Get Off Your Duff! Today We Stop Procrastinating!

Sep 6th

Technically it is still summer.  The sun is out, the sky is blue, the birds are happily singing in the trees and it is going to be quite warm here today.  Truth is though that fall is pushing summer out the door.  It shows in the leaves starting their lazy descent from the branches, the nip that is in the air first thing in the morning, and earlier in the afternoon.  We can see it in the night that falls so much earlier than it was, and needing the thicker blanket on the bed.  This time of year is magical, at least it is to me.  We anticipate the cinnamon aromas of baked deliciousness, the creamy smooth sweetness of a mug of hot chocolate, and the upcoming holidays that fill us with contentment and happiness.  This is going to be our precious Granddaughter’s first Christmas.  I know she won’t understand it yet, but it will make it fun for the rest of us!  We aren’t there yet though!  We still have the last days of summer to enjoy and time to allow the anticipation for the holidays to begin!  In the meantime, let’s celebrate!

Fight Procrastination Day is today – It is so funny that this celebration is today, since yesterday gave procrastinators a pass.  Maybe whoever created these days figured it was a good idea to balance it all out, so putting things off didn’t become a bad habit.   So, today they call everyone to action, make the day a day to get things done!   It’s always nice to step back from seeing a project through to completion and just look at how wonderful it is to have it be finished!  There are several projects going on at once here, and I really  need to get some forward progress on it – hubby put in 3 cupboards a couple weeks ago and life has gotten busy, so I haven’t stained them yet.  The weekend plan is to AT LEAST get the doors done!  I’ve never stained anything before, so I hope I do OK!  What projects do YOU have going on? 

Read a Book Day – We are getting into the perfect time of year for reading a good book – not QUITE yet – but we’re getting there.  There’s nothing quite like having the house all clean, something that smells of yeast or cinnamon baking in the oven, and curl up in the corner of the couch, sip at a cup of tea and get lost in a good book.  Reading takes us places we may never go in real life, into a world built in our imaginations.  Doing it this time of year just makes it extra special because it is cozy.  I have a struggle getting cozy in the summer, too hot and sticky.  Today take some time out of your busy life, and curl up with a good book.  If you happen to doze off while you’re reading, go with it.  Nobody else needs to know.  

This Day In History

1995 – Cal Ripken Jr. broke Lou Gehrig’s baseball iron man record by playing in his 2,131st game.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Coffee Ice Cream Day – I LOVE ice cream, and coffee ice cream was just an inspired flavor to create.  The person who came up with it was a genius.  Seriously!  Creamy, sweet ice cream mixed with coffee and if you’re fortunate chocolate!  Yum, you get your caffeine in a sweet treat!  Here are some ideas to enjoy . . . yum! 







Well, considering that it’s a day to get things done, and I’m sitting here lazing with my cup of coffee, I think it’s time to get busy! That lawn is NOT going to mow itself!  Have a lovely Saturday, get lots accomplished, and take the time to enjoy a moment of peace and quiet somewhere in there too.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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