Every Curmudgeon Has His (Or Her) Day . . .

Jan 29th

Happy Wednesday to everyone!  I am so glad to be home, warm and dry and not going anywhere.  Yesterday was so much fun with my son and his family, but the drive home was a little stressful. The sky opened up not long before I left their house and I did a good 75% of the drive about 20 mph less than the speed limit, making my way with traffic through a lot of standing water.  The headlights glaring off of the pavement didn’t help.  But I made it safe and sound and am glad to be home today.  So, let’s see what there is to celebrate today?

National Puzzle Day – I remember when I was a kid, my parents loved to put together puzzles.  We would leave one on the table for several weeks, putting in a few pieces here, and a few pieces there until it was done.  It was always a little bit sad to get it done, stare at the finished product for a few minutes, then pull it all apart and put it back into the box.  Now that I’m a grown-up I can understand that that moment of putting it away was likely giving my Mom a sense of relief at having the space back.  Well, today we celebrate not only the jigsaw puzzles, but puzzles of all sorts.  The most common type is the Crossword Puzzle – something my Dad also loves to do.  I like them, but not if they do more than make me think hard . . . the really difficult ones I just skip over. Who has that kind of time?  Sudoku is the most recent puzzle craze and it is a puzzle my Mom loves.  She can whip through one of those in no time.  I don’t have the patience for them . . . period.  I’ve tried and tried, don’t have it in me.  There are also Word Search Puzzles – my Grandfather really liked those; Mazes, which I like a lot, and so many other kinds that I can’t even think of them right now.  What is YOUR favorite puzzle?

Curmudgeons Day – Curmudgeon (noun): a person who is easily annoyed or angered and who often complains.  Do you know someone who is defined by this?  I certainly do!  There are just some people that you can’t do anything to make them happy! Period!  Everyone gets their own day to celebrate and this one is for the Curmudgeons of the world.  They can celebrate their grumpiness and the rest of us, at least for this one day, need to just clamp our lips shut and let them have their day.  We can shake our heads at their continued grumpiness tomorrow.

Seeing Eye Dog Day – On January 9, 1929, “The Seeing Eye” was established in Nashville, Tennessee.  It was a way to train dogs to help the blind.  Dorothy Harrison Eustis was a philanthropist and dog breeder, an American living in Switzerland, when she saw German Shepherds being trained to assist men who had been blinded while fighting in World War I.  She wrote an article about it, which was published in The Saturday Evening Post on November 5, 1927.  After that article came out, a blind man from Nashville got in touch with Ms. Eustis and asked for her help.  From there, training guide dogs to assist the blind, and eventually service dogs for all sorts of other needs, became the wonderful blessing that it is today.  Most guide dogs are German Shepherds, Labrador Retrievers or Golden Retrievers.  Pretty much any dog that is receptive to being trained, can be used as a guide dog – from what I am reading.  Service dogs are raised from puppy hood by volunteers who give special attention to obedience training and socialization skills for the pups they are responsible for preparing for their lives helping their new owners.  There is a lot of training that goes into these special dogs, from socialization and basic obedience, training for the specifics of being a guide dogs, harness training, how to respond to curbs and traffic, and even how to “intelligently disobey” in order to keep their person, or handler, safe from harm.  After all of this preparation, the dog and its new person are united for 20-27 months MORE training where they learn together before being left to live alone together.   What a wonderful thing this is!!!  Amazing and heart warming to think that dogs are not only man’s best friend, but can be the link between just living, and living fully. This picture is one that really touches my heart.  Seeing eye dogs can even do their jobs for another dog!  How incredibly sweet is this?  It brings tears to my eyes.



This Day In History

1900 – Baseball’s American League is founded.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Corn Chip Day –   Ah corn chips.  What’s not to like about corn chips?  About 50 years ago, few Americans knew what corn chips were, but today we can’t imagine life without this crunchy treat that holds salsa, cheese and other dips!  We sprinkle them on salads, giving them an extra crunch.  Today you are challenged to figure out how to incorporate corn chips into at least one meal, not just a snack.  Come on! You can do it!  I’m not eating much corn right now, so I’ll substitute the quinoa bean chips for corn.  I love the crunch and not having any guilt when eating them. 

So today I was thinking that you could shock the heck out of the curmudgeon in your life by giving them a great big hug!  May even shock them into silence for a few moments.  Don’t count on it, but it could happen!  You can round off your evening by putting together a puzzle while munching corn chips.  Sounds like a great celebration to me!

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