Do You Wear Hats? Then You’re Already Celebrating! It’s National Hat Day!

Jan 15th

Wednesday is here! Wednesday is here! WOOHOO Wednesday is here!  I cannot tell you how glad I am!  Monday was a doozy, Tuesday was much, much better – but I was still feeling the drain from Monday.  Today is going to be AWESOME! No particular reason other than that I get to stay home.  I’m doing laundry, preparing some meals ahead of time for the rest of the week, menu planning, catching up on some computer stuff, and a few recorded shows.  You have NO idea how good this is going to be!

National Hat Day – I’ve never been much of a hat person.   My face doesn’t go with most hats and no matter how much I wish it did . . . it’s not the case.  I did start wearing baseball caps once in awhile – especially when hiking.  And now I have a rain hat, mostly for camping and hiking.  Truth is that hats come in all shapes, colors and styles and eventually I may actually find one I like someday.  Hats don’t serve just fashion purposes, they are practical too.  Helmets offer safety protection.  Some keep your head warm, others keep the sun out of your eyes.  Did you know that you lose more body heat from your head than any other body part? Wearing a hat on a really cold night, even in bed, will keep you warmer!  It’s true.  Even in the summer when we are hiking, the mountains get cold at night.  I sleep in a hat, even though I’m in a cozy sleeping bag.  I wanted to show an example of a warm fuzzy hat, and Tibbi was so cute in her birthday hat yesterday that I bribed her with a treat to hold still for a picture.  You can see from her focus that she’s actually looking at the treat, instead of the camera.  hahaha I love that face!

This Day In History

1943 – The Pentagon opens.     
1974 – Happy Days premieres on television.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Strawberry Ice Cream Day – Don’t let this childhood favorite get crowded out by vanilla and chocolate. While only the third most-popular ice cream flavor, strawberry always makes you smile.

Strawberry Ice Cream Like Ben & Jerry’s

Let the day begin!  I know, it’s weird to be THIS happy to do laundry . . . but I am! I really, really am!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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