God Gave Us The Best Gift Of All . . . Today We Can Also Give To Others

Dec 3rd

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am SO pleased to tell you that we passed 21,000 page views yesterday!  Already!  I think we may just reach, or even pass, 22,000!!!  I’m giddy!  Thank you so much!

I hear winter is going to come blowing through the Pacific Northwest as the week progresses, and I admit it, I’m hoping for snow.  My wishes aren’t very popular around here, but I don’t care.  I’ve always marched at least a little bit to my own drummer.  When I was a kid it used to snow a lot every year. As a matter of fact, the lake would freeze solid enough for not only skaters to get out there for some fun, but sometimes cars would even be driving around out there.  I remember my Dad would take one of those metal folding chairs out, sit me on it and push me around the ice.  I was pretty young, and even my double blade beginner skates weren’t all that steady under my feet.  He’d get us going really fast, spin me around and let go of the chair, with me clinging to it as tightly as I could, my cheeks icy cold in the breeze, my smile as wide as my face, and laughing so hard that my tummy hurt.  I miss those days.  “They” say it’s global warming, I say it’s just God cycling the earth through trends the way He intended. Funny how alarmists make a huge to-do about something that was created to work a certain way, isn’t it?  I trust that whether things are warming up, or cooling down, our Creator knows what it is He is doing and who are we to question it?  I still pray for snow though.  Never know! He may just give me a YES answer to my prayer!

Giving Tuesday – We have a special day for giving thanks, we have two days for saving money so we spend more, but what about a day set aside to GIVE?  Giving Tuesday is a special day that is trying to get its feet on the ground, bringing together communities to give, to help those less fortunate, and to bolster love in their own neighborhoods.  I know that many of my readers are generous people, so please, put some of your generosity today into your own surrounding region by finding someplace to give your support.  It can be a food bank, a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, a battered women’s and children’s shelter, a no-kill animal shelter, etc.  Please, this time of year is a time to share, to spread the blessings we have, and to give to those less fortunate.  Seriously, what better time could there be?

Food Celebration of the Day


National Make A Gift Day – This is the time of year that I start making lists of food gifts to make and send to the people I care about.  Each treat is made with love, and I hope that the people who get them know that!  Opening a box of cookies and fudge is something that I know friends and family look forward to, and Christmas just isn’t the same if everyone doesn’t have their favorites!  The Candy Cane Biscotti is always in demand, as are the chocolate dipped coconut macaroons and the Cherry Kiss Thumbprints.  Mom always gets Mexican Wedding Cakes, and everyone seems to love a plate of creamy fudge.  Hit your kitchen today and whip up a present your pals will really enjoy: a homemade food gift! Bonus: Skip crowded parking lots and online shipping fees (well you skip the crowded parking lots AFTER you buy all of the ingredients!).

Thank you again, for sticking with me this year, for being so faithful with your reading, your comments and your time.  I am working on ideas on how to make 2014 even better, and with your help, it will be!  God Bless You, Merry Christmas and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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