Ever Want To Switch Places With Your Boss? Today May Just Be The Day!

Sep 8th

Wakey Wakey!  It’s Monday again and what a GLORIOUS Monday and work week it’s going to be!  Yes, I said it, HAPPY MONDAY!  Hey, go into it with a happy attitude, and not a grumpy one, there’s a great chance we’ll actually have a great day!  Yes, I’m gulping down my caffeine in an attempt to actually believe what it is I am writing.  May take a 2nd cup, though. I’ll let you know. 


Pardon Day –  There are variety of ideas out there on what this one was intended to be, and how it started. The best I can figure is that it was set up after President Ford gave an unconditional pardon  to President Nixon of all crimes connected to Watergate.  (If only we JUST had something like Watergate to deal these days!) For everyone else, today could be an opportunity to seek forgiveness where needed.  It is also a day to remember to say “Pardon Me” and “Excuse Me” when appropriate.  It’s sad to say that there has been a definite decline in today’s society – much to do with etiquette.  Please, Thank You and Excuse me seem to be foreign words to many of the generation growing up today.  On the flip side, I saw in the news the other day that a high school student was put on in-school suspension for saying “Bless You” to another student who sneezed.  Apparently this was on a no-no list as prohibited language. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I don’t understand why! Crazy, just crazy!   Nobody likes it when someone is rude to them, and the way to best put an end to that is if we practice good manners towards others ourselves, and for goodness sake, get over yourselves if you are offended by the very polite, and extremely traditional “Bless You” if you sneeze.  I shake my head in disgust at people such as that.

Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses Day – I cannot imagine a job more heart wrenching than that of a doctor or nurse that works with sick children.  Today we honor the wonderful, caring people, who each day care for many of our most precious patients: children, adolescents and young adults with cancer and blood disorders.  These special nurses dedicate their lives to providing the highest standard of care to their patients and families.  This often extends beyond caring for the physical health, and extends to include emotional support and long term follow-up treatment as they grow into adults.  These amazing nurses see and feel so much trauma and pain as they battle this horrible disease alongside the patients. They definitely deserve the honor of their own day.

Virgin Mary Day – I’m sure many of us have wondered, when was the Mother of Jesus born?  We can’t know for positive, of course, but for nearly 15 centuries the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary has been celebrated on September 8th.  For someone who is pretty quick with math (I’m not), it may be clear that September 8th is exactly 9 months after December 8th, which is when the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary has been celebrated.  In earlier centuries, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was celebrated with GREAT fanfare by the Catholic Church – for it was one of only 3 birthdays actually celebrated by the Church.  Most people today aren’t likely aware that the church even has a special feast day for this, but like the Immaculate Conception, the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is an important date in our salvation history.  Christ needed a mother, and Mary’s conception and birth are therefore special events, for without them, Christ’s own birth wouldn’t have been possible! 



National Boss/Employee Exchange Day – Remember the movie “Freaky Friday”?  This celebration is sort of the office version of that.  Today employers and employees are encouraged to try to put themselves into the other’s shoes.  Now, you don’t actually have to switch jobs for the day, do try to appreciate what the other is doing.  Many times the boss has been in the employees shoes, but its been so long that perhaps they have forgotten that not everyone has known how to do this job forever.  And the employee needs to remember that the boss as a lot of responsibilities and obligations to deal with every day.  It’s not all about just one thing or another, there’s a big picture at work here and judging them without knowing what they deal with every day isn’t fair.  Opening up our minds and understanding each other today is just a good idea.  It will make the work place just a little more peaceful. 

This Day In History

1966 – Star Trek premiered on television.     
1974 – President Ford gives unconditional pardon to Richard Nixon for any crimes related to Watergate.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Date-Nut Bread – I LOVE nut bread . . . and I love dates!  Combine the two and you have the PERFECT bread!  This is a hearty quick bread that just needs a bit of butter and you have a treat that makes you feel happy.  I have dates, I have pecans.  I may have to give one of these a try!

Well, it’s off to work with me, and I’m sure many of you too.  No matter how you spend your day, take some time to celebrate.  We only get one Monday a week, and THAT’S worth a celebration all on its own right there! God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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