Happy Tourist Appreciation Day, Thank a Nurse and Enjoy a Lovely Beverage!

May 6th

Good Morning and Welcome to another Monday!  The weekends always seem to fly by so quickly, don’t they?  Especially those that are beautiful and sunny.  But we’re here and we’re back to work and ready to have a great week.

National Tourist Appreciation Day – Being a tourist is fun – whether it is a day time tourist just wandering from shop to shop, or going away on a vacation away from home, the time away from the grind of responsibilities and chores is too infrequent in this busy go-go-go life we live, so we should enjoy it!  When we spend money on a trip we expect to be coddled, pampered and attended to.  We can, and should expect this treatment in hotels, restaurants, attractions and other tourist venues to do this up in a big way.    The best place I’ve found to be treated like a queen and given all the tourist appreciation in the world?  A cruise! Yep, take a cruise.  You’ll come back wishing you never had to get off the ship.  Keep in mind though, while you are out there being appreciated, being nice to those who serve you, tipping them fairly and treating them courteously, will get you the type of service and treatment you deserve.  The same can be said if you are rude, demanding and insolent.  Just an FYI.

International No Diet Day – Some of us battle weight every day of our lives.  Every bite we eat is done with guilt and worry.  This day is set aside to encourages us to appreciate the bodies we have.  People come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s OK!  Anti-diet groups exist to help support people who suffer illnesses like anorexia, in their efforts to shed fat and be thin.  Other medical results can happen from taking diet pills and having surgeries aimed at controlling weight.  This is a great opportunity to make certain our efforts to be thin aren’t coming at the risk of our health.  At the very least, today is a day to take a break if you are constantly focused on diet. 



Melanoma Monday – How many of us go through life thinking that nothing bad will happen to us?  Illness is for other people – we don’t have time!  Truth is that nobody is exempt. For Melanoma Monday – part of Skin Cancer Awareness Month – many dermatology clinics are giving free screenings, so today would be a perfect opportunity to get checked!  If that isn’t available to you, please be sure to do a self-check regularly for any unusual spots that are new, or that have been there and are changing.  The reason for all of the concern?  Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer and instances are up by 800% in the last few decades among young women 18-39 years old, double the instances in men. Get checked, once a year, to make sure that you are OK.  If you are hitting the tanning beds, STOP.  Apply and reapply sun screen regularly, wear a sun hat when you’re out in the sun and pay attention to changes you see on your skin.  And where is the celebration in this?  Well, finding out you DON’T have melanoma is a great reason to celebrate, wouldn’t you think? 

Nurses Day or National RN Recognition Day – Nurse’s Day starts an entire week recognizing the contributions and commitment to quality health care.  It brings awareness to the importance of nurses in the care, comfort and well being of all of us – specially our children, the aging and those in poor health. 

The week features different days for different nurses . . .

  • May 6-12: National Nurse’s Week
  • May 8: National Student Nurses Day
  • May 6th: National Nurses Day
  • Wednesday of Nurse’s Week: School Nurses Day
  • May 12: International Nurse’s Day
  • November 14: Operating Room Nurse Day

Nurses Day got its start way back in 1953 when Dorothy Sutherland of the US Department of Health, Education and Welfare sent a proposal to President Eisenhower to proclaim a “Nurse Day” in October of the following year.  The proclamation was not officially made at that time, but eventually it was born and eventually gained national recognition.  International Nurse Day is celebrated on May 12th because it is the birthday of Florence Nightingale.  In 2003, National School Nurses Day was moved from the fourth Wednesday in January to the Wednesday of Nurses Week. Many websites, still record School Nurses Day in January, unaware of this change.

Food Celebration of the Day –

National Beverage DayExperts recommend drinking at least 3 liters of fluid a day for men and 2.2 for women. Why not make it more interesting than a glass of water?  Beverage Day is a chance to kick back with your favorite beverage and enjoy the day. The term “beverage” is broadly defined. So, we’re talking about celebrating all beverages today. Beverage Day should be a day of pleasure and relaxation. Grab a bottle, can, a glass, or a six-pack of your favorite beverage. Sit down in a comfortable chair….. indoors or out. Slowly sip and savor your drink. Life is good! BE BOLD! Take advantage of Beverage Day to try a beverage that you have never had before.



If you are playing tourist today, and not hanging out at the office, I hope you have a wonderful time.  If you’re at work, perhaps a little daydreaming at lunch will be just the thing.  No matter though, there’s plenty each day to celebrate and enjoy – and you can always end your day with a celebratory beverage!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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