Do You Remember Push Button Phones?

Nov 18th

happy-tuesdayGOOOOOOOooooooood Morning and Happy Tuesday!  We made it through Monday in one piece – at least I hope we all did!  Work was good yesterday, busy with highly entertaining moments.  I love that I can laugh with most of my co-workers, and for the most part we have a great time together.  The day was crisp and cold, so cold in fact that my poor hubby came home feeling frozen.  It was the perfect evening for a hot, chunky beef stew – so I threw one together – pretty yummy!  We also hauled in the rest of the Christmas decorations and went through a few more boxes and set up a couple more displays.  It’s really starting to look pretty fun in here!



I’m sure many of you have heard about The Elf On A Shelf, right?  Last year was the first time I’d ever heard of this fun little guy, and I was so enthralled with the entire idea, that I have invited one to join our household, to be our resident Scout Elf.  For any of you who don’t know about these entertaining little critters, the general idea is that the family that created Elf On A Shelf had been asked some questions by their kids – one of them being about how Santa can see if someone has been naughty or nice? The Elf is the answer to the question.  The Scout Elf comes in and watches the kids and reports back to Santa. The rules are that they can’t talk to the Elf, and the Elf cannot talk back, but he can observe and send Santa the list of naughty or nice behavior.  Every morning the kids run out of their rooms to see what mischief the Elf has been into overnight and see who is the first to see him.  We now have our own Scout Elf in our house and he’ll be keeping his eyes open for things to tell Santa.  Stay tune for the daily saga of what the Elf is up to, and how he’s entertaining himself in between visits from the Grandkids. We start the fun the day after Thanksgiving!






mickey mouse disneyMickey Mouse Day – You ask just about anyone, and can tell you everything they know about Mickey Mouse.  That’s because Mickey is Walt Disney’s most famous character!  He first debuted on the big screen as Steamboat Willie on November 18th, 1928.  Since that time he has become an international personality, upon which the entire Walt Disney organization is built.  Mickey has become one of the most universal symbols of the Twentieth Century!  One day in 1928, Walt Disney was on a train ride from New York to Los Angeles.  During this ride Walt’s imagination took flight and he created the character that he wanted to call Mortimer.  His wife told him to name him Mickey instead, so he did!  Mickey has played everything from a fireman to a giant killer, a cowboy to an inventor, and detective to plumber.  Mickey cartoons were so much better than the other cartoons of the time, and they paved the way for an entire family of animated characters like Minnie Mouse, Goofy and Pluto.  Today drag out your old Mickey Mouse ears and hum a few bars of the Mickey Mouse Song!




thRWOTWUTBPush-Button Phone Day – Do you remember when you got your first push button phone in your house, or are you so young that you have never seen one?   Sad, very sad, if that’s the case.  Push Button phones went on sale on November 18th, 1963, and were the brain child of a man who was consulting at Bell Telephone.  He made a prototype that was a model for the first Push Button Phones that were released by Bell Systems/Western Electric.  They may have gone on sale in 1963, but I know in our house, we didn’t have one for some time after I was born in 1965.  I do remember about when we switched over from rotary to push button.  I was pretty excited about it as a kid, weren’t you? Telephones sure have come a long way!


Food Celebration of the Day


Vichyssoise-modernizadaNational Vichyssoise Day -Pronounced “vee-shay-swah,” this silky potato and leek soup is traditionally served chilled, but it is equally delicious when hot.  Personally I feel this is the WRONG time of year for a cold soup, but to each his/her own!



I’m so excited about having some fun over the next few weeks, taking things in a playful direction, in keeping with celebrating life each and every day.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!AmericanFlagCrossandPrayingHands

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