleum, seesaws, fishing boats, billboards, disposable medical clothing, church pews, totel poles, desks . . . .how many others can you list? As you can see, we have many reasons to appreciate trees!  Now, on Love A Tree Day some people say to hug your trees, I will have to draw the line at that. Too many potential splinters. 


National Sea Monkey Day –  I remember as a kid I would happily get a new comic book about once a week or so – of course I’m dating myself horribly when I admit that they were about .25 each at the time – and always in the back 2 pages were all of those teeny tiny ads.  They were selling all sorts of cheap nonsense that either would break the moment it was opened, or was a scam.  But oh the imaginations swirled contemplating all of the wonders on those pages!  Sea Monkey’s were usually on the back cover, in a full page, full color ad.  I’d read every word of the fine print, see those happy smiling faces of the sea monkey’s in the pictures and ask over and over if I could have a set.  Mom always told me it was a waste of money, then would go about whatever it was she was doing.  One day I scraped together some birthday money and I sent in the order form, and the wait began.  Six weeks of excruciating waiting, running the mail box after school, hoping that they would be there.  Finally the day arrived and the package was in the box.  I can completely identify with the scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphy got his decoder ring from Little Orphan Annie’s show.  I opened the box, followed the directions, and within minutes there were microscopic . . . . um . . . specks.  Eventually they grew, into microscopic brine shrimp.  No smiling faces, no little family, just a few floating brine shrimp that eventually died.  Mom was right, they were a waste of money.  I was so disappointed.  Do you know that you can still find these rip-off kits in toy stores and online?  If you’ve ever had sea monkey’s that turned out to be a fascinating pet as advertised, I’d love to know about it. 

It’s Wear Purple for Peace Day – At a glance you’d think this day was about peace from war or conflict, or to bring awareness to some specific incident.  Well, that’s where you have to dig a little deeper.  This celebration could be called a “stellar” event.  it seems that some people fear that aliens from outer space consider earthlings to be hostile (well, who wouldn’t be, especially after all of the movies we’ve seen about them?), and that’s why they haven’t made open contact with us.  Someone, somewhere decided to promote this world peace as a sign to the aliens that we aren’t hostile, and set up today to Wear Purple for Peace.  So, if you have some sort of desire to meet aliens, today is your day to wear purple!  


Food Celebration of the Day

National Asparagus Month – Under perfect conditions, a spear of asparagus can grow up to 10 inches in a single day. Talk about a superfood!

Well, now you know all the things you have to thank and love trees for, and some silly stuff that you could have lived without, but aren’t you glad you know?  God bless you and have a wonderful day!  I’ll see you tomorrow!

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