Herbs . . . Does Anything Smell More Fragrant Than Freshly Harvested Herbs?

Aug 29th

I had such a full day yesterday that it felt like it just whipped by in no time!  I got my hair trimmed, and caught up with my stylist with a fun chitchat; picked up my Dad and took him to an early birthday lunch, then to pick blackberries.  The Evergreens weren’t quite ripe, though we managed to get enough to bake him a blackberry birthday pie, so we’ll need to go back out in about a week.  There should be PLENTY of berries by then.  I just wish they were thornless!  I felt like a pin cushion by the time I got done!  It was a good day though, all the way around.

According to Hoyle Day – We’ve all seen the Hoyle books on card games, but have you ever wondered who wrote them?  Or why?  Well, in the 1740’s Englishman Edmond Hoyle earned some extra money by tutoring people in high society at the game of whist, which was a forerunner to the modern bridge game.   He found out there wasn’t a published set of rules for the game, so he wrote “A Short Treatise on the Game of Whist”.  It quickly became a best-seller, so he published other books  . . . “A Short Treatise on the Game of Backgammon”, “An Artificial Memory for Whist”, and “Short Treatises on the games of Piquet”.  Eventually his books became the leading standard in game instruction manuals and he became the final authority on the official sets of rules.  August 29th, 1769 is the anniversary of the passing of Edmond Hoyle, so today is observed as “According to Hoyle” Day in his honor.  Death in 1769, is observed as “According to Hoyle” Day, offering game-players everywhere a chance to remember Edmond Hoyle and have some fun playing according to the rules.
This Day In History
1964 – Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins is released.
Food Celebration of the Day
More Herbs/Less Salt Day – Is there anything more fragrant than freshly picked herbs?  Most herbs belong to either the mint family, which includes basil, oregano, rosemary and sage, or the carrot family, like dill, parsley and cilantro.  We as a society depend too much on salt to bring out the flavors in food, so today try more herbs, and put away the salt.  We don’t usually add salt to much in our house, and we don’t miss it.  We can actually pick out salty flavors very quickly because we aren’t used to it.

Well, I don’t play many card games, though I know Dad has a Hoyle’s book about different forms of solitaire.  I used it years ago when I was in school.  I did LOVE the movie Mary Poppins as a kid, so that’s a fun part of history to remember, and we use herbs all the time in our food.  I encourage you to all try it, it makes food taste so wonderful fresh and vibrant! Not many celebrations today, but the ones we have are good ones!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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