Free Comics and Two Different Colored Shoes? This Adds Up To A Fun Day!

May 3rd

Good Morning and a happy Saturday to you!  I woke up this morning, once again, with a headache. I hate that.  It’s bad enough the rest of the week, but I want to wake up happy and pain free so I can tackle whatever the day may bring!  It’s getting a bit better.  I woke up with my neck in an awkward position, which often ends up making me feeling icky until the kinks work themselves out.  So what have I been doing? I’m propped up on pillows in bed, with ice behind my neck, a cup of coffee within reach, writing about the NUMEROUS celebrations today.  I had to ditch a few of the ones that weren’t all that interesting because quite honestly, I’m ready to get out of bed.  The cat on my feet is overheating me to the point of being ready to send her flying off the bed . . . I know, not nice, but seriously! She’s like a little black furry furnace!  The window is open and it is raining so hard that I thought a strong wind was blowing through!  Incredible! It is a good day to be inside.

Bladder Cancer Awareness Day – Before we can be aware of Bladder Cancer, we must first know what it is.  The bladder is a balloon-shaped organ in your pelvic area that stores urine.  Bladder cancer most often begins in the cells that line the inside of the bladder.  It typically affects older adults, but it can happen at any age.  Most bladder cancers are diagnosed at an early stage, when it is highly treatable, but even early stage cancer can recur.  Because of this bladder cancer survivors go through follow-up tests to look for bladder cancer recurrence for years after they are treated.  So what are the symptoms?  Here are some things to look for:

* Blood in urine (hematuria) — urine may appear dark yellow, bright red or cola colored. Or urine may appear normal, but blood may be detected in a microscopic examination of the urine
* Frequent urination
* Painful urination
* Back pain
* Pelvic pain

If you have any of these symptoms, please make an appointment with your doctor.  It isn’t always clear what causes bladder cancer, but it has been linked to smoking, parasitic infections, radiation and exposure to chemicals.

Today has been set aside to raise awareness of this cancer, raise funds for research and nudge people to go see their doctor if they have any concerns at all regarding any symptoms they may have.  It may not be too late to participate in a local event! The day is young!

Free Comic Book Day – Do you remember getting comic books as a kid?  I was allowed to have the fun comics, the ones that didn’t have the violence and weird pictures – I admit, that type still sort of creep me out.  I had Little Lotta and Little Lulu.  I had Richie Rich and a variety of the Archie comics.  I have a few still – very well worn (if only I had known they would one day be collector items!) that have a price marked on them of 15 cents! One thing I had never realized as a kid was that comics are really loved by adults too!  And here’s where Free Comic Book Day comes in – there are a lot of people who don’t read comics and the distributors really want to keep attracting new customers – which makes perfect sense.  To that end, on the first Saturday of every May there is a huge event across North America and around the world where participating comic book stores give away free comic books to draw in new customers and entice people to explore this venue for reading material. If you’re interested, give your local comic store a call and see if they are participating today! How fun!  Free is ALWAYS better, don’t you think?


Garden Meditation Day – I’ve always wished I was good in the garden and with plants.  I’m not.  I start the whole process with a lot of enthusiasm, get seeds planted or plants into the ground . . . and there’s where my enthusiasm ends.  Oh don’t get me wrong, I love the end result of fresh lettuce in my salad, but the desire to keep the weeds gone just isn’t there. My Grandparents – both sets – were incredible with their gardens.  Grandma K used to tell me that she felt peaceful when working with her flowers, and I know that Grandpa K took a lot of pleasure from his fruits and veges.  My Grandma H grew hers not only for pleasure but she canned a LOT of food from her garden – to this day her peaches go down in my mind as the best and tastiest canned peaches in the world.  Today was set up to focus on the peace and calm that come from gardening – whether it is planting, weeding or just “watching it grow”, as my Grandpa K used to say. Work on your garden slowly and thoughtfully today, focusing on each small task and taking peace from it.  It’s pouring down rain here – buckets actually – so I won’t be doing that.  But you enjoy for me!

Kentucky Derby – Sometimes when I hit a big one that has a LOT of detail, I look to last year to see what I wrote and revise it a bit . . . takes a bit of the work out of the research, especially on days when the last thing I want is to be sitting in front of the computer all morning.  Looks like I skipped this one last year because of how much research it involved. . . . so here we go! This is a huge one!  I’ll try to make it brief . . . mostly because I really want breakfast. 🙂  Truthfully this is very interesting, but the big ones usually are.

The Kentucky Derby is a “Grade I stakes race” for 3-year old Thoroughbred horses that is held each year in Louisville, KY on the first Saturday in May.  There is a two-week long Kentucky Derby Festival leading up to the actual race day.  The race itself is 1-1/4 mile long and is held at Churchill Downs – a race track best known for hosting the Derby each year.  The horses have weight limits on how much they carry in the race, which means that the jockeys must be very light weight – which accounts for why every jockey is very small.  Colts or geldings carry 126 pounds and fillies carry 121 pounds.  See? VERY light!  That leads to a whole new post about possible eating disorders for jockeys – which I have heard is a problem.  Anyway, the Kentucky Derby is known in the United States as the “Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” or “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports”, which is about how long the race lasts.  It is also called “The Run for the Roses” because of the blanket or roses that is draped over the winner of the race.  The Derby is the first of three races known as the US Triple Crown.  The 2nd race is called the Preakness Stakes, and the 3rd is called the Belmont Stakes.  A horse must win all three races to win the Triple Crown.  I thought that it was interesting to read that there have only been 11 Triple Crown winners since the very first Kentucky Derby was run in 1875, and of course I have to brag about a local horse winning one of them – Seattle Slew in 1977.  I remember the big local to-do that went on because of the win.  All of these horses are magnificent though – they’d have to be to run so fast in such a short amount of time.  One thing that has developed as a bit of a side note on the Derby – is all the fancy hats that women wear to it!  I have to laugh at some of the pictures of them I’ve seen.  What is THAT all about?  Well, in England hats were a big fashion deal seen at the Ascot horse racing track.  The tradition jumped over the “pond” and started up here at the Kentucky Derby.  As the fashion of wearing hats in daily life faded it became a big deal to wear an elaborate hat to the race each year.  The tradition stuck and high fashion is something you’ll see at the track.  If you want a bit of excitement today, take a look at the Kentucky Derby – it’s only 2 minutes of your time!  If you want to make it a big deal in your home you could host a Kentucky Derby Party, and ask all the women to wear fancy hats, serve Mint Juleps (I tried making one once – a bartender I am NOT), and watch the races together. Fun!

Lumpy Rug Day – We probably take our rugs/carpets for granted.  After all, we put them on the floor and except when we clean them, we forget about them.  That is until one gets lumpy.  A rug should be smooth, even and definitely not have any lumps. I know that this is a big deal because when we moved into this house the rugs were great . . . but they weren’t stretched properly and developed lumps.  We need to replace them, but decided that since we have a 15 year old dog who will likely begin developing issues that older dogs eventually develop, that we will deal with it until she is no longer with us.  She wouldn’t do well with the hard wood floors that we’d prefer, and we don’t want to put in new carpet just to have it messed up.  Tibbi is far more important than a smooth rug – but that doesn’t mean the lumpy rug isn’t annoying, because it most definitely is!  So how does one celebrate this day (my question was WHY would one set up this day? couldn’t find that out!)?  Besides replacing a lumpy rug with a smooth one, I have no ideas.  This one is up to you to celebrate, or not, as you choose.

National Scrapbooking Day – I’m not a scrap booker.  It’s not that I have any negative feelings about scrapbooking, I don’t! I am just not creative in that way.  I’ve been to scrapbooking parties and even took a class . . . I’m really a bummer when it comes to creating something wonderful out of all the bits of paper and stickers that some people take and make the ultimate masterpiece.  Mine looks like a rejected pre-school project, so as is my typical response to something like this, I throw in the towel and leave it to the experts. My pictures never seem to make it to albums anyway – they are either tossed into a box to be gone through like little hidden treasures once in awhile, or on flash drives scattered around the house. It’s a different type of treasure hunt!  I do admire people who collect all the necessary papers and do-dads and actually sit down to make something wonderful for posterity.  My Mom is one such person.  Her craft room is amazing, truly it is! I wish I could show you! She has more cool scissors, pens, papers and stickers than anyone I’ve ever seen.  And they are all organized! Each type of paper has its own space – whether it has food, sports, animals, etc, it has a spot. She can find anything she’s looking for at any time without any issues.  I really wish I had inherited her sense of organization from her.  I didn’t.  I throw stuff in a drawer or box and dig for what I want when something comes up that I require it.  Sad, I know. Anyway, for all of you who do love to scrap book – go for it today.  Create to your hearts content! Have an impromptu party and invite your friends and relatives who love doing this and create together while munching on fun snacks and sipping at cool drinks.  Now THAT I can get into! Have fun!

National Two Different Colored Shoes Day – Do you have a style of shoes you love so much that you have two pairs of them, in different colors?  Yes?  Well, then you are all set up for celebrating this one!  You can do it with different styles of shoes, but seriously it would be uncomfortable that way. This one is lighthearted and takes you outside your normal routine to do something different.  I remember when my daughter was about 8 years old she was preparing for a runway show (she modeled on the runway from the time she was 4 until about age 12) and the theme was “Back To School” showing different styles for kids getting ready for the new school year.  That year the colors teal and purple together were very popular.  We had already done our school shopping, and in her closet were boxes of canvas tennis shoes in different colors, all the same sizes.  There had been a HUGE sale, so we got these shoes for just a few dollars each.  She happened to have teal and purple shoes that matched the fashion show outfit perfectly.  We had to provide our own shoes for these shows and on the day of the show she came out in the outfit in the shoes she had chosen . . . one purple shoe with a teal sock, and one teal shoe with a purple sock.  It was pretty awesome!  The fashion show director LOVED it and let her go on that way.  Kids started wearing their outfits that way in her school after she started doing it every day.  Some days it would be one white and one black shoe, with opposite socks, some days, one orange with one yellow.  When everyone started doing it she changed it up and started something else that was new, but for a few months we saw a lot of Two Different Colored Shoe Days at our house.  Of course, it’s cute when it is kids, but be careful with this one. If you have these two different colored shoes next to each other in your closet you may accidentally wear one of each pair to work one day when it ISN’T Two Different Colored Shoes Day! That would be slightly embarrassing. 

This Day In History

1494 – Christopher Columbus discovers “St Iago”. It is later renamed Jamaica. 
1936 – Joe DiMaggio makes his major-league debut with 3 hits for the NY Yankees.        1937 – Margaret Mitchell wins Pulitzer prize for “Gone With the Wind.

Food Celebration of the Day


National Hamburger Month – We sure do love our hamburgers — Americans eat more than 14 billion of them a year. The most popular burger topping? Ketchup, of course!  Quite honestly my favorite burger EVER is from a little local place called Fat Smitty’s.  This is a picture of The Fat Smitty Burger.  it’s NOT a healthy choice – but who really goes out for burgers with health on the mind anyway?  This burger is AWESOME! It’s a rare treat for us because of how not healthy it is, and I won’t lie.  I’m craving one right now.  I’ll mostly likely opt for a turkey burger today, but I’ll be DREAMING of one of these babies right here!

Grilled Blue Cheese Burgers
Burger Cupcakes
Garlic Lover’s Burger
Cobb Salad Burger
Turkey Apple Burgers
Tuscan Burgers
Everyone’s Favorite Pizza Burgers

PHEW! Finally done!  My feet are on fire – darned cat! – and it’s more than time to get up.  Closer to lunch than breakfast right about now.  And that turkey burger is looking better and better to me.  Hmmmmm. . . . maybe that’s what I should do as soon as I post this.  Have a lovely Saturday, whether it is raining or shining, and I will do the same.  Happy Celebrating!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!


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