Go Fishing Day! I Know Quite A Few Folks Who Will LOVE This One!

Jun 18th

Happy Tuesday! I noticed that the sun is starting to come up around 4:30 in morning.  The early light is a part of summer that I enjoy . . . during the work week.  Not so much on the weekends.  Makes it easier to get out of bed to get ready for work.  Makes it difficult to sleep in on Saturday.  But today it was nice, especially since it comes with birds singing their little hearts out.

Today is Go Fishing Day – Well, my goodness!  This day is a couple days late!  Would have been a perfect day for all the Dads out there.  But today is it, so for everyone who loves to fish, grab your gear and head to the water and see if you can catch a mess of fish for dinner.  For anyone who has never been fishing, it’s hard work . . . of course when I go fishing, it’s hard work for my husband.  I love casting, I love reeling it in.  I won’t touch anything icky and I don’t know how to get my pole set up . . . so that’s hubby’s job.  He puts up with me with a great deal of patience.  Poor guy doesn’t get much fishing of his own in when he takes me, and I hope he realizes how much I appreciate it.  I wish he could take today and go enjoy a day relaxing on the water.  For any of you who have the chance, take some time to celebrate today, with a fishing pole in one hand, your favorite beverage in the other, and the plan to relax and enjoy yourself! 

International Panic Day – As we look around at world events on a daily basis, we see a never ending stream of reasons to panic.  Apparently I’m not the only one to feel that way because this day was started to give everyone with all of the concerns of the world on their shoulders to just give in to the feelings and panic!   This seems to be a widespread issue because there’s also a panic day in March.  Not sure how you’d actually celebrate this one, sounds a little stressful to me, releasing all of those feelings, but maybe it will be therapeutic for some.  If so, go for it and just panic! 

It’s National Splurge Day, Yippee!! –  There are so many things to schedule in our lives, so many restrictions on our lives, and sometimes it just feels so restrictive!  Today is a day to just throw all of that stuff aside and splurge!  Have you been dieting?  Have that dessert!  Has the budget been a little tight for that outfit? See if you can rearrange a few things so you can swing getting it.  Have you been cooking every night?  Put away the pots and pans and have dinner out with someone you care about – Splurge!!!  Don’t worry about anything at all . . . until tomorrow.

Food Celebration of the Day –


National Cherry Tart Day – What makes a tart a tart and not a pie? Tarts only come with a pastry base and no crust on top.  I didn’t know that!

I sure hope you have found something in today’s celebrations to put a smile on your face.  I would love to think of my readers out at the lake catching some fish.  If that’s not something you can do, then perhaps you can ward off the panic by splurging on your diet by eating a cherry tart.  Now THAT sounds like a celebration!  God Bless You. . . I’ll see you tomorrow!


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