How Many Of Us Celebrate . . . Slugs?

May 28th

Good Morning!  It’s a sunny, beautiful Wednesday morning.  The birds are singing, there are things to accomplish . . . and I’m sitting here with my legs elevated, dealing with inflammation and pain around my right knee.  I went through this last year with my left knee, and after ruling out blood clot and going through a lot of testing, I was told to ice it, and keep it up.  The good news is that I think I’ve figured out the trigger – my office chair, and the way I sit on the couch when I get home after dinner – cut off the circulation to the back of my legs from where they hit.  Hubby is awesome – of course we already knew that – he ordered a new office chair for me . . . one of those really cool exercise balls on the wheeled chair base.  Nice!  It should be here tomorrow!  I’m pretty excited.  I sat on the exercise ball we have here at the house and it not only DIDN’T put pressure on the back of my legs, it helped my low back.  Point is, here I sit, all dumped up on the chair, making a mental list of everything I am NOT accomplishing 

National Senior Health & Fitness Day – This is such an important one!  As I get older, even fighting it as hard as I can, I can feel the difference in how my body responds to exercise and healthy eating when compared to how I felt even 10 years ago.  Keeping fit, healthy and on the move is so crucial to maintaining mobility and a sharp mind as we age.  Today, as over 100,000 older adults participate in local health and wellness events at more than 1000 locations across the country, this is the primary focus.  There are “Senior Day” events being held at senior centers, retirement communities, Ys, health clubs, health plans, hospitals/health systems, parks and recreations districts, and other local organizations.   At these events seniors can get exercise demonstrations, health screenings, tips on nutrition, various demonstrations and much more!  This isn’t information that only seniors need – it’s information all of us need!

Slugs Return From Capistrano Day – This one is so silly, I nearly didn’t write about it.  The selection of celebrations today was so small that I went back to see what I wrote last year . . . and it was pretty fun – I must have been feeling more creative this time last  year, so with a few changes I’ll share this again.  The people at came up with this one and their thought is that slugs spend the winters Capistrano, and make the spring pilgrimage back to our lawns, gardens and patios each year.  Obviously this is a play on the Swallows of San Capistrano . . . silIy but fun.  I must add my own two cents worth to what they are saying . . . the slugs that make their trip to my yard have caused me to throw up  my  hands in despair at EVER having a decent garden . . . it’s like they just know I can’t use poison on them because I’m afraid of hurting my dog, and there’s not a chance I’d ever put salt on them, seriously – that’s just cruel – even for a slug!  It’s terrible! Just terrible!  Couple quick slug stories since it’s a slow celebration day . . . When I was growing up my Mom had a daycare.  When I was about 13 years old there were two little girls in the daycare who could not have been more polar opposite if they tried.  One was always in frills and lace, perfectly combed and clean all the time.  The other was the quintessential tomboy through and through.  Always into something mucky and messy and loving every moment of it.  One sunny afternoon the kids were playing in the back yard.  Mom was tending to a younger child and I was around the corner.  We suddenly heard this ear drum piercing screaming going on and both raced to where it was coming from, only to find that Tomboy had Miss Frills backed into the blackberry bushes by holding a handful of slugs in her face.  It was funny, I won’t lie.  I never did like Miss Frills much – she was OK, but seriously far too prissy.  Tomboy on the other hand was always a lot of fun to be around and was up for anything.  We had to force her to drop the slugs and while Mom tended to the hysterics of Miss Frills, I had to take Tomboy into the house and try to clean her up.  If you’ve never had to clean slug slime out from between 10 fingers, well, you just haven’t lived! That stuff is like glue!  And . . . when my kids were about 3 and 7 our church was having a harvest festival.  They were to dress up like animals of their choice, and there was going to be a contest in each age group.  My daughter, always wanting to be cute, decided to be a delicate butterfly, complete with sparkly wings.  When I asked my son what he wanted to be he screwed up his face, deep in thought, then popped out with  “I want to be a Washington Slug!”.  Well, hm. . . . that’s different.  So we cut a face hole out of a green garbage bag for a face hole, cut out arm holes, put green face paint on him, made antenna out of coat hangars, and trailed a long strip of Handiwrap behind him for slime.  He won!!!  You have never seen a more disgruntled butterfly in your life.  Best (and least expensive) costume either of my kids EVER did!

World MS Day (Multiple Sclerosis) – Today is a day to raise awareness about Multiple Sclerosis.  More than that, it is a day to give patients and their loved ones a chance to say what their wishes are about MS.  Patients were given 130 characters to finish a simple sentence that begins, “One day . . .”.  This isn’t an easy task.  People with MS have so much they want to say, so much the NEED to say, about MS.   They have hopes, fears, dreams and frustrations that everyone has, but they have theirs while living with an illness that has no known cause or cure. Even as difficult as it is to say what is in the heart using only 130 characters, it is exactly what these lovely people, and many more, accomplished . . . and they did so with courage and dignity.  Today, visit the World MS 2014 site to read what others have to say – and remember when you are reading these comments, whether or not you have MS, you have become a part of the MS family, joined together in the fight against MS.  These posts are made by MS patients and family members who work together to support, listen and educate each other as they struggle with their daily battles with MS.   They are sharing a common goal of living life the best way possible while waiting for a cure.  Take a look at a few of their wishes and comments here, and click the link to see more.  There is more strength and hope in these comments than I could ever imagine.

*  One day the way we are able to be treated for MS won’t depend on how much money we have to spend.”  Ashlynn – United Kingdom *  “One day I will be able to take a walk with my aunt, and know that she isn’t hurting anymore.” Jade W – United States “One day, nobody will be misdiagnosed. Doctors will get it right the first time.”  Kelly – United States “One day I would like to see a world. Clean of disease !” Karen McHeny – United States
“I would like all those that are unable to walk properly, because of ms, to be able to walk, swim, dance.” Jane Britton – United Kingdom

This Day In History

1937 – President Franklin D. Roosevelt pushes a button that opens San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Brisket Day – One of the nine prime cuts of beef, brisket is best slow-cooked until it’s fallin’-off-the-bone tender.

I think I may try to do a few things slowly, then sit and rest my leg, throughout the day.  I just can’t tolerate the thought of a whole day without getting ANYTHING done!  After reading about the people with MS and all they deal with, I feel guilty just sitting here without pushing through it.  Don’t worry though – I will rest it enough to keep it from getting too puffy.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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