Global Handwashing Day – Something We All Need To Do!

Oct 15th

wednesday_013Watching the news today, I am filled with sadness, and not necessarily fear, but definitely apprehension.   Ebola is beginning to spread to people beyond the initial victim on our shores, as anyone with a brain could have predicted, and nothing is being done to try to keep MORE cases from coming into the country.  Yes, I know that restricting travel is a logistical nightmare, but so is watching 1,000’s of our citizens die from an incurable disease.  Diseases shouldn’t be reduced to politics, but I can just about guarantee you that if we had leadership with an R after their name, or were with the previous administration, there would be squawling and gnashing of teeth that the borders weren’t closed, that flights weren’t canceled.  The cacophony would be deafening!  As it is, it’s almost like they’ve given a collective shrug to the whole thing.  We are left to do our very best for ourselves, and for our families.  I am NOT being an alarmist, more like a realist, when I tell you, store up food and water NOW if you haven’t already.  If you look around my page you will see a link to Thrive Life – go there, take a look around for shelf stable foods.  If we are put into a position where we are forced to stay at home to protect ourselves from this disease, or quarantined BECAUSE of this disease, we’ll need to have the necessary supplies to keep us going.  Get foods and supplements that will support and strengthen your immune system, get things for entertainment because boredom WILL set in at some point, and have pet foods stored up because the last thing you want to worry about while you are in quarantine is watching your beloved pet die of starvation.  There are many more, but you get the intention behind what I am saying.  Be ready.  We don’t know where this is going and personally, I’d rather have too much of something and not need it, than not have enough of what I need, and need it.  Food for thought.  And speaking of protecting ourselves from illness, read on. . .



Ghand_washinglobal Handwashing Day – This is always an important and serious one, and I wouldn’t put it so much into the category of celebrating, but necessary to life!  Especially lately, this has come to the forefront of our lives though, sadly, it shouldn’t take a horrific epidemic like Ebola to remind us why it is important to wash our hands – not just wash them . . . but wash them properly!   Through proper hygiene – including the use of soap and hot water – the transmission of infections has been reduced.  This has been recognized for at least 150 years as being critical to public health, however actual hygienic practices around the world are far behind what should be thought of as a basic safety standard for everyone.  The problem is worst for the poorest people of the world who do not have access to safe water, decent sanitation and soap.  For these people are exposed to so many water borne and hand to mouth pathogens, not only from lack of facilities, but lack of knowledge as well.  When medical teams go into those regions, they are racing the same challenges, and sadly often find themselves ill with the very sicknesses they are trying to treat.  For those of us who aren’t facing the lack of clean water and soap, it is a matter of overcoming bad habits.   Not washing properly endangers each of us and the people around us!  How many times do you go to a public restroom and note that people are NOT washing their hands??? That’s seriously disgusting! They are going straight from the bathroom and putting their hands all over shopping carts, products in stores, menus in restaurants! Gross!  Even without the threat of illness, that’s utterly gross.  I was listening to an educational audio on Natural News the other day, that the minimum time necessary to clean our hands appropriately is 1-1/2 to 2 minutes with hot water and soap.  For crying out loud, at most I’ve heard people just run their hands under cold water and walk away!   Please, take note of what is going on in the world.  We can’t protect ourselves from everything, but we CAN wash our hands to attempt to NOT spread viral fragments and bacteria everywhere we go!  So, wash your hands.  Right now! Get up and go wash!


hagfishHagfish Day – If you’ve never met one of these guys, then today please allow me to introduce you to .  . the Hagfish! Until last year I’d never heard of the Hagfish, but I feel really sort of bad for them!  It is widely believed that the Hagfish is one of the world’s ugliest living creatures,  made even more repulsive by  the viscous slime that they use as a defense mechanism.  Hagfish Day was started to promote understanding that in nature, beauty isn’t everything, and that the Hagfish is a highly evolved and special creature that is worthy of respect.  This celebration also brings awareness to an unusual and endangered creature, which is very important since most “save the animal” campaigns are biased towards the more attractive or cute creatures, and the less attractive ones are left vulnerable.  A couple of interesting Hagfish facts are that they have no bones or jaws, they eat dead fish and small invertebrates, and they are eaten by seals, dolphins and even people!


i love lucyI Love Lucy Day – How many of us have been raised watching, and loving, I Love Lucy?  I can’t even guess how many hours I spent growing up laughing at Lucy and her antics with Ethel.  Well, today is the 63rd anniversary of the much loved “I Love Lucy” TV show.  Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz broke new ground with their show, which first aired on this day in 1951. 

*The show was filmed in front of a live audience in a time when most shows had a “canned” laugh track. 

* The show was filmed with three cameras at once, rather than just one.  This was so the director didn’t have call for multiple retakes of the same scene – which would have been difficult  for a live audience.  Even when the actors messed up their lines they didn’t have a retake – they  just played off the mistake for extra laughs.

*  Desilu (Lucille Ball’s and Desi Arnaz’s production company) pretty much invented the rerun.  When Lucille Ball gave birth to their two children, she needed a little time to recover before going back to work, so they showed episodes that had already been aired for a 2nd time and it turned out that they were very popular!

“I Love Lucy” was the most-watched show of its time, and ended its run at the top of the ratings.  It won five Emmy Awards, and was nominated many more times.  It always appears on “Best TV Shows of All-Time” lists, and is still being rerun all over the world.  It is still watched by forty million people in the United States every single year! 

infooverloadInformation Overload Day – Mute your phone, don’t check your email every single time the pop-up box appears on your computer screen, and here’s a concept, pick up the phone if you need something done quickly.  Today is Information Overload Awareness Day.  Technology and Efficiency experts are urging people to take stock of how the always increasing flood of digital data is slowing down their personal and professional lives.  Between emails, text messaging, social-networking sites like Facebook and good old fashioned web-surfing, the amount of information at our fingertips each day can be overwhelming.  It is both a blessing and a curse, because it is wonderful to be able to communicate to anyone, anywhere in the world in seconds, but it also keeps us plugged in 24/7 and that can be emotionally and mentally overwhelming.  A good idea is to unplug when you get home. Turn off the phone and spend at least some time away from the computer and just let your mind relax.


cake_decorNational Cake Decorating Day –  Up until a few years ago, I couldn’t bake a cake that didn’t fall or look like I’d mauled it, to save my life.  I dreaded events that would require a cake because I knew how badly it would turn out.  I couldn’t even make a mix cake without problems!  I know! How sad is THAT?  Well, one day I decided that I was going to take one of those cake decorating classes offered at Michaels.  I loved it!  I took two more classes and loved them too!  The advice offered by my instructor – since they didn’t actually have us bake a cake – turned things around completely.  I haven’t had a cake fall since then, and I’ve discovered how much I love creating beautiful cakes and cupcakes – mostly cupcakes though.  I even was blessed with the chance to bake the wedding cakes for my son and daughter-in-law’s wedding!  If you feel like you are death to decorating cakes, maybe take a class, or even look for a tutorial online – there are some pretty great ones out there!  Standing back and seeing something beautiful that you did yourself is truly very satisfying.  Happy Decorating!


takd parents to lunch dayNational Take Your Parents To Lunch Day – When my kids were little there was one day a year when I went to their school to eat lunch with them.  It was the one time I insisted on taking the day off from work because it was important to them.  Fortunately MOST things, like the Science Fairs, plays, and open houses were in the evenings, but lunch with the kids obviously had to be during the day.  I thought it was just something our local schools did, but apparently this is a National celebration that allows parents to go have lunch in the school cafeteria, with the goal being to learn more about what our kids are eating in school, and to open the lines of communication between the parents and the schools about what makes up a healthy lunch, and give parents a voice to that end.  Of course these days, for many schools who went for the money, the dialogue between parents and the school is a non-point because the government has stepped in for us and decided what constitutes a healthy lunch, in what they consider to be a healthy amount.  By all accounts the food is disgusting and the children are hungry, but as long as “they” get what they want by dictating what we are allowed to do, then it’s all “good”, right? Anyway, sorry – back to the topic. . .  For parents, if your school doesn’t host an event like this, it may be a good time to contact your school officials, or maybe through the PTA, and get one set up.  It really excites the children to be able to have their parents, grandparents or a family friend come and eat with them. It still gives you the chance to have lunch with your children, see the disgusting swill they are eating, and be encouraged to pack your child’s lunch for yourself at home!  Most importantly, having you sit with them in the lunch room brings them such joy! The years I was able to attend with my children there were a few kids who didn’t have anyone come to eat with them. My heart just went out to them.  I ended up being a surrogate “Mom” to them during those meals – warmed my heart to be able to do that. 




National Grouch Day – I know for a fact that we all have a grouch in our lives.  You just smiled as you thought of them, didn’t you?  They drive us crazy with their perpetually irritated mood, but at the same time they give us something to laugh about . . . behind their backs of course.  If you don’t have a grouch in your life, you may wish to look in the mirror because it is entirely possibly YOU are the grouch!  Do the smallest glitches in life put you in a bad mood?  Do people often accuse you have having gotten up on the wrong side of the bed?  If your name often included in the phrase  “______the Grouch?”  Does everything just seem to go wrong in your life, leaving you in a sulky, grouchy mood?  If that’s the case, you really MIGHT be the grouch in your life.  If so, well, today is your lucky day because you can feel free to grouch about whatever you want since today is National Grouch Day!  It is the one day of the year that you can be as grouchy as you want and everyone else just has to deal with it. So grouch on my gloomy friends!





pregnancy_lossNational Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day- Sadly, one in four women experience a miscarriage in their lives, and many experience multiple miscarriages.   How many women do you know who actually talk about it though?  Probably not very many.  Did you know that every single day in the United States, 2,000 women lose a baby to pregnancy/infant loss?  That’s 700,000 each year, a quarter of all females in this country.  The loss of a child is something that has become a “hush-hush” subject in our society, and women often feel forced to suffer in silence. Alone.  Today, breaking the silence could be the first step towards the healing that so many women never get.  I had a miscarriage years ago.  My daughter was two years old when I found out I was going to have another baby.  Like most women, when they find out they are pregnant, they immediately begin to envision that child in their lives.  Plans are made, and the excitement begins.  That’s the way it was with me anyway.  A few months into my pregnancy I went in for my regular appointment, and was looking forward to hearing the heartbeat and possibly getting the first ultrasound.  The moment I saw the doctor’s face, I knew something was wrong.  He kept trying to find the heartbeat, but never did.  We had the ultrasound, but my baby was no longer alive.  There isn’t a way to express the feelings I had, knowing that this little life that I’d been celebrating was gone already, and in heaven.   I didn’t know grief could feel that way.  There are still days, all these years later that I think about my baby and wonder whether it was a girl or a boy, and what would he or she have looked like.  My story isn’t dramatic, or even any different than so many other women, and I know that there are countless grieving mothers who lost many babies through miscarriage, and many who lose their little ones soon after they are born.  Today, know that if you have lost a child, you do not have to feel alone.  All of those people who offered you platitudes until you were ready to scream in their faces, they don’t get it.  They can’t, unless they’ve been through the same loss.  That empty feeling?  That is something that you felt to your very core, and today by breaking the silence and talking to other mother’s who have gone through the same loss, you can heal from the pain, and fill the emptiness with healing.  From one mother to other mothers – God bless you and know that you truly are not alone.




WhiteCaneSafetyDay-smallWhite Cane Safety Day – This is an interesting one because very few of us have had the opportunity to see what it is like to be blind when we aren’t.  My daughter’s husband is visually impaired – he lost an eye when he was shot in the face in Iraq.  Occasionally he attends events where wounded warriors with either blindness, or limited sight, get together to compete in athletic events.  My daughter has gone with him many times, in part to cheer him on, and in part to offer her assistance with the people who are completely blind.  On one such occasion they were at a college campus where an event was being held, and the people she was helping wanted her to see what it was like for them, so they blindfolded her, handed her a cane after a quick tutorial, and following behind her to make sure she didn’t get into any trouble, she made her way from one side of the campus to the other.  She said that the experience was one she will not only never forget, but that really gave her a perspective she never had before – not only what it was like to walk with the cane, but how other people perceive the blind, how the hearing is enhanced in that situation, and how incredibly challenging every day life must be.  This is an important awareness day, and one that I hope everyone gives some thought. On October 6, 1964, Congress signed a law authorizing the President of the United States to proclaim October 15th each year  as White Cane Safety Day.  The day is intended to raise awareness for the everyday safety challenges that the blind face every day and commend them for the extraordinary way they have met those challenges.  The white cane is such valuable tool for the blind, giving them the freedom of moment that they may not have otherwise.  If you know someone who is blind or visually impaired, celebrate this day with him or her! Here are some interesting facts about blindness:  Worldwide, someone goes blind every five seconds; 80% of all blindness is preventable or curable; By age 65, 33% of all Americans will have some sort of vision-impairing eye disease.  You can celebrate this day by scheduling your next eye exam for yourself and your family members. 

This Day In History

1951 – “I Love Lucy” premiered on television.


Food Celebration of the Day –

32218485_DSCF0108cacciatoreNational Chicken Cacciatore Day – The term “alla cacciatora” is Italian for “in the manner of hunters.” Real-life translation: a delectable dish of braised chicken with saucy tomatoes, herbs and veggies.  Hmmm . . . I was wondering what to fix for dinner – wonder if I have all of the ingredients?


My list of things to do around the house is long, and I haven’t done anything but chatter with you so far!  As fun as that is, I guess I’d better get myself motivated and accomplish wonderful things.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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