Dressing Our Pets . . . Crazy Fun, or Just Plain Crazy?

Jan 14th

Today is a very special day in the hearts of many people who own small, and often yappy, dogs.  At least from what I’ve seen it’s most likely the owners of such dogs who would be inclined to be enthusiastic about this day, while the owners of larger dogs, or cats, run the risk of being bitten or scratched if they celebrate this day. Not that it doesn’t happen – I found several pretty cute pictures of cats being dressed up – but my personal experience (yes, I tried to dress up my cats when I was little) taught me that you’d best have bandaids on hand if you try it.  The special holiday?  Well, it’s Dress Up Your Pet Day, of course!  I have always felt rather sorry for the pets of people who love this day- it’s rather undignified for the pet.  However with that said, there is something about small animals that just about BEGS their owners to stuff them into outfits not necessarily intended for their species, so they can take pictures that they share with the specific intent to cause abject humiliation of their four legged family member.  I remember when my daughter decided to cram her chinchilla into a pink doll dress.  For anyone who has never owned a chinchilla, they are wiggly, squirmy and don’t like to be dressed.  The poor little thing was “meeping”, her tail was spinning and she was struggling . . . with the end result of her head being out the arm hole of this tiny outfit, her tail sticking out the neck and nothing being where it was intended to be in the first place.  It wasn’t something that happened again, however there was a lot of laughter while it was going on.  No pictures – she managed to wiggle out of the dress moments after she was stuffed into it.  So, if you have a pet of manageable size, dress them up today, take pictures so they can show all of their friends, then hide their faces under their blankets afterward.

Caesarean Section Day  my first thought when I saw that this was an actual dedicated celebration was to think – nah – don’t wanna do that one – but after reading up on it, it’s pretty fascinating, and something to be celebrated!  Dr. Jesse Bennett is said to be the first North American doctor to perform a caesarean section in 1794. At the age of 24, Dr. Bennett performed the first caesarean section in America on his wife Elizabeth. The surgery was performed, without any antiseptics and equipment (OUCH) in their modest home in Virginia. To his surprise, the mother and baby survived the operation.  As far back as the time as Julius Caesar caesarean sections have been performed; they just always resulted in the mother dying. It wasn’t until the 1500’s that a woman was first recorded to survive the surgery.  How common are caesarean sections today?  According to a recent study, 1 in 3 first-time moms are delivering their baby by caesarean section.

There are many reasons why an expectant mom would need a caesarean section such as, preexisting conditions, complications in pregnancy where a natural delivery may pose a risk to the baby, or complications during labor.  Today women are having elective caesarean sections. This is a surgery that is performed for reasons other than medically necessary. Many women find it convenient to plan the date of their child’s birth. While others like it because it is quicker than natural birth.  An interesting fact . . .on March 5, 2000 a woman by the name of Inez Ramirez performed a caesarean section on herself. Both she and the baby survived!  She is believed to be the first woman to have successfully performed the surgery on herself.

National Clean Up Your Desk Day   This one is pretty self explanatory and one that we all need to celebrate now and again.  I plan to go home today with a clean desk, and that includes the dust behind my monitor and under my desk calendar.  I have no idea when this started, or why, but I’m guessing someone got so sick of their nasty desk that they declared this so they’d have at least one legitimate day to clean up their desks!

Organize Your Home Day  Every year at the new year, and on this day, people vow to clean up and get organized in their homes.  The stress that clutter brings to many can feel overwhelming to the point of not feeling well. If this is the case with you, then yes, this day is a good incentive to get that clutter taken care of and start de-stressing by getting rid of the piles of stuff and putting them in their place, or getting rid of them.  However, with that said, keep something very important in mind . . . clean is important, but tidy might not be the end all/be all.  If you’re like the average family you have some clutter lying around, but you also have busy lives, running around, schedules to keep, etc. and bottom line is that the family is more imprtant that making sure that pile of papers is separated into their files!  The kids won’t look back and remember “our house was always so clean!”  No, kids look back and remember the memories your family created together – the games played, the stories read, the time spent together, the laughter and the fun.  I remember that my kids would come to sit on the foot of my bed before bedtime (my commute had me up in the wee hours of the morning, so often I was in bed before they were and gone in the morning before they got up) and we’d talk.  That time and space were reserved for whatever they wanted to talk about.  It didn’t matter if I had piles of laundry in baskets sitting there waiting to be folded, or if there was clutter around the room.  When these times are remembered they are with smiles about the together time.  Even now, if one of the kids is spending the night, we often end up with them sitting on the foot of the bed, talking about anything that is on their minds. So, if your house is so horribly disorganized that you can’t change the litter box because you can’t it, yes, it’s time to get busy . . . but if you have normal clutter sitting around, you can still find the kitchen, bathrooms and bed’s . . . spend some cherished time with the family while you have a chance and tackle the cleaning/organizing when there’s nothing else going on.  That’s just my 2 cents worth, if it matters.

Ratification Day in the United States refers to the anniversary of the ratification of the Treaty of Paris on January 14, 1784.  This happened at the Maryland State House in Annapolis, MD by the Confederation Congress.  The signing of this treaty officially  ended the American Revolution and established the US as a sovereign nation.  No matter what is going on in our country today, no matter troubles we face, these moments where we remember where we came from may just point us back in the direction of where we should be going – back to being a nation, founded on Godly principles by God following men.

Go with God today – be blessed, be organized and may you not need any bandaids as you dress that pet.  See you tomorrow!

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