Enjoy This Day With All Of Your Senses – Take It All In!

Jun 24th

Another weekend behind us – and sadly it went far too quickly.  It is Monday again and time to focus on making a living, and getting all of our weekly chores done.  I’m sure you’re all with me in hoping this week flies by and we are soon greeting a new weekend.  But for today we have some fun celebrations to get us started on our week.

Swim a Lap Day – Swimming is so good for your health.  And it’s fun!  Now that summer has arrived it’s time to enjoy all that summer has to offer, including time at the pool – if you have one available.  It’s fun to swim in the rain too – you don’t necessarily have to wait for the sun to be out!  If you do have a pool – then plan a pool party and let the fun begin!


Celebration of the Senses – How often do you focus on all of your senses?  No, seriously focus on them.  I know we use them all every day, but I know that we go through our days on auto-pilot, unaware of the details we are taking in through those senses.  We are gifted with 5 amazing senses – seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling.  Most of us rely heavily on our ability to see to assess what is going on around us in the world.  But take some time to appreciate and stimulate the other senses you have been blessed with by focusing on each of them individually.  Studies have shown that using all of your senses actually can improve your overall health and mood. There have been a few suggestions for celebrating this holiday . . . go outside and close your eyes.  Focus on the wonderful sounds you hear, feel the breeze on your skin, breath in the fresh scents of nature.  Turn on music, turn out the lights and relax, fully take it in – pick out individual instruments.  Another thing you could do is eat something you have never tried before, closing your eyes as you eat it, appreciating the flavor – savoring it slowly.  Use these gifts you have been given and appreciate them fully.

International Fairy Day – Today is the day that everyone who believes in fairies celebrates them.  Because I didn’t know anything about fairies, I figured I’d look them up.  Here’s what I found . . . early Fairy History shows that the belief in the existence of fairies was first known and is based on the fae of medieval Western European folklore. The early stories about these Fairies have become know as Fairy Tales. Throughout history these fairy tales have also included other mythological creatures like dragons, mermaids, elves, dwarfs and leprechauns.   I found some interesting theories that speculated on the origins of these little creatures too.  Very strange, but still quite interesting.  I thought I’d share them with you:

1. They are souls that were never baptized.
2. They are souls caught between heaven and Hell. They have not been good enough to get into heaven, but they have not committed a bad enough sin to deserve Hell. They are in limbo.
3. These are fallen angels. It is believed that Angels that were loyal to Lucifer were also thrown out of heaven with him. God stopped them from being cast into Hell in mid-flight. He made them remain exactly where they were at the time. That is why some of these enchanted beings can fly in the air, many make living in the earth their home and others live in rivers, ponds, lakes and the ocean. Irish Folklore and folklore from Scotland, Scandinavia and others all have very similar accounts.
4. They are nature spirits. Somewhat similar to the fallen-angel theory, this theory holds that they are among the many spirits that populate all things and places in the earth.
5. They are tiny human beings. There is evidence that small-structured races populated parts of Europe and the British Isles in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, before the spread of the Celts. In Ireland, they were known as the Thuathe de Danaan. They resided in barrows and in shelters burrowed under hills and mounds. They were hard working but shy, and, as stronger peoples invaded their land and captured their iron weaponry, they retreated to the woodlands to live a secretive life. Being pagan, they continued to worship the pagan deities. They were in union with nature and possessed keen psychic senses. Their skills and trades allowed them to lead somewhat normal lives while raising tiny cattle and horses

It is thought that belief in these mystical creatures exists in nearly every culture throughout history.  It is most common in Europe and the British Isles.  The belief spread to American during the colonization period and it is still strong in the Appalachians, Ozarks and other remote mountainous regions.  Originally the elusive nature of these fairy races was regarded with suspicion by larger people.  Belief in them was thought to be superstitious.  In spite of that, gradually more people began endowing the little people with magical characteristics.  The larger of the fairy races were able to mingle with the normal sized people, and eventually married into their communities and intermingled their bloodlines. Up until the 13th century having fairy blood was admired.  Fairies in literature appears often from the Middle Ages on and has come to be known as fairy tales.  Fairy tales have been written by the English poet, Edmund Spenser, The Dane, Hans Christian Andersen, the Italians Matteo Boiardo and Ludovico Ariosto, the Frenchman Charles Perrault and many others.

How do I feel about all of this personally?  Well, I think that fairy tales are lovely, and that many of them have a wonderful moral to them, but as for believing in mythical creatures? No, I’ll leave the belief in fairies to others and just enjoy the stories.


Food Celebration of the Day –


National Pralines Day – Invented in France, pralines started out as sugared almonds. Settlers in 18th-century Louisiana replaced the almonds with pecans and added cream — voila, the Southern praline was born.  Yum! These delicacies from www.food.com may just get your taste buds to dancing!  That Praline French Toast Casserole sounds AMAZING!


Whether you are sprinkling fairy dust, listing to stories from childhood, or swimming laps at the pool to burn some extra calories for a delicious praline treat, be sure to do all of them using all five of your sensory gifts.  It’ll make the whole experience a wonderful one, no matter what it is.

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