Happy Sandwich Day . . . What’s YOUR Favorite Sandwich?

Nov 3rd

A Happy and Blessed Sunday to everyone!  I hope everyone feels refreshed after their extra hour of sleep? Yes? No?  I’m sure the impact of it will hit those of us who have to get up early for work tomorrow.  I always feel MUCH better when setting the clock back than I do when we have to leap forward.  I never quite get the idea that I should go to bed EARLIER to make up for that one.  Over the next few weeks I will begin introducing my new business to you, and I will be incorporating it into the Celebrations for next year.  As soon as I figure out HOW to do it, I will add a link to the main blog page so you can find my website easily. 

Basic overview – many of you know from a few things that I have said over the year that I am not thrilled with where our economy is, what our “leaders” have done to our nation, and that I feel it is important to be prepared for any emergency that comes along.  Whether we lose power for many days due to disasters such as Hurricane Sandy, a power grid failure, a massive earthquake, an economic meltdown, a massive strike by our truckers, or whatever it is that interrupts the flow of supplies to the people, we need to be ready to feed ourselves and our families. It is urgent that we do this because, depending on the situation, there may be many difficulties getting things back on track.  Heck, it’s been a year and the poor people from Sandy are STILL trying to get back on their feet.  Look how horrible it was right after Katrina!  We have a responsibility to take care of ourselves and not be part of the problem.   Hubby and I are of like mind with this, and I am so grateful for that.  To that end, long-term storage foods are very important, but what I am finding is that the cost of food is going up like crazy, and I wanted to find a less expensive way to put food on our table day to day.  On Thursday I became a Thrive Life Consultant.  Thrive Life is a company that has freeze dried and dehydrated foods that have a shelf life UN-opened for up to 30 years, and opened for up to 18 months.  Starting in January I will be putting a smaller focus on the little celebrations beyond a mention – many of them duplicated from the 2013 posts – and putting a much greater focus on the Food Celebrations, demonstrating with photos, the preparation of these foods using as many of the Thrive Life ingredients as I can.  Food Storage isn’t just for sometime in the future, these foods can make our lives easier, and save us money in the long run.  I hope you enjoy the new series as I get it started in the New Year.  In the meantime, until I figure out how on earth to get the link onto my blog . . . my website is . . .  karinar.thrivelife.com

Housewife Day – I have always wanted to be a stay at home wife.  Always.  However, in this day and age, with the economy being what it is, it has never happened.  There was a brief window of time when my son was little that I was able to be home for about 8 months, but that was all.  To all of the stay at home wives and mothers, you are some of the hardest working individuals on the planet, but also some of the most blessed.  And this goes to stay at home dads too!  These days we are just as likely to know husbands and fathers who are home taking care of things while the wife and mother work outside the home.  This is equally wonderful!  These wonderful, caring people are home to build and enrich strong family environments.  They are instilling family values and good character into their daily lives.  Now, the term Housewife is an old one.  It goes back to the days when one income could support the family in a manner of comfort, but it was also a time when women did not have equal rights.  Those days are long gone, and the views of one parent in the home staying there and taking care of things is split.  Some people love the thought and some think it’s past its time.  It is my personal opinion that my children would have been much better off if I could have stayed home with them while they were growing up.  And it is also my opinion that if I could stay home now, which isn’t likely to ever happen, my house would be completely de-cluttered and clean all of the time, and my hubby would have a hot meal ready every night the moment he got home.  I do have my one day a week off during the work week, but often times I have to cram so much into that day, that I am exhausted (though fulfilled) at the end of it.  In the meantime, a girl can dream, right?  To all of you who are able to stay home, making the necessary budget restrictions to allow it to happen, raising your kids and keeping your home, you are wonderful and I respect that choice with everything in me.

Sandwich Day – Who doesn’t love a good sandwich?  What’s not to love? It’s truly a wonderful creation!  Sandwiches are a daily lunch staple for millions of Americans.  Do you know what lead up to the creation of the sandwich?  Well, according to English history, John Montagu was the 4th Earl of Sandwich, and he was reported to be a heavy gambler who often spent many long hours in London’s gambling parlors.  In 1762, he created the sandwich by putting meat between two pieces of bread.  This allowed him to stay at the gambling table for long periods of time.  And of course, this creation was named after him.  One way to celebrate this day would be to eat sandwiches at every meal (oops, I already blew it by having oatmeal for breakfast).  You could eat your favorite sandwich, or better yet, create an entirely new one!  However you celebrate it though, have a Happy Sandwich Day.

Zero Tasking Day –  Some people – and how silly is THIS? – try to say that getting the extra hour by going back to standard time is an opportunity for an extra hour of productivity, activity and DOING stuff.  Well, sorry folks, but we have that hour taken away in the spring, so doggone it, for me it’s sleep or relaxation time.  Zero Tasking Day was set up to give you “permission” to dedicate your extra hour to whatever YOU want to do, even if it is absolutely nothing. 

This Day In History

1839 – First Opium War between China and Britain begins.      
1952 – Clarence Birdseye marketed frozen peas.

Food Celebration of the Day

Vegan Month –  I don’t think I could ever actually adhere to a vegan way of eating.  I could see myself being able to survive as a vegetarian – since they can eat milk, cheese, honey and eggs – but I just don’t think I could give up those extra, wonderful food items.  However, there are a lot of famous people who are Vegan, and a couple of them really surprise me:  Mike Tyson, Ellen DeGeneres, Bryan Adams and Bill Clinton.  If you want to give it a shot, here are some recipes to try out.  Never know, you might like them. 

Well, there are your fun celebrations for Sunday.  I am done with my breakfast, and need to get busy.  I spent so much of yesterday researching the new Thrive Life information that I got very little done otherwise.  On my agenda for the day?  Finish the sugar flowers I started yesterday, bathe the dog, trim her nails (always a “treat”), make pumpkin oatmeal cookies, get the laundry finished, etc.  Just stuff around the house that I didn’t do yesterday.  The sun is out, the storms are over and I’m feeling far more energized today than yesterday.  Maybe it was that “extra” hour of sleep!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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