Do You Remember PONG? HAHAHA Celebrating Video Games . . .

Jul 8th

We survived Monday, made it to Tuesday and before long we’ll be looking at the weekend! Yippee!  I get BABY time this weekend and I’m so excited about it!  Actually, we are going to do something so wonderful that I can barely stop thinking about it.  We are getting together with my Grandmother to get a 5 generation picture of my Grandma, my father, myself, my son and his new baby!  Introducing Baby B to her Great-Great Grandmother will be such a blessing! I can’t wait to see them together!  I’ll post a picture when we have it, so I can share the joy with you.

Today we are VERY quiet for celebrations, and I’m OK with that! 

Video Games Day –  always on July 8th / National Video Games Day – always on September 12th       These two dates celebrate popular video games that made their way onto the market and changed the way that people play games.  From Atari to Nintendo to Xbox, video games provide way too many hours of playing time on television sets all over the world.  Remember “Pong”?  hahaha I must have spent HOURS trying to keep that ridiculous little dot going back and forth with those paddles.  (Does this image bring back any memories?) Eventually that game lost interest for everyone as the newer, flashier games began hitting the market.  Before that though, I remember playing imagination games, running through the woods pretending that we were in an enchanted forest, or playing on the beach making up wild and exciting stories about being pirates.  My family spent time around the table playing card games and board games.  I learned many counting and math skills with Dominoes with Dad and strategy with Yahtzee and Gin Rummy.  Today’s children are far too sedentary, spending way too much time on their games, phones and computers.  Friendly family competition is languishing by the wayside while members of households separate to their individual corners, ignoring each other.  It’s just another symptom of a nation of people who don’t hold family time as important, and as a result we are falling apart. Lately my daughter and her husband have been trying to make a monthly family game night date with us – it’s been fun!  I hope we can keep it up. For the sake of this holiday today, if you have a game system take a whirl at a couple of the games.  I may get onto the Wii tonight and bowl a few games with hubby.  I don’t feel so bad about that sort of games – gets us up and moving. 
This Day In History

1796 – The U.S. State Department issues the first passport.

Food Celebration of the Day

Kevin Bacon’s Birthday  Come on – you know you laughed.  I know that I giggled.  I don’t know why they just didn’t call this National Bacon Day, but I guess anything for a chuckle. I believe that in a few weeks there really is a National Bacon Day, but everyone gets excited over more than one day to enjoy this delicious treat! Who needs a special holiday to celebrate bacon anyway? Any meal with bacon is a good meal.  Here are a few ideas to get you started from  Have fun!


I bet, from looking at these two celebrations, that I can figure out which one my hubby would prefer celebrating.  Truth be told, I’d prefer it too.  Who wants BACON?????  I guess I’d better make another stop at the store!   I’d better get on my way!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow.

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