Having Fun At Work! Yes, It IS possible!

Jan 28th

Good Morning and a Happy Tuesday to you!  Monday is behind us, good or bad, and we are moving right along to the weekend!  Today should be a fun one for me.  I am burning my last day of vacation for this year and going to visit with my son for the day.  It’s always a good day when it is spent with someone you love.  I’m going to speed right along with today’s celebrations so I can get on the road to see my boy!  (This picture I found online looks SO MUCH like my Tibbi girl when she was a pup that I had to post it! So doggone -pun intended – cute!)






Fun at Work Day – For everyone who is going to be at work today, it’s a day to have fun while you’re working!  No, it’s not a contradiction to say fun and work in the same sentence, since in an ideal world you

should enjoy what you do and have fun while you are doing it!  Work isn’t intended for the purpose of fun – unless of course you work somewhere like Disneyland – so make sure you’re actually being productive.  Focus today on enjoying what you do and having a few laughs with your co-workers.  It’s nice if you have a boss you can laugh with, so if you do, then perhaps you can convince them to play some jokes on the rest of the office . . . just for the fun of it.  Make sure the people you play jokes on are actually


able to TAKE a joke.  Trust me, there are a few people we’ve had fun with at work that really don’t know how to laugh at themselves!  Geez! Talk about overreacting! Have fun today – that’s what really counts.


Kazoo Day –  Did you ever play a kazoo with the rest of the class in elementary school?  It was the one instrument everyone could play with a little bit of proficiency.  Remember how it made your lips tickle while you were playing it?  Ah memories.  People love kazoos, no matter their age, and today we celebrate the joy and childlike feeling that this instrument brings.  In the 1840’s a man by the name of Alabama Vest of Macon Georgia thought up the kazoo, and explained it to Thaddeus Von Clegg, a German clock master, so he could make it to his specifications.  Commercial production of the Kazoo didn’t happen until many years later, in 1912.  Emil Sorg of Western New York started up manufacturing with Michael McIntyre, who was a Buffalo tool and die maker.  They moved production to Eden, New York where the factory museum still stands today.  So if you haven’t happened to ever played a Kazoo, do you know how to play it?  It’s quite simple!  You just hum a tune into the kazoo and you’re an expert! 


This Day In History –

1986 – U.S. space shuttle Challenger explodes 72 seconds after liftoff, killing the seven crew members. Among the crew was school teacher Christa McAuliffe.   Do you remember where you were the day it happened?  Were you glued to your TV with tears streaming down your face like I was?  Tragic, horrible day!

Food Celebration of the Day

National Blueberry Pancake Day – Every country has its version of flat griddle cakes, but blueberry pancakes are truly American  — the berries are native to the Americas.

Saucy Blueberry Sour Cream Pancakes
Upside-Down Blueberry Pancakes


Well, my water and snacks are loaded in the car, fuel tank topped up, and I’m ready to hit the road.  Have a wonderful day today!  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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