Food Glorious Food!

Oct 24th

A Happy Thursday to everyone!  I hope this morning finds everyone healthy and well rested, and energized for the last of the week.  I feel so fortunate to have Wednesdays off – it recharges my batteries in a way, and just speeds the week along at an incredible rate!  Of course, there is the side issue of feeling like I have TWO Mondays a week, but it’s not that bad.  Typically Mondays don’t really bother me.  My Wednesday turned out great.  I got 6 sugar pie pumpkins cleaned, baked and the pulp in freezer bags – and both of my kids called to talk to me for awhile.  Pretty awesome!

Today seems to be all about food – well, except for our trivia from history.  Interesting!

Food Day – This holiday was started in 1975 for the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) in an attempt to raise awareness about the increasing industrialization of American agriculture, food prices that were on the rise, hunger and the American diet and health crisis.  The celebration lasted for a couple of years, until 2011 when CSPI revived the campaign.  It is now run by, which is an organization within CSPI.  it is still working to raise awareness about food issues in the U.S., such as nutrition education, sustainable agriculture, hunger, farm animal welfare and farm and food service worker rights. They advocate for improved nutrition labels, and decreased use of antibiotics in food-producing animals, typically in factory farms.   And this brings to mind something that is going on for those of us in Washington State right now.  Please, consider voting YES on Initiative 522 – which would make it the law to label foods that contain GMO ingredients.  The chemically and DNA altered state of the foods in GMO crops are hidden in so many things, and the long-term effects on human beings and animals alike are not known from using foods that have been changed from the way God created them.  There are those who insist that labeling these foods will increase the price of food – and it may slightly – but doggone it, we deserve to know what it is we are eating, so we can make an educated choice as to what we put into our bodies.  Please – vote YES on I-522!

This Day In History

1901 –  Anna Edison Taylor is the first person to survive going over Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Bologna Day – I haven’t had bologna in years.  I never much liked it on a sandwich, though I know that that’s a very popular way to eat it, but I remember as a kid my Mom would fry it up crispy for us.  Honestly, it was delicious!  It’s been so long since I’ve purchased any that I don’t even honestly know if it is still a frugal lunchmeat to buy!  Now, what I did not know was that there’s a variety of different bolognas.  There’s what most of us would call “regular” bologna, German Bologna, Beef Bologna, Kosher Bologna, and more!  Depending on the kind of bologna it could include pork, beef, chicken and spices.  It’s easy to enjoy bologna – just have a sandwich or fry some up!   Here are actually some recipes to try that may give bologna a whole new place in your menu!

See what I mean?  Food!  Well, we all have to eat, so it makes sense to celebrate it anyway!  Try some bologna if you haven’t had any for a long time.  You may bring back some great childhood memories, or create some new favorites!  Have a wonderful day.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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