Give the Gift of Hugs Today . . . It Could Change Someone’s Life!

Jun 11th

It’s a short and sweet day!  Less to read, more time to celebrate.  Let’s get this Tuesday started off the right way!

Hug Holiday Day – There are days when everything going wrong is just made all better with a big hug.  Today we are encouraged to give hugs to those who need them.  This very special day was created by the “Hugs for Health Foundation”.  The focus today is on giving hugs to the elderly, sick and invalid, lonely people and anyone who needs warmth, cheer and love that a hug provides.  Awhile back I worked at a retirement apartment facility.  I was the weekend receptionist in the independent living side of the building, and every Saturday morning many of the people would wander by to say hi and have a little visit. One thing I noticed over the two years I worked there was that many of these people were completely ignored by their families.  They were sad, lonely and bitter.  The ones who were doing really well were the people who had family come by frequently to visit with them. The lonely ones, once they got used to the fact that I really cared about what they had to say, began to open up and really share their lives, their memories and what brought them to that place.  These people were a wealth of entertainment information, history and experiences . . . all anyone had to do to open up that treasure trove of memories was to take some time.  Each weekend ended with a lot of hugs, smiles and the promise of more fun and precious time spent with these incredible people the following weekend.  Take some time, today, tomorrow, as soon as you can, and really listen, really care and share a hug.  It could change someone’s sadness to a smile and a happy heart . . . just knowing that there’s someone who cares means the world. 

Food Celebration of the Day –


National Corn on the Cob Day – Corn on the cob.  It is just one of those things that I look forward to each summer.  I love it roasted over the grill, or just heated to hot in the microwave for about 2 minutes (wrap each ear in wet paper towel first), plain without butter.  It tastes fresh out of the husk like that.  There are many opinions about the correct way to eat corn on the cob.  Some say to butter and season the corn, then eat it typewriter style, one row at a time.  Others suggest cutting the corn off the cob, but to me that sort of erases the whole “on the cob” part of the treat.  Here are a few ideas from with other ways to enjoy this summer treat.

These are two very simply ways to enjoy and celebrate this day.  Please consider celebrating at least one of the two, and maybe both!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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