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Nov 21st

It’s almost a relief to be going to work this morning!  I had a list of 18 things I wanted to accomplish yesterday, and I got 16 of them done.  The only things left to do before Saturday are to clean the fridge completely, and straighten up the pantry.  We are heading out to do the non-perishable Thanksgiving shopping Saturday and I really need to be sure there’s a good place to put everything.  I figure one tonight and one tomorrow and its all good!  At that point I may actually be able to go into Thanksgiving without a major amount of stress.  Yeah! 

False Confession Day –  This is another one of those that I just read it with a big question mark floating around in my head.  WHY?  I would love it if someone could tell me WHY?  Whoever started this one thought – for whatever reason, that it would be fun to encourage people to make false confessions.   Did you do it?  Didn’t you do it?  If you did, shhhh, but if you DIDN’T do it, then today is your day to offer up that false confession.   I’d suggest being cautious if you wish to participate in this one – a false confession could land you in a bunch of trouble, so think carefully about exactly what you may be confessing to!  For example:  Do not falsely confess to a crime.  Do not falsely report someone lost, killed or injured.  Do not falsely confess to having an affair.   I think I’ll pass on this one myself.



Great American Smoke Out Day is today. This is the day with an obvious goal of getting people to stop smoking, resulting in fewer health problems, less cancer and emphysema deaths from smoking and secondary smoke.  Quitting isn’t easy.  I have known ex-smokers who had a really hard time with it, and often it took multiple attempts.  Of course, I’ve also known people like my husband who decided to quit, and never had another one.  I suppose it depends on the person.  The health benefits, and the prospect of a longer life are pretty clear.  The American Cancer Society encourages all smokers to give up the “butt” today, and join millions of other Americans by taking this big step towards a happier, healthier, longer life.     


World Hello Day – This celebration was created during the 1973 conflict between Egypt and Israel.  The guys who started this one – Brian and Michael McCormack – believe that our efforts can help and promote global peace, starting with communication.  The idea is to greet 10 people for peace today, by simply saying hello to people, and voice concern for world peace.  As wonderful as the thought of world peace is, anyone who has ever lived can look around and know that it’s not going to happen while nations are at each others throats, all struggling to get on top and be the ones in charge.  But, for the nice sentiment, say hello to ten people today!  It makes it better if you say it to strangers – they’ll wonder who you are and if they have met you and just forgotten!  Oh, and sorry if that was a bit of a downer, but I have to be realistic.  People have been saying they want world peace for many generations, and we have yet to actually see it happen.  Hello anyway!

Use Less Stuff Day – Oh my goodness. I cleaned up the guest room a bit yesterday, preparing for house guests for Thanksgiving.  I have a lot of stuff, most of it unnecessary.  I bailed it all into boxes because I just didn’t have time to sort through it, but come January it’s going to be an organizing/sorting/tossing party in there for me!  As I was racing through the room I kept wondering why I have so much junk??? The plain and simple answer is that I tend to procrastinate that sort of cleaning and put it off until it feels overwhelming.  I have no idea why, I just do.  So, this celebration actually resonates with me today – using less stuff would result in needing to do less cleaning!  Now there’s a great thought!  Using less stuff, means buying less stuff.  Buying less stuff means saving money!  Doing those things reduces clutter at home.  Ergo – using less stuff makes one more sane and gives us more money!  WIN WIN WIN!!! Use less stuff!

Food Celebration of the Day

National Peppercorn Month – They may not get the same attention as salt, but peppercorns are the oldest spice known to man, and they were used as currency in previous centuries!

Well, we made it to Thursday, so only one more day to get through after this and we have the weekend! Yippee!  I’m off to work, so everyone have a wonderful time with whatever you are celebrating.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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