Goofing Off . . . Being As Young As We Feel – They Sort Of Go Together, Don’t They?

Mar 22nd

Holy Humor – Joke of the Day 

A new pastor was visiting in the homes of his parishioners. At one house it seemed obvious that someone was at home, but no answer came to his repeated knocks at the door.
Therefore, he took out a business card and wrote ‘Revelation 3:20’ on the back of it and stuck it in the door.
When the offering was processed the following Sunday, he found that his card had been returned. Added to it was this cryptic message, ‘Genesis 3:10.’
Reaching for his Bible to check out the citation, he broke up in gales of laughter. Revelation 3:20 begins ‘Behold, I stand at the door and knock.’ Genesis 3:10 reads, ‘I heard your voice in the garden and I was afraid for I was naked.’

National Goof Off Day – Well, we used to call this playing hooky in school, but no matter what it was called then or now, it’s always fun to declare a day a Goof Off Day.  A day to just do anything you want, except what you are SUPPOSED to do, would clear the mind and ease stress, wouldn’t it?  Too bad that it could cause issues at work or in school, but if it doesn’t, take the day and go shopping, sit and read, go to lunch with friends, catch a movie . . . do something just for you that you’d enjoy doing.  Now the question is, who created this day?  I couldn’t find that out, and I searched for awhile – but I must assume it is someone who finally got fed up with towing the expected line and just declared it to be a day to goof off!  For a moment I thought perhaps it could have been just done by someone who likes doing nothing, but if that were the case they’d probably have set up a Good Off Month.  THERE’S a month I could celebrate!    Since I have to work tomorrow, maybe I’ll try to figure out a Goof Off Evening where I can pick up something easy for dinner so I can sit with my hubby and enjoy the night rather than cook.  Sounds like a plan!    

As Young As You Feel Day – We’ve all heard someone say that you’re as young as you feel, and honestly, that’s so true!  If you slog through life, allowing things to get you down, focusing on a number and how BIG it is, rather than getting out and doing things and having fun (which by default makes you feel young and vibrant), then you’re going to feel and eventually LOOK older than you are!  If you get out, get fresh air and exercise, laugh and smile a lot, learn new things and just generally enjoy life –  you will FEEL younger, and no matter what your chronological age, it’ll likely be years younger than you really are.  I know a lot of us have Wii game consoles, and the Wii Fit Games are pretty fun, but one thing this game does – for those of you who may not have the system – is it has you step on the scale and it takes your weight and some simple tests it has you do for balance, speed, mental clarity, etc. and it establishes your Wii Fit Age.  Nothing makes me giggle more first thing in the morning than that silly game telling me that my Wii Fit Age is YOUNGER than my oldest child!  YES! Now THAT’S the way to feel as young as I’d like to be.

Food Celebrations of the Day

Coq au Vin – No matter how fancy the name of this dish may sound, it’s really just a simple chicken braised in wine, but the deep flavor is anything but simple.  Chicken braises are very satisfying in the cold weather, and no matter that the calendar says it’s spring – for many of us it’s still at or below freezing temperatures with possible snow!  Here are a few recipes to look over and perhaps try. 

Coq Au Vin – The Easy Way
Coq Au Vin Blanc
Spring Chicken Fricassee
Bulgarian Varna-Style Braised Chicken
Braised Chicken with Gratin Tomatoes
Braised Chicken Thighs with Button Mushrooms
Braised Balsamic Chicken with Garlic and Onions

Bavarian Crepes Day- Ahhh Crepes.  I LOVE Crepes.  Crepes are thin pancakes with a strong egg flavor.  They can be used for savory dishes, or delicious sweet and/or fruity ones by filling them with fruit or a rich Bavarian cream filling.  Crepes are actually really easy to make and so is a lovely filling to put inside.  I’ll see if I can find a couple for you:

Sweet and Tangy Berry Filled Crepes – this one looks delicious!

I feel like these celebrations blend very well today – Goof Off Day can lend itself to making one feel young – essentially as young as we feel!  Coq Au Vin would be a delicious meal to end the work week, and those yummy sounding crepes would be the incredible dessert to follow!  Feel young, act young, eat good food . . . yup . . . THIS is a great day to celebrate and enjoy life.  So get into goofing, playing and eating.  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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