Every Kid Needs a Teddy Bear . . . and Lots More! Let’s Celebrate Monday Together!

Sep 9th

Do you ever wake up on a Monday morning and actually smile?  I did today!  I feel so good about the household projects that were accomplished over the weekend that I couldn’t help but smile.  Not much relaxing was done . . . some . . .but not much . . . but it feels so good!  I wish I would remember this feeling and let it carry me through to getting this much done EVERY weekend!  I’d have the most organized house ever if that were the case!    If we carry a strong work ethic throughout our daily lives, at our jobs, at home, with our families and communities, there’s no end to what we can accomplish.  If we all did that together?  We’d be unstoppable!

Teddy Bear Day – Most of us had a Teddy Bear growing up.  Some of us had several, but there was always one that was a particular favorite.  A Teddy Bear is a special friend to a child.  He’s cuddly, makes them feel secure in an otherwise insecure world, he’s lovable and he serves as companion and comforter.  He’s not afraid of the dark and that helps make a child feel safe.  Today can be celebrated by taking out your Teddy Bear and dusting him off, remembering all the things you used to do with him, like tea parties! Mine suffered through a lot of tea parties.  A note to all parents and adults:  No child should grow up without a teddy bear.  If you know of any kid without one, go buy one for them today.  A Teddy Bear is a pal you keep all of your life, and don’t have to give up just because you become a grown-up, and no matter what anyone says . . . it’s perfectly OK!

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Day – This awareness campaign is always held on the 9th day of the 9th month of the year.  The focus is on the dangers that fetal alcohol exposure (drinking while pregnant) poses to babies.  Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can cause a wide range of disorders known as “fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), of which fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is the most severe.  These defects and disabilities are 100% preventable by not drinking alcohol during pregnancy.  Even with this being fairly common knowledge, an estimated 30% of women report that they still drink while pregnant.  In the more severe cases children are born with FAS – a serious and incurable condition that damages the child’s central nervous system and brain.  FAS is marked by mental retardation and physical birth defects such as abnormal facial features.  Children born with FASD do not have the same physical birth defects or abnormal facial features, but they may have any number of developmental disabilities in different forms – cognitive, intellectual, social, mental and emotional.  Shockingly, there is an estimated 1% of children born with FASD and that number could be higher. Because children born with FASD do not have the physical defects, it can be hard to determine of a child’s developmental disabilities are related to exposure to prenatal alcohol, or some other cause.  It is just so important to stress the importance of the message “DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL IF YOU ARE PREGNANT!”.  Often women are drinking before they realize they are pregnant, but the moment they find out they need to stop completely.  If there is a problem with abstaining from drinking, they should seek professional help!  Nothing is more important than the precious life a woman is carrying, especially a drink!


National Boss/Employee Exchange Day – Remember the movie “Freaky Friday”?  This celebration is sort of the office version of that.  Today employers and employees are encouraged to try to put themselves into the other’s shoes.  Now, you don’t actually have to switch jobs for the day, do try to appreciate what the other is doing.  Many times the boss has been in the employees shoes, but its been so long that perhaps they have forgotten that not everyone has known how to do this job forever.  And the employee needs to remember that the boss as a lot of responsibilities and obligations to deal with every day.  It’s not all about just one thing or another, there’s a big picture at work here and judging them without knowing what they deal with every day isn’t fair.  Opening up our minds and understanding each other today is just a good idea.  It will make the work place just a little more peaceful. 


Wonderful Weirdoes Day – According to the folks at www.wellcat.com, today we promote the wonderful weirdoes in our lives.  Maybe WE are the weirdo!  There’s a new way to look at it for sure.  According to the dictionary “weird” can mean unnatural, unearthly or mysterious.  Most often though it is used to mean odd, strange or different.  The word originates from the Old English word “wyrd” and meant something or someone concerned with a controlling destiny.  In Shakespeare’s “MacBeth”, the Fates were called the “werde sisters”.  Interesting!   So, do you have someone a little weird in your life to celebrate today?


Wiener Schnitzel Day –  Many people think wiener schnitzel is a kind of hot dog or sausage.  It isn’t.  Wiener Schnitzel is breaded veal cutlets.  An Americanized version of the dish is chicken-fried steak.  Breading and pan-frying veal, chicken, pork, or other cuts of beef is a good easy way to tenderize the meat.  I won’t eat veal, but I do like it made with pork.  That and a nice side of rotkhol and spaetzle?  MMMMMM good.

This Day In History 1850 – California became the 31st state 1956 – Elvis Presley first appears on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Rice Month – Rice is one of those foods that is so incredibly versatile.  It can be a side dish, incorporated into a main course, a dessert and even a breakfast food.  Though Asia consumes 90% of the world’s rice, here in America, we’re eating plenty ourselves — about 20 pounds per person per year!  I prefer brown rice to white rice . . . but to each their own! 

Well, it’s Monday and a brand new week.  We have lots to keep us busy and happily celebrating to get us through.  Truly, does it get any better than lots to keep our minds occupied and focused on OTHER than the bad news of the world?  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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