Honoring A True Hero . . . Facing Our Fears . . . Eating Unusual Foods! Big Day Today!

Oct 8th
I hope this Tuesday morning finds everyone healthy and well.  Around here colds and flu are starting their autumn rounds – more coughing, sneezing and sniffling around here than we’ve had for a year!  So far mine came and went in a hurry, but there are many other people who haven’t been that fortunate.  Lots of fluids, plenty of rest and hopefully we can all shake this thing before it sets in for a long stay.  Distraction from the misery is always nice – so let’s see what celebrations we have going on to keep our minds off of any cases of ick that we may have going on.


American Touch Tag Day – Do you remember when you were a kid, going outside at recess and playing tag?  Do they still play that in school, or would that be considered “dangerous” by today’s wimpy standards?  I’m sorry, but our kids really have been reduced to a bunch of whining babies who are afraid to play normal, outdoor kid games for fear of getting hurt.  I especially remember 4th grade – the only year I went to a private school – we went outside every day that it wasn’t raining and we played tag, kick the can or hide and go seek.  We had a HUGE area to play, lots of woods and space to run.  Recess was always an adventure, even for this sports challenged kid. Well, today is the day to relive those memories – if you can find some family or friends who are willing to give it a try – and go outside and play an old-fashioned game of Touch Tag.   The name “American” Touch Tag is a bit of a curiosity, since this game has been known by several names such as Tag, Touch, Touch Tag, It, Chasey and Catching.  It has been played for thousands of years, going back as far as Ancient Egypt.  No matter what its called, or where it started, it gives me a smile thinking back to my days in elementary school.

National Kick-Butt Day – Now, don’t make the mistake of confusing this one with “Kick Butts Day” – which is a day set aside each year to help people quit smoking.  No, the 2nd Monday in October is National Kick Butt Day, reserved for kicking ourselves in the backsides for all of the goals and plans that we have let go by the wayside.  It’s our day for straightening up and kicking ourselves back into high gear!  Make a list of those goals and get to it! 

Alvin C. York Day – Today we honor a true American hero.  Corporal Alvin C. York, on October 8, 1918, mostly unassisted, captured 132 Germans (three of them were officers), took out about 35 machine guns, and killed no less than 25 of the enemy.  He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant shortly after, and became one of the most highly decorated soldiers of WWI.  Today we commemorate his bravery for, and dedication to, his country.  In 1941 a film was released called “Sergeant York”, starring Gary Cooper.  Check it out and learn all about this amazing and wonderful hero.  He exemplified patriotism to the core.

National Face Your Fears Day – We all have fears.  It’s something we all have to deal with – sometimes we are afraid of leaving an old situation for a new one.  It could be a fear of public speaking, flying or of death.  These days many of us are afraid of what is happening in the economy – losing our homes, not having the money to retire, or to have on hand for an emergency if it arises are things we sometimes lay awake at night worrying about.  Me?  I’m afraid of the wind knocking a tree into my house . . . again.   I’m afraid of heights, and snakes . . . and maybe this isn’t a fear, but it’s something that totally flips me out . . . running face first into a spider web on my way to the car in the morning!!!  I hate that!  You know the reaction that most of us get when that happens?  Well, it’s a reaction I have and I’d like to think I’m not alone in this . . . the flailing of the arms, the screeching and dancing around while trying to make sure that there aren’t any spiders running around in your hair!  Oh my – alright, it’s not a fear, but it’s close! “They” say to conquer our fears by facing them . . . sorry . . . not going to deliberately run face first into a spider web to deal with this . . .you’re welcome to if you like . . . let me know how that goes for you.  Here are a few odd phobias to think about . . . is this something you suffer from? 

* Gamophobia: fear of getting married

* Sociophobia: fear of being judged by society

* Sitophobia: fear of eating


Food Celebrations of the Day

National Pierogi Day – Mmmmmm . . . Pierogis – little Polish dumplings that originated sometime during the 13th century.  They were a common peasant food – but peasant or not, they are delicious!  Basically they are a dumpling made of dough and filled with things like potatoes, cheese, sauerkraut, mushrooms and sometimes fruit.  You can find them in the frozen food section of many grocery stores – but honestly none taste quite as good fresh.  There was this little Russian deli I went to occasionally in Seattle that had Peirogi’s – delicious!  You probably don’t have a place near you who makes them, so if you’ve never tried one – give the frozen variety a shot.   I really enjoy them cooked in butter and garlic until crispy.  To reduce the fat they can be baked too. 

National Fluffer Nutter Day – The first time I’d ever heard of these was from my boss.  I immediately thought “YUCK!”, and I have to admit that I’ve never tried one yet – I just can’t wrap my mind around them!  She says they are really good though – and maybe one of these days I’ll actually try it. So for today, wave good-bye to the PB&J, and try something new.  The “magical” combo of marshmallow fluff and peanut butter on bread.  Hmmm, interesting.  Here are some other ideas to try with that combination of flavors.

What a busy day with all sorts of celebrations across the board! We’ve honored a hero, given ourselves encouragement to kick-butt, taken a trip down elementary school memory lane and dealt with our fears. The only thing left to do is try new foods!  What a busy day!  May your day be healthy and filled with the hope that celebrating the little things brings to each new day.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.


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