God Bless America! May The American Spirit Wake Up, Take Root and Grow Again!

Oct 11th

Thank you so much to all of my faithful readers.  We crossed the 15,000 view point yesterday!  It is so humbling to know that there are so many of you who click the link and read my little post each day.  I’m trying to plan ahead for next year, to see how I can shake things up.  Please know that I appreciate each and every one of you so much!

I have been following the progress of the Truckers To Ride For The Constitution, as 1000’s of truckers make their way to Washington DC to stage a peaceful protest of how messed up things are in our nation, and how far we’ve come from following the Constitution.  So many people are willing to give up their rights  so they can be taken care of by the government, but it’s so much like the fable about the frog who sits in a cool pot of water and slowly is heated up.  He’s boiled and dead with a smile on his face, because the change in temperature has happened so slowly. That is what is happening to us!  The generation’s who should be preparing to lead our nation into the next few decades have mentally checked out, with their hands out for something free.  They are riding on the backs of hard working men and women who value the grit and spirit with which our forefathers built this great nation.  And it needs to stop.  The pathetic laziness that has infested our youth must stop!  The needy, give me something for nothing, I’m ENTITLED, mentality must be stopped immediately – and the best way to do that is to jar them awake to the reality.  As the generation of hard working, tax paying BECAUSE they are hard working people, die off, there won’t be anyone left to pay for all the free stuff that these selfish, brain dead individuals think they are owed.  Thanks to the 2 Million Bikers to DC and now the truckers, the American spirit has woken up and many of us are prepared to stand up and shout that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  In support of those truckers and bikers this weekend I will not conduct any banking, or do any shopping.  If enough of us just stop doing those two things, we can make our voices heard.  For this country to keep moving forward it needs us to spend money.  Period. Without our truck drivers, and without us spending our hard earned money, things grind to a halt. 
Please, join me in making our voices heard!!!  God Bless America!

It’s My Party Day – So, do we really need a reason to have a party?  Does it truly have to be someone’s birthday, or a holiday, to gather together with friends and have fun?  No?  I don’t think so either!  Today is a great opportunity to just be spontaneous and have a party.  You can keep it simple.  Just make a few calls, have a few friends head on over to your house, each bringing something to contribute, and spend the evening playing games or having lively conversation over snacks.  Parties don’t have to be elaborate to be fun.  This time of year is especially inviting for parties – Fall or Halloween themes just BEG to be taken advantage of . . . all those delightful fall flavors and aromas.  Trivia:  Did you know that teen star Lesley Gore sang the  #1 pop music song “It’s My Party” in May, 1963?  At the time, she was just 16 years old.

World Egg Day – This celebration is always on the 2nd Friday in October.  Today we celebrate and promote the benefits of eggs.  It is truly an international celebration from China and New Zealand to England and Mexico.  Aside from high cholesterol – though it’s not all bad cholesterol – eggs are a very healthy food.  They are high in nutrition, low in fat and people all over the world enjoy them in many different ways.   I’m sure each of us has a preferred way to eat our eggs.  I personally like mine scrambled.  If they are poached, boiled or fried, then the yolk absolutely must be completely firm.  Any translucence to it, or runniness, I just can’t handle.  My hubby though, he likes his best over medium, with the whites completely done – though not brown- and the yolk slightly runny.  It’s all a matter of personal taste.  And speaking of personal taste, have you ever heard of 1,000 year old eggs?  Now HERE’S a delicacy that someone either loves, or they hate.  Since I won’t try it for love or money, I’m thinking I’d land on the hate side of that fence. But what are they?  Well, I’ve heard the  name before but didn’t know how they are made, so I had to find out, for myself, and for you.  Here you go:  Thousand Year Old Eggs are a real treat in China.  Some people love them so much that they eat them every single week?  Unlike the name though, these eggs to not take 1,000 years to prepare.  They do, however, take 100 DAYS to prepare, and here’s how . . . A regular egg – which can be from a chicken, duck or goose – is covered with a coating of lime, ashes and salt, then buried in a shallow hole for about 100 days.  During this time the lime “petrifies” the egg, transforming the egg white into a copper tinted gel, while turning the yellow yoke into a pasty grayish green.  When the egg is uncovered and cleaned, it could keep fresh at room temperature for up to 2 weeks, or a full month if refrigerated. (seems a rather liberal usage of the word “fresh” to me!)  It can be eaten plain, or served as slices mixed with hot congee and soy sauce.  Apparently the dark tinted white of a Thousand Year Old Egg doesn’t have much taste to it, but the greenish yolk is very pungent in flavor – tasting something like a cheesy, highly concentrated version of a hard-boiled egg yoke.  The yoke’s consistency has been compared to firm guacamole, and the copper-toned white like jell-0.  OK, now that I have a lump of bile in my throat at the thought, I have to wonder – would YOU want to try one of these?  Be honest!  I think I’ll celebrate this  one with a fresh – as in purchased in the last couple of days – scrambled egg with my toast. 

This Day In History –

1984 –  Space Shuttle Challenger astronaut Kathryn Sullivan became the first American woman to walk in space.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Sausage Pizza Day –  Every city has sausage pizza, but there’s one that’s embraces it beyond all others: Chicago. Grab your deep-dish pan to celebrate Windy City style today.

Thank you for your patience while I get over this cold.  I typically start writing each days post the night before, then fine tune it while I sip my coffee and eat my breakfast in the morning.  My brain is a bit fogged over from cold medicine, so I did have to whittle down the number of celebrations covered to fit what I could it while I was still awake.  I tried to pick what was the most interesting in my mind. Have a truly wonderful Friday!  God bless our truckers as they stand up for the Constitution and our freedoms.  May we help them in anyway possible.  God bless you – I’ll see you tomorrow!

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