Nov 21st

untitledIt’s FRIDAY!  What a great thing to celebrate!!!  This is the last weekend before Thanksgiving.  Loosely translated, that means that in our house we are going to be VERY, VERY busy this weekend!  There is some deep cleaning to do, including the fridge and freezers, grocery shopping and all of the other stuff that goes hand in hand with having guests over to dinner.  And not just ANY dinner, as we all know – but the biggest dinner of the year!  It’s actually funny, I’ve been hearing people at work talk about delegating dishes to relatives to bring, buying store bought entrees and I can’t help but cringe!  I admit it – we are a bit controlling with the meal! We both love cooking it so much that we can’t decide what someone else can bring, so we just tell them an appetite and maybe some wine! Wine is always welcome, right?


find-joy-humor-in-the-absurdity-of-life20th – Absurdity Day – Life is pretty absurd most of the time, but I admit that some days are more absurd than others.  Since some days are more illogical and senseless than others, it just seemed important to someone to come up with Absurdity Day!  If you find your way through the day without anything absurd happening to you, then perhaps you should seek something out that is at least slightly illogical, if not downright absurd.    (I’m noting to myself that the more often I write the word “absurd”, the more absurd it actually looks to me! Do you ever do that?)



heaven20th – Beautiful Day – We live in a beautiful world, don’t we?  God’s creation is all around us, completely awe inspiring everywhere we look.  It is so sad that events and some people drag ugliness in, sometimes obliterating the beauty that we have been bless with.  Nobody really knows who created this celebration, or what they had in their heads when they did, but I would like to think that they were trying to help us see beyond the nasty darkness that is invading our lives – the negativity and violence that fill the news each day.  Look beyond that today and see the beauty that we were meant to see when this world was created.  Have a beautiful day!



2Great-American-Smokeout0th – Great American Smokeout Day –  I’ve never been a smoker, but I know that it is a difficult habit to break.  Today is the day to finally kick the habit and start letting your body heal itself of the damage that has already been done to it.   The goal of this one is obvious – get people to quit smoking, reducing health problems, and resulting in less cancer and emphysema deaths caused by smoking and secondary smoke.  Any day would be a good day to stop smoking, but if you need a jump off point, today would be that day.



funny-picture-guilty-dog21st False Confession Day – Have you ever admitted to doing something  you didn’t do?  Maybe it was to keep the peace, or you felt compelled to by someone else.  No matter the reason, you made a false confession!  I have no idea why, but the person who created this day thought it would be fun to encourage false confessions – doesn’t make a bit of sense, but they did! Keep in mind, if you choose to celebrate this one, that giving a false confession can definitely land you in a big pile of trouble if you confess to the wrong thing.  Here are some great guidelines, just to keep you on the straight and narrow as far as confessions go:

  • Don’t falsely confess to a crime.

  • Don’t falsely report someone lost, killed or injured.

  • Don’t falsely confess a relationship or love affair.

  • Do confess to kissing your dog on the lips.

If you can think of something else to give a false confession about, well Have a Happy False Confession Day!!



21st World Hello Day – The entire goal of this one is to promote peace around the world.  The theme of the day is “Greet ten people for peace”.    It’s a pretty simple thing to do, just say hello to people!  You can voice your concern for world peace though.  I admit that I’m a bit practical minded when  it comes to that.  There has been war and conflict since the fall of man, and there will be until the earth ceases to exist.  Peace would be an awesome thing, but it’s not realistic, sadly enough.  I’d be happy to just have some kindness shown to each other as we all go about our days.   Celebrate this one – it’s easy!  Just say “HELLO!”


This Day In History


1959 – Ford quit making the unpopular Edsel.

Food Celebration of the Day

pbfudge20th National Peanut Butter Fudge Day – For all its decadence, fudge is surprisingly easy to make. And it only gets better with peanut butter added to the mix!


4_color_mix_of_peppercorns21st – National Peppercorn Month – They may not get the same attention as salt, but peppercorns are the oldest spice known to man, and they were used as currency in previous centuries!


Time to walk out the door and get this day started!  We all love Friday, so let’s enjoy it together!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!AmericanFlagCrossandPrayingHands

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