God’s Voice Is Everywhere, Even In The Rain . . . Catching Up On the Celebrations of the 21st

May 22nd

Thank you for your prayers yesterday, and I ask that they continue as the recovery efforts in Oklahoma move forward.  It was with great relief that I saw that there were fewer lives lost than they initially thought, but the loss of even one is too many.  I saw on the news that more storms are expected and I pray that everyone is prepared and able to get to safety. 

I didn’t say anything yesterday because I was caught up in the tragedy, but sometimes God speaks peace into our hearts through things that we may not normally pay much attention to.  We sleep with the window open in the spring and summer, and night before last, after watching the horrors unfolding in Oklahoma, I went to sleep sad and praying for everyone going through the storm.  Around 2 a.m. I woke up to the most beautiful music, God’s music.  Outside the window I could hear an orchestra made up of raindrops softly falling on the leaves . . . the roof . . . the deck . . . the various things outside the window.  Each item made a different tone, and together they created the most peaceful and harmonious song.  No matter bad things get, no matter how bleak the situation, God is still taking care of us, and speaking to our hearts. 

To keep from having too long of a single post, I am going to list the missed celebrations from yesterday – describing them briefly, then move on to a new post for all of today’s celebrations.  I wouldn’t want you all to fall asleep from too much reading! 

Take a memo… Yesterday was National Memo Day.  Why? Nobody knows!  I couldn’t find who created it, why they created it, or when they created it!  But apparently Memo’s were important enough to someone to put this one on the calendar.  So I suppose in honor of this day grab a pen and paper, or even a post-it note, and scratch out a memo!  I’m someone who lives by list – I list everything, so I suppose in a way, I celebrate Memo Day . . . well, EVERY day! 

National Waiters and Waitresses Day –  How many of us have eaten out and had horrible service by our waitress or waiter?  And how many of us have gone out to eat and have AMAZING service, the kind that makes you want to go back to eat there again very soon?  We’ve all experienced both.  I hope that no matter which type of service you received that you tipped accordingly.  We tip to show appreciation for the service we receive, but sometimes I wonder if anyone realizes how little your waitress or waiter makes hourly.  The U.S. Department of Labor allows for wait staff to be paid FAR less than the minimum wage because tips are received.  Some states mandate a minimum wage that is different and higher, but some are allowed to pay so little that it’s insulting.  The wait staff depend on their tips for survival!  My daughter is a waitress/bartender and she is incredible at her job.  Anyone who dismisses wait staff for what they do have obviously never been in this type of service position.  This job requires strength, stamina, good mental math skills, an amazing memory, a sense of humor, an ability to deal well with rude people and an unending amount of patience.  So, what is an acceptable amount to leave? Between 13% and 20% is about right.  One easy way to do it in my state is to just double the sales tax!  That leaves a fair 16.2% tip, and is always one I feel good about leaving.   Thank your waitress or waiter today and every day, in addition to the cash you leave. They need to hear appreciation, just like all of us do.

American Red Cross Founded – On May 21, 1881 the Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton.  How fitting that this day was celebrated on a day when the Red Cross was getting set up to help the victims of the tornado!  Clara Barton knew nothing about nursing when the war started, but she was working as a copy clerk to the patent office when casualties of the Baltimore mob attack on the 6th Massachusetts were brought into Washington.  She volunteered to help and spent the rest of her life helping others! 

Sister Maria Hummel Day – Berta Hummel was born in Massing, in Bavaria, Germany.  She was one of the seven children of Adolf and Victoria Hummel, raised in a warm, loving and strongly devout household. They lived above her father’s dry goods store.  When she was a child Berta showed creative artistic talent and developed quite a local reputation for her art.  When she was 12 her father encouraged her artistic talents and enrolled her in boarding school at Sisters of Loreto about 20 miles away.  She continued her studies through the Academy of Applied Arts in Munich, and eventually chose to follow a religious calling that she and felt for some time.  After she became a nun, in her spare time she spent her time painting pictures of children, which were sent to a publishing house by the Sisters.  Long story short her art began to sell, and soon afterward the owner of a porcelain company looking for a new line of work started basing figurines on her art.  Interest in the figurines exploded and now, all these years later, these figurines are collector’s items and loved all over the world.  (That was the severely condensed version)

Food Celebration of the Day

Strawberries and Cream Day  – This classic combo is a must when fresh strawberries are in season. Looking for something different? Try the delicious duo in one of these creative sweets.







Well, that catches us up for the 21st!  I’ll be back in a bit with today’s celebrations. 

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