Freedom Isn’t Free . . . May We Always Remember . . .

May 24th
As we head into the long weekend, I want to keep things in perspective.  Yes, we have extra time off, and because it is generally nicer weather, it is the perfect time for camping trips, barbeques and family gatherings.  That isn’t what this holiday is about, and though I know that it isn’t TECHNICALLY until Monday, I’d like everyone to go into the weekend with these thoughts in your minds.  To that end, I will not be doing a regular celebrations post today – I do not want to take away from the meaning of Memorial Day.  Following is what this day means to me, and I hope that it speaks to your hearts.


Throughout the history of this great nation of ours men and women have fought for the luxuries we enjoy each day, the luxuries born of freedom. Freedom that did not come without great price, and great sacrifice. These brave soldiers have taken up arms and gone wherever they were needed, wherever they were directed to go, and have done so selflessly, without question. They willingly put their lives on the line each and every day so that you and I can worship God in our own way, choose where to live, what to wear, how we make our living, and travel freely from one place to another. They live, serve and often times are wounded and changed for life, or many die, so that we can pray, read our Bibles, protest against injustice, eat whatever we want from the menu at whatever restaurant we choose to frequent, and vote our choice for the people who attempt – often times not too successfully – to run the government to which they pledge their service. Ultimately though, WE are the ones they pledge their service to – each of us, the citizens of the United States of America.

In exchange for this sacrifice take some time out of your oh-so-busy schedule, and remember. You can put down that hot dog, take a second out of your camping trip, stop mowing your lawn, or watching that movie for a few minutes, to remember all of the lives that have been lost over the years, in conflicts near and far, for causes we may or may not agree with. Remember that they willingly gave all of themselves for each and every one of you, and they would do it all again for the privilege, the honor, of serving this country they loved so much that it was worth giving their lives. Remember that not only have soldiers died for our freedoms, they have given their health and well being and live day to day now reliving in their minds and hearts the moments when their lives were irrevocably changed, so that you and I can enjoy our existence as free citizens. Remember that there are soldiers, brave men and women, currently serving all over the world, sacrificing watching their children grow up, giving up the simple things we take for granted – like waking up next to the one they love, a drive-through trip to McDonald’s, or air conditioning – so that they can serve this nation they love with every patriotic breath they draw. Remember them, honor them, thank them. Without them your lives would be dramatically different in every way.

To the men and women who serve at home, the police officers, fire fighters, EMT’s – brave men and women who put their lives on the line for the every day life here at home – you may not be currently serving in our military, but you are serving our country, our citizens and enhancing our lives. You are remembered and appreciated each and every day.

Thank you to my husband, grandfathers, father, brother, uncles, son, son-in-law, my dear friend D and all of the young men and women who serve and have been adopted into our family. Your service, your sacrifices, your love for our nation – all is appreciated. May this nation and its future generations never forget.

God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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