Happy 4 Week Birthday To The Beautiful Baby B! Let’s Celebrate This Special Day Together!

Jul 30th

Today is the 2nd to the last day in July . . . usually I am shocked by how quickly a month races by, but this month has been the longest month I have experienced in a very long time, so it’s almost a relief to have it be done.  It has been a month filled with joy . . . we welcomed our gorgeous granddaughter into the world (Happy 4 week birthday Baby B!).  We said good-bye to my husband’s adoptive father (ironic since today is also Father-In-Law Day), we traveled to see my Grandmother, we’ve celebrated my husband’s birthday with a wonderful visit from my Mother-In-Law. . . Every weekend has been filled to the brim with activity and quite honestly, I’m pretty exhausted!  If I don’t miss my guess, August will be busy too – I guess that’s the way it is with summer, right? 

I trimmed down today’s celebrations a bit.  Who really wishes to celebrate Medicare’s birthday? Seriously? A couple I found listed on my usual sites, and when I cross checked them, they were listed on the wrong date, so we’ll get to those another time. 

Father-In-Law Day – I’ve never heard a nasty Father-In-Law joke, have you? Seriously! How many nasty and horrible mother-in-law jokes do we hear all the time? Or how many people do you know that say mean things about their mothers-in-law? Now that I AM a Mother-In-Law, I’m very aware of how cruel those jokes are . . . but at the same time I used to have a Mother-In-Law who was probably the REASON for some of those jokes, so I can’t fuss about it too much. How often do we hear those types of jokes about our Fathers-In-Law? Not often.  Fathers aren’t the butts of jokes, nor the focus of the griping.  Perhaps yours is loving, funny and cheerful.  Or maybe he’s grumpy and intimidating.  No matter what his personality is like, or the level of his charm, today is all about your spouse’s Dad and he deserves a little recognition. Personally I think that my husband has a pretty great Father-In-Law, and I was blessed with a pretty good one the first time around – a little quirky, but pretty good, and two fathers-in-law the 2nd time around! I don’t have any jokes to make about either of them, so I think that’s a pretty awesome thing.  Give your father-in-law a call today, let him know how much you appreciate him. He probably doesn’t hear it often enough, and really, he should.

Paperback Book Day – I love to read.  I always have. While other kids were outside playing, I wanted nothing more than to curl up in the corner of the couch, under a tree, IN a tree, or wherever I could grab a little privacy with a good book and get lost in it.  I learned, since I was raised for much of my childhood in a home daycare, to tune out the world and just enter the world before me on the page.  In that book was an entire existence different from mine, where I could explore places and times I would never visit in real life.  I can still tune out the world while lost in a book – much to the annoyance of anyone attempting to get my attention.   I seriously turn off my ears and tune completely in to the characters on the pages.  All the rage now are electronic readers and I fear that books will disappear.  I hope that fear is unfounded.  There’s nothing quite as wonderful as the scent of the printed page, the feel of the paper under my fingers and the adventure within the cover.  I cannot imagine getting that on an I-Pad, Kindle or Nook.  How could it be the same?  For now paperback books are completely “en vogue” as best sellers still sell millions of copies every week.  Please, please, please . . . take this celebration to heart and keep the paperback book as an important part of your home library and may you never lose the love of reading.  It is a gift that we should cherish each and every day. 

This Day In History

1965 – President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Medicare bill.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Cheesecake Day– Is there any dessert as wonderfully rich and decadent as cheesecake?  I LOVE cheesecake.  I love to make it, I love to eat it, I love to share it with people I love.  The time and effort that go into a delicious cheesecake are well worth it, and the love that went into it shows.  Early versions of cheesecake have been recorded as far back in history as 776 B.C. when it was served to athletes during the first Olympic Games in Greece.  Back then the recipe was very likely for a simple cake that contained cheese.  Luckily as the centuries passed cheesecake evolved into the sweet, rich, moist and amazing treat that it is today.

While I was looking this up I found out what the world’s largest cheesecake was! This is www.food.com.

incredible . . . On January 25, 2009 in Mexico City, Mexico, Philadelphia of Kraft Foods Mexico made the largest cheesecake EVER! The gigantic cheesecake weighed 4,703 lbs, was 8 feet 2 inches in diameter and was 1 foot, 10 inches tall.  It took 55 Mexican chefs to create it.  This cake had in it: 1,764 lbs of Philadelphia cream cheese, 1,764 lbs of yogurt, 772 lbs of cookies, 551 lbs of sugar, 331 lbs of butter and 220 lbs of strawberries – along with other ingredients.  Isn’t that amazing???  Well, I don’t think any of us are going to undertake something that incredible, but here are a few ideas for some lovely choices from

Well, the morning is already nearly over and I need to get myself ready!  I am picking up my Mom and we are heading out to tea, in the tea house owned by Debbie Macomber, and meeting a friend and her family, and my beautiful daughter.  It will be a fun ladies day out!  Have a wonderful day!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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