Happiness Happens! Shout It From The Rooftops!

Aug 8th

Well, yesterday was all about serious and today is all about fun!  Variety is the spice of life, right? Today is Thursday, the week is almost over and with all of this good stuff ahead of us, the grime of the world can take a bit of a backseat for just a few minutes.  Take a break from the bad news for and let’s celebrate together!

Happiness Happens DayWhat a wonderful thought!  Happiness Happens.  Do you know who’s motto this is?  Get this – I had to chuckle – It’s the 13th birthday of the “Secret Society of Happy People”.  Secret? Are there so few of them that they have to be secret?  And I’m giggling again. . . it’s just funny!  Why would happiness need to be secret?  No matter the reason, this is a great one to celebrate and be happy about . . . get it? Happy?  hahahaha sorry – it’s just funny.


Odie Day – We are all familiar with Garfield. He’s widely celebrated and known everywhere. But what about his happy little sidekick Odie?  Odie deserves his own day for putting up with Garfield for all of these years!  Most people call Odie unintelligent and highly gullible, but that he is lovable little pooch.  And we all know that no matter how much Garfield torments Odie, he does love his little buddy.  So break out the party hats, confetti, horns, streamers and ice cream cake for this long tongued, cute yellow dog.  Some sites say he’s a beagle, but he never struck me as that!  He may not be able to talk, but I’m sure he is thanking us in his thoughts.


This Day In History

1890 – The Daughters of the American Revolution organization is created.           

1945 – The USSR finally declares war against Japan. 

Food Celebration of the Day

National Frozen Custard Day – What is frozen custard exactly?  Well, it is sometimes called French ice cream and it does resemble ice cream.  Due to the higher concentration of egg yolks and butterfat, frozen custard is richer, creamer and softer than ice cream.  It resembles Crème Anglaise or Spanish flan, and is traditionally baked into a crust.  In the United States frozen custard can be traced to Coney Island, NY and was introduced to the Midwest at the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago.  Frozen custard is typically made fresh throughout the day.  I did see an interesting comparison to the fat content between different frozen treats:  frozen yogurt – as low as 0 percent; Gelato – 2 to 8 percent; soft-serve ice cream – 4 to 6 percent; hard scoop ice cream – 14 to 18 percent; frozen custard – at least 10 percent butterfat.  Soooo let me get this straight – frozen custard is richer than ice cream, but less fat?  Alrighty then!  Now I just need to find some the next time I want a treat!

Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day – I did not know until today that zucchini is a fruit and not a vegetable.  Seriously! It is!  I have tried and tried for the last few years to get zucchini to grow in my garden. I know, that’s not a problem many people have.  In the house we used to live in, I had so much zucchini it was literally overwhelming, but so far here, that’s not the case.  I would LOVE to have that problem!  For most people zucchini is one of the most prolific plants in all the gardening world.  A single plant can produce what seems like an endless supply, and a small row – well you’ll never be done with it, which is what brings about this day. By the time August arrives most gardeners are reaping more zucchini than they can possible use.  After using it daily in everything from soups and stews to breads and dips, they get desperate to get rid of it and start giving it away.  Eventually everyone starts to avoid them, so they sneak it onto their neighbors porches and run away!  Why hasn’t anyone snuck some onto MY porch! I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE some!    Here are a few ideas to help you use up your overflow this year.  Enjoy!



Well, now I’m so hungry for zucchini!  I think I may try that recipe for Oven-Baked Zucchini sticks tonight. Yum!  So, let’s commence to being happy, celebrating Odie and enjoying whatever food celebration we choose to observe!  I can’t have the custard (as good as that looks), but I certainly can enjoy the zucchini that is in my fridge (store bought – sadly enough).  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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