Happy Memories, Favorite Breakfasts and Laughing til We Burst! Going to be a GREAT Day!

Feb 6th

Lame Duck Day – We have all worked with someone who has given their notice at work, they are leaving in two weeks, and suddenly their work ethic goes out the window.  They begin going through what many of us call “short timer’s syndrome”.  If we haven’t seen it, then we’ve experienced it ourselves.  Any enthusiasm for the job just goes out the window and it’s honestly quite normal.  So normal in fact that it has an official name – this person is now a Lame Duck.  Typically this term is used to refer to politicians or someone whose tenure is nearly up, rendering many of their decisions worth not a whole lot in their last days.  Often employers will just let someone go before they  have served their notice, rather than try to repair the damages done by an employee who has stopped caring about the end result simply because they won’t be there to reap the “rewards” for their job that was done in a sloppy fashion.  The 20th Amendment to the US Constitution addresses the issue of term limits, creating Lame Ducks every time a term ends . . . scary stuff.  Politicians who know when their time is up rush to push through their own agenda – to heck with everyone else – before they are out of office.  Makes the next 3 years 11 months super scary in my mind.  As if they weren’t scary enough already . . . but that’s a subject for my opinion blog on another day.  That’s where I rant to my hearts content.  Today is called Lame Duck day because on February 6, 1933, the 20th Amendment to the Constitution went into effect.

National Girls and Women in Sports Day  The first Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 BC, but women were not allowed to participate at that time.  In fact, women weren’t able to be a part of the Olympics until 2,676 years later when women first competed in the 1900 Olympic Games.  That year 22 women competed in the sports of tennis, sailing, croquet (I had no idea that was even an Olympic event!), horseback riding and golf.  Times sure have changed though!  Today women are a very important part of the Games.  The 2012 Summer Olympics were even being referred to as the “Year of the Woman”, when for the first time in history every single country that participated in the Games sent female athletes.  Amazingly enough, 45% of the athletes in the 201 Summer Games were women!  Today is a great day to reflect on the role women now play in sports in America.  They are no longer limited to gymnastics and figure skating.  Today women compete in auto racing (Danica Patrick), and basketball isn’t limited to just men, as women like Diana Taurasi have shown us!  Though I’ve never been an athlete myself – avoid competitive sports like the plague actually (flashbacks to always being the last kid picked in school sort of run through my head), but I have a great admiration for women who have no fear of sports and let nothing hold them back.  If I had to do it over again I can’t say I’d be into competitive sports, but I know for a fact I’d be more active and not ALWAYS being tucked away somewhere with my face buried in a book.  Take a moment to appreciate women in sports today.  They are pretty impressive people after all.

National Hot Breakfast Month – I found out after the month started that this is National Hot Breakfast Month! Can’t go the month without discussing it, so here we go!  We’ve been told for our whole lives that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and though I don’t really enjoy eating for at least an hour after I get up, I have to agree.  When I eat breakfast I do feel more alert and energetic, but when I take the time to actually make and enjoy an hot breakfast I feel like I’ve done something special for myself.  Work days don’t really give me enough time to make a hot breakfast, but we do try to treat ourselves on the weekends, especially Sundays before church.  Typically when I’m on my diet protocol our weekend hot breakfasts are either hot oatmeal, or eggs, homemade turkey breakfast sausage and fruit.  However, the world of amazing options opens right up if weight loss efforts aren’t on the table.  For example, my husband makes the most incredible sausage or bacon gravy that I have ever tasted in my life.  I make fresh sourdough biscuits and we slather them with honey butter and pour on the hot, spicy – yet sweet – sausage or bacon gravy and our tummies are happy for the entire day – or at least through the morning.

As far as breakfast memories go – I have one that really stands out in my mind, and honestly thinking about it makes me tear up just a little.  My Grandma K – and this won’t be the last time I mention her, she had a HUGE impact in my life – was one of the most incredibly amazing women who ever walked this earth.  I am not exaggerating in the least.  If there was ever someone who you just knew talked to God daily, and heard Him answer back, it was my Grandmother.  She had a sense of humor to rival no other and a sweetness of spirit that just drew everyone to her, no matter who they were.  My Grandparents lived in this old, drafty house, it was always chilly in the winter time.  Grandpa would get out of bed first and shuffle into the kitchen to get his coffee going, then Grandma would follow to get breakfast started.  As soon as I heard her get up I was supposed to give her a few minutes to putter around, then I could tiptoe into the kitchen, as long as I promised not to wake my parents or brother.  Grandma would give me a great big hug, wrap a quilt around me, and get me situated at the kitchen table.  She’d then put a steaming cup of hot cocoa – from scratch of course – in front of me, complete with marshmallows, and a couple of pieces of lightly browned, buttered toast.  She’d sit down across from me with her own cocoa and toast, and we’d sit there dipping our toast into our cocoa (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!), and whisper together about what was going on at school, with my friends, etc.  Wrapped in the cocoon of my Grandmother’s love, with the delicate aroma of sweet cocoa in the air, some of the best memories of my childhood were born.  Those moments in time are moments I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.  See what I mean about breakfast being the best meal of the day?

What are your favorite breakfast memories, or breakfast menu’s? I really truly would like to know!

National Laugh Friendly Month – It seems that I just missed a bunch of month long celebrations, and this one is a great one to celebrate not just this month, but every day of our lives. There is NOTHING quite as soul satisfying as a belly laugh that goes so deep that you are bent over nearly double, tears streaming down your face, cheeks aching from grinning so big, and unable to catch your breath because you can’t stop.  This isn’t just an ordinary laugh, this is a laugh that you forget WHY you’re laughing in the first place, but you keep laughing anyway because the tickle just runs too deep to stop.  Eventually, you gasp to near quiet, with eruptions of giggles coming through as you start to remember why you were laughing in the first place.  The mood is now light, your cares feel so far away that you could float, and you can sleep like a baby for hours just from the relief of the stress.  THAT’S what we are going for this month, as we celebrate National Laugh Friendly Month.  Tell a joke (keep it nice – especially in mixed company), watch a comedy, do something that makes you incredibly happy and laugh your cares away.  Enjoy!

National Frozen Yogurt Day – This may surprise some people, but I didn’t even taste regular yogurt until I was in high school.  My parents don’t care for yogurt, so it was never in our house growing up.  I remember being at a friends house and her mother gave us some yogurt in a bowl with some fruit.  I wasn’t sold on it – it tasted a bit sour. Come to find out later it was plain yogurt so it wasn’t surprising for my first try it wasn’t an instantaneous hit.  However I remember when a frozen yogurt place went in and I went to try it.  Oh my goodness, it was deliciousness in a bowl, cup or cone.  I can’t remember the name of the franchise – I was thinking about it the other day – but it escapes me now.    For a long time frozen yogurt shops pretty much disappeared, but recently I’ve started noticing that they are making a comeback – and they are really getting fancy!  They have all sorts of flavors and toppings and are decadent, frozen yumminess just waiting to be custom designed to the buyers taste buds.  Today we honor frozen yogurt and appreciate it for the versatile flavorful wonder that it is.  Mmmm sounds so good, doesn’t it?

Whether you are Lame Duck at the end of your time somewhere, suffering from short timer’s syndrome, a sports lover who is going to honor women in sports today, ready to indulge in some hot breakfast, frozen yogurt or lose yourself in hysterical laughter today – do it with abandon, with your whole heart, and enjoy every moment of your day.  Today is a day with a little something for everyone.  And I mean it, I really do want to hear your best breakfast memories or what your favorite hot breakfast is!  I wouldn’t mind hearing about the last time you laughed til you cried, or what your favorite topping on your frozen yogurt might be!  Today is a day for sharing, so I do hope I hear from you.  Whether I do or I don’t though, I pray that you have a wonderful day, and that you are blessed throughout.  See you tomorrow.

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