Happy Father’s Day to All Dads!

Jun 18th

Weekends are always busy, aren’t they?  This one is pretty busy for us, trying to get some things done and caught up around here.  I was able to see my Dad last Wednesday, and give him a small gift and a card, so we are hanging out here and trying to check things of our list.  I wish all of the fathers, step-fathers, adoptive fathers, surrogate fathers and fathers to furbabies a wonderful and blessed Father’s Day.

Verse of the Day

June 17, 2017

I keep asking that the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorious Father, may give you the Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so that you may know him better.

Ephesians 1:17


Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

One of the best things we can pray for each other, and for ourselves, is that we might better know God. The Holy Spirit helps us better know God (1 Cor. 2), worship God (John 4), and speak to God (Rom. 8). Let’s ask God to use his Spirit to help us know him, not just know about him. God is not only the Almighty Creator of all things; he is also our Father who cares about us deeply.


June 18, 2017

Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.

1 John 3:18

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

“Talk is cheap.” “Actions speak louder than words.” Let’s show our love for our family, our friends, and brothers and sisters in Christ by the way we live and what we do for each other.



Food for Thought

Today is Father’s Day.  I am blessed to still have my Dad around, and have many wonderful memories that he helped to create while I was growing up.  From teaching me counting and game strategy playing dominoes, to making me learn to drive in a stick-shift car (best thing he could have done!), he was there when I needed him.  I’m sure many of you have similar memories that you cherish, whether your father is your bio-dad, adoptive dad, step-dad or surrogate dad, the position they hold in our lives is profoundly powerful and guides our way as children in a way that we hope will create responsible, caring adults.  God is our Father, our Heavenly Dad who guides us each day, showing us that by love, grace, forgiveness and gentle discipline, how to get through in this live and how to live as closely to His ways as possible.  He never turns his back on us, no matter how we behave, and though He may discipline us with a strong hand and show us that we cannot do certain things, at the same time He takes us and guides us to where we need to be.  His grace and love are boundless.  As difficult as that is for us to understand with our limited human minds, we are to aspire to be like Him and offer that same love and grace to the people in our lives.  It isn’t easy, but is anything worthwhile truly easy?  Happy Father’s Day, to all of the dads out there, no matter how you came by your status.  Keep your Heavenly Dad in your mind and heart today as you go about the business of being a father to your kids.



June 17

Eat Your Vegetables Day – It’s the time of year when fresh vegetables are everywhere.  Fresh produce stands are open and something delicious is in every one of them, just waiting to find their place in your meal plan for the day.  Today is a great opportunity to re-introduce a healthy portion of vegetables into your diet, but keep this going – don’t just limit it to today!  Today we are all encouraged to eat vegetables for every meal and for all snacks.  Any vegetable will do, just get all of your portions in!  Fresh, crunchy, delicious vegetables – what a wonderful way to celebrate a warm summer day!  Or in our case, a rainy one.


National Hollerin’ Contest Day – (3rd Saturday in June) – Have you ever felt like just letting loose and screaming at the top of your lungs?  Today’s your day then!  Today is the day of the National Hollerin’ Contest.  Spivey’s Corner, NC, which has a population of about 50 people, hosts the annual contest today, which brings the population to between 5,000 and 10,000 people for the day.  Not sure what all of it was about though, I had to dig a little deeper.  This is actually quite interesting!  Hollerin’ is considered, by some at least, to be the earliest form of communication between humans.  In rural areas it was the way to convey long-distance messages, since this was back before modern telecommunication.  Evidence of hollerin’ in one form or another, can be found worldwide, among many early people, in Europe, Africa, Asia and the United States.  Each culture used, or even still uses, hollers differently, though almost all of them have specific hollers meant  for warning or distress.  It’s also used for greeting, general information, fun, work, etc.  The hollers for the National Hollerin’ Contest fall into one of four categories:  Distress, Functional, Communicative and Pleasure. I did find this link from news coverage from 2011 competition – sounds like it would be a noisy spot to be, and not somewhere to go if you have a headache! My goodness – watch the video here!   I had to giggle while I was reading this one though, because even though we have telephones with interoffice lines, somehow hollerin seems to happen amongst my office mates at the other end of the hall from me.  It’s a bit of a distance down that hall, but doggone it if we can’t hear entire conversations had between two separate offices between the two who “live” down there.



Stewarts Root Beer Day – In 1924 Frank Stewart decided to develop the world’s best tasting root beer.  He intended to sell it to supplement his income as a school teacher.  With his secret recipes in hand, he soon opened up his first Stewart’s Drive-in, where he served iced-cold Stewart’s Root Beer in tall, frosty mugs.  The creamy taste of Stewart’s Root Beer was an instant success and has been enjoyed by many for over 75 years!  For the first 66 years in business, Stewart’s Root Beer was only available at Stewart’s root beer stands, and later, at Stewart’s Drive-Ins.  In 1990, Cable Car Beverage Corporation acquired the bottling rights for Stewart’s and began selling the root-beer in 12 oz amber glass bottles.  Since 1992 they have expanded their line to include many different flavors, including Cream Soda and Ginger Beer.  This one is an easy one to celebrate – just stop by your grocery store and pick up a bottle of Stewart’s and enjoy!


World Juggler’s Day – Great news for jugglers!  You get TWO days a year!  International Juggler’s Day is always on April 18th, but today you get World Juggler’s Day – the Saturday closest to June 17th . . . which is today!  Today the skill of juggling, and the talented people who can juggle many objects at a time, are celebrated.  Common objects to juggle include:  balls, clubs, swords, plates, rings, and flaming sticks.  The best jugglers can juggle up to ten balls at a time.  Considering that I can’t do TWO at a time, that’s impressive!  Juggling is a skill and form of entertainment that has been around for thousands of years. Some of the earliest recorded history shows that juggling was around during the early days of civilized man, and was used primarily for entertainment.  It is well documented in Medieval times in Europe.  Most often today we see jugglers when the circus comes to town.  I have to submit, as someone who works in an office, that multi-tasking can also be described as juggling.  Ok, maybe I’m stretching here since I can’t REALLY juggle, but hey!  I celebrate them as I can!  I found an incredible video from Cirque du Soleil.  My jaw was hanging open the whole time.  Enjoy!

June 18


Family Awareness Day – I don’t pay all that much attention to the monthly celebrations – though I suppose I should – unless we are having a particularly slow one with the dailies.  This one though, is pretty important to everyone.  Family Awareness Month officially starts on Mother’s Day and ends with Father’s Day, marking THIS as Family Awareness Day.  Makes sense.  It was created by Kids Peace to raise awareness of the importance of family – kids, mothers, fathers, relatives and caregivers – and to encourage all in supporting one another.  Experts have described family as “someone who has a strong emotional attachment to another”, which I suppose is an accurate description of a family, only such an understatement!  Family is important in raising healthy, confident and well-adjusted kids for America’s future . . . well, for the future of the world too!  This was acknowledged by Congress in 1998 when they officially made National Kids Day and National Family Month as National celebrations.  Below is a copy and paste of the resolution.



Recognizing the importance of children and families in the United States and expressing support for the goals of National KidsDay® and National Family MonthTM.

                     Whereas there is an epidemic of children in crisis in the United States caused by the increased stresses on children from contemporary society, which can even include instances of child abuse and neglect; Whereas newspaper headlines, news reports, and various studies provide evidence that children are more frequently committing acts of violence, taking illegal drugs, and committing suicide, indicating that the future of the children of the United States, and therefore the future of the Nation, is at risk; Whereas all families in the United States, regardless of their economic status, ethnic or cultural heritage, or geographic location, are experiencing the pressures caused by contemporary society while trying to raise and nurture their children; Whereas it is imperative that the people of the United States act boldly to secure the future of the Nation by halting and healing the pain of children in crisis; Whereas KidsPeace is the oldest, most successful, and most comprehensive not-for-profit organization dedicated solely to helping children attain the confidence and develop the courage necessary to confront and overcome crises; Whereas KidsPeace has more than 1,500 caregivers helping more than 2,000 children each day in 25 locations across the United States;

Whereas KidsPeace established National KidsDay and National Family Month to recognize and focus attention on relationships between parents and children; Whereas National KidsDay is celebrated on the third Saturday of September, during the period when children are returning to school, when children are subject to a very high level of stress, and when there is a critical need for children to feel honored, valued, supported, and loved; Whereas National Family Month is celebrated during the five-week period between Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June, which is a critical adjustment period for families to prepare for children to return to the home at the end of the school year and can provide a wonderful opportunity for families to prepare to use their time together during the summer to grow and strengthen as a family unit; and Whereas these celebrations can provide opportunities for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to recognize the importance of being involved in the physical and emotional lives of their children: Now, therefore be it

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate concurring), That the Congress– recognizes the importance of children and families to the future of the United States;

  1. expresses support for the goals of National KidsDay and National Family Month, as established by KidsPeace; and
  2. encourages the people of the United States to participate in local and national activities and celebrations recognizing National KidsDay and National Family Month.

Passed, the U.S. House of Representatives October 8, 1998.


Father’s Day – (3rd Sunday) – There is a difference between a father and a Dad.  Any man can become a father, whether by design or accident, but that doesn’t make him the heroic and strong figure in a child’s life that qualifies him as a Dad.  Think about the fathers you know, include your own and all the others that you know, and I am sure you will be able to pick out the biological donors, and the men who take the job of being a Dad seriously.  A Dad is the man who cares and provides, or assists in providing at least, a home for his family.  He is the man who helps set the standards, family values and the example for his children to grow up watching.  A Dad teaches his children things, disciplines them when they walk off the path they should be following, and shares his life experiences with his kids.  Did you know that the first Father’s Day celebration was in Spokane, WA on May 18, 1910? Turns out that the woman who started Mother’s Day – Sonora Smart Dodd and her first younger brothers were left to be raised by their father when her mother died in 1898.  She organized and started Mother’s Day after her mother’s passing, but in 1909, after hearing a Mother’s Day sermon at church, she was inspired to start Father’s Day, realizing that Dads deserved equal recognition.  (This is my dad with his great-grandson, Baby R)



Go Fishing Day – This couldn’t have landed on a more perfect weekend, could it?  For everyone who loves to fish, grab your gear and head to the water and see if you can catch a mess of fish for dinner.  For anyone who has never been fishing, it’s hard work . . . of course when I go fishing, it’s hard work for my husband.  I love casting, I love reeling it in.  I won’t touch anything icky and I don’t know how to get my pole set up . . . so that’s hubby’s job.  He puts up with me with a great deal of patience.  Poor guy doesn’t get much fishing of his own in when he takes me, and I hope he realizes how much I appreciate it.  I wish he could take today and go enjoy a day relaxing on the water.  For any of you who have the chance, take some time to celebrate today, with a fishing pole in one hand, your favorite beverage in the other, and the plan to relax and enjoy yourself!



International Panic Day – As we look around at world events on a daily basis, we see a never ending stream of reasons to panic.  Apparently I’m not the only one to feel that way because this day was started to give everyone with all of the concerns of the world on their shoulders to just give in to the feelings and panic!   This seems to be a widespread issue because there’s also a panic day in March.  Not sure how you’d actually celebrate this one, sounds a little stressful to me, releasing all of those feelings, but maybe it will be therapeutic for some.  If so, go for it and just panic!


International Picnic Day – I love going on a picnic, don’t you?  It doesn’t matter if it is in a park, or right in the backyard.  There is something about eating outdoors in the fresh air that just makes it feel special.  Picnics have been around for a very long time, and actually date back to Medieval times, when outdoor feasts were held to celebrate a successful hunt.  During the Victorian Era in England, they really grew in popularity.  Picnics are fun from spring through fall, heck even a winter picnic can be great if you plan it the right way!  They can be enjoyed by everyone, from young lovers with a blanket and a picnic basket, to families and groups getting together to celebrate any event from Memorial Day, to Independence Day, Labor Day and family reunions!  Truly, you can use just about any reason as a good excuse to have a picnic.  Typical picnic food includes a meal, snacks and drinks – most commonly to include hamburgers, hot dogs, macaroni salad, potato salad and baked beans – but pretty much anything is fair game, so get creative and do something different with each one!  I remember growing up my Mom was the BEST picnic preparer ever!  She always did fried chicken, a variety of chips and crackers with cheese, bowls of cut up fruit – usually melons, and something fun for dessert.  Icy sodas, juice and water were always in a cooler that tagged along for our day out.  It was always fun, filling and special.  Our picnics usually took us to the beach, and always included laughter, teasing, exploring and many created memories. (We had a picnic on the beach with Miss B when she visited last weekend.)


International Sushi Day – I learned a couple of things with this one!  When I think of sushi I think of a bit of fish – sometimes raw – rolled up in rice and seaweed wrapper.  I did not know that sushi really has NOTHING to do with raw fish! Seriously!  It refers to the vinegar-seasoned rice that is used in the dish that we call sushi.  There are many types of this dish that are generically – and often incorrectly – called “sushi”.  Sashimi is simply slices of raw fish – often salmon or tuna.  It is not served with the “sushi rice.  Nigri is made from forming a handful of rice into a mound, and putting a piece of seafood over the top.  Maki rolls are made from wrapping sushi rice and a variety of fillings inside a seaweed wrapper (this is what I like – only with cooked fish). Maki rolls have had the most variations created in Western society.  One example of this is the California Roll, made with avocado, imitation crab and cucumber.  You can also find the inside-out California Roll that has the rice on the outside.  The Philadelphia Roll has smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber (YUM!).  The Texas Roll has tuna, avocado and cucumber and is rolled in crushed French fried onions.  Now THAT’S one I have never heard of! You know that little mound of green paste that you get alongside your order of sushi? That’s wasabi . . . it’ll clear your sinuses in a heartbeat, but it is SO good . . . especially if you eat it with a bit of that delicious pickled ginger.  Oh my, now I’m hungry for sushi!


National Splurge Day – Yippee!! We all need this from time to time, don’t we?  With our every moment scheduled to the last moment from rising til time to sleep, that we live restricted from so much fun and relaxation.  Today is a day to just throw all of that stuff aside and splurge!  Have you been dieting?  Have that dessert!  Has the budget been a little tight for that outfit? See if you can rearrange a few things so you can swing getting it.  Have you been cooking every night?  Put away the pots and pans and have dinner out with someone you care about – Splurge!!!  Don’t worry about anything at all . . . until tomorrow.


This Day in History

June 17, 1885 – The Statute of Liberty arrive in New York City.

June 17, 1215 – King John signs the Magna Carta.

June 18, 1861 – The first American fly-casting tournament was held in Utica, NY.

June 18, 1873 – Women’s rights advocate Susan B. Anthony is arrested for voting in Rochester, N.Y.

June 18, 1983 – Sally Ride becomes the first woman in space.


Food Celebration of the Day

June 17

 National Apple Strudel Day – The word “strudel” means “vortex” in German, coming from the many layers of dough that swirl around and around the filling.



June 18

National Cherry Tart Day – What makes a tart a tart and not a pie? Tarts only come with a pastry base and no crust on top.  I didn’t know that!

Well, I didn’t get this to you yesterday because we were busy, and it’s time to get busy again.  We have a bunch of stuff on our to-do list to prepare for a camping trip coming up soon. Time just goes by so quickly doesn’t it?  Have a fantastic rest of your weekend. God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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