Do You Like Heights? Today Might Just Be The Day For You!

Sep 3rd

I love this time of year.  Summer isn’t over, so we are still getting the warm days, but they aren’t typically too hot – which is always very nice.  There are a few scattered leaves across the yard – the first evacuees from the trees that will open the floodgates for the rest of them.  A hint of the aroma of autumn is in the early morning air, that lovely scent that you can’t quite describe with words, but everyone recognizes as the harbinger of the season to come.  Overnight we could hear the lullaby of a light rain in the trees, and this morning the air is fresh and clean.  It’s the time of year for pumpkin spice lattes, so that’s what I am sipping as I talk to you this morning.  I have a café latte machine – not an espresso machine, I don’t want to invest that much time and effort into my morning coffee.  Who has that sort of energy this early in the morning? No, I have a Mr. Coffee Café Latte machine – you put in the espresso grounds and water, then half fill the pot with whatever you want in the coffee, push the button and voila! Latte!  Today there was milk, xylitol (I don’t want the sugar, but I don’t want chemicals either – so xylitol is the most commonly used sweetener in my kitchen), pumpkin puree from last year’s harvest, a couple teaspoons of cocoa powder and some pumpkin pie spice!  DELICIOUS! The machine frothed it up for me and my taste buds and tummy are happy while my mind wakes up and prepares to head into the day. (note: this is not a picture of MY latte – I didn’t use whipped cream, and wasn’t awake enough to think to have my camera ready when I poured it – so this is just an image I found online – thanks to the person who made such a beautiful morning beverage!)  So what does today have in store for me?  Fun stuff!  I have a hair appointment – one that I’ve desperately needed for quite some time – followed by a birthday lunch with my Dad.  He was out of town yesterday, and since I worked, our typical tradition is to go out to lunch on the first Wednesday after his birthday.  Not sure where we are heading – it’s his choice as the birthday guy.  Wherever we go, I’m sure it will be fun.  After that I’ll head home and tackle some cleaning!  It never ends! You’d think that with the kids grown and gone that the house would stay pretty clean . . . um . . . no.

Skyscraper Day – I live near Seattle, and I can honestly say that it’s the prettiest skyline I’ve ever seen.  That isn’t saying much though. Since I’m not a fan of big cities, I haven’t seen all that many skylines, but I’ve seen them in movies, and a few in person.  Seattle’s is stunning.  I know a lot of people who really enjoy cities, they love everything about them, so I have to assume they love the skyscrapers too.  It stands to reason.  These same people very likely enjoy high places . . . another thing I’m not a fan of . . . heights aren’t that much fun.  I can, however, appreciate the amazing feats of engineering that skyscrapers are – and the people who create them.  In crowded cities, where space is in short supply, building UP is logical, and as technical capabilities improve, the buildings have gotten taller and taller.  There is also the fact that there is a bit of prestige to having one of the tallest structures in the world in your city.  Is your city o this list?  There are only 2 US cities on the list, so it makes me curious if any of my readers are in those cities!?                    

World’s Tallest Buildings
Year Built
Taipei 101
Taipei, Taiwan
Petronas Tower 1
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
3. Petronas Tower 2 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1,483 1998
Sears Tower
Chicago, Il
Jin Mao Building
Shanghai, China
Two International Finance
Hong Kong, China
Guangzhou, China
Shun Hing Square
Shenzhen, China
Empire State Building
New York, New York
Central Plaza
Hong Kong, China


This Day In History

1813 – The image of “Uncle Sam“, a symbol of America, was first used.      
1951 – TV soap opera Search for Tomorrow premieres on CBS.
Food Celebration of the Day

National Chicken Month –  Chicken has to be one of the most versatile meats out there.  You can do so much with it!  Roasted, pan-fried, grilled, in a soup or rolled into enchiladas — the options are endless. I wasn’t even aware what the food of the day was, but came home and roasted two whole chickens so we could do something chickeny tonight (I know – chickeny isn’t really a word – but you all know what I mean, and if fits!)  Amazingly, we could all eat chicken all month and never have it the same way twice.  Not that I WANT chicken all month, but it can be done!  Note:  That Quick Vietnamese Chicken Soup listed below – I haven’t made THAT particular recipe, but I’ve made one similar – it’s pretty much Chicken Pho – YUM! One of my very favorite chicken soups EVER!

Well, I was going to do big green salads with chicken . . . and I still might . . . but I’m suddenly hungry for Pho!  It’s too bad that it will still get fairly warm today.  It’s difficult to eat a hot soup on a hot day . . .  Soon though!  The lovely chill of fall is coming, and so will all the delicious soups!   To all the kids starting school in my area today, have a wonderful school year.  To all the parents who just sent their kids off to school, don’t happy dance so hard that you hurt yourselves!  And to everyone else, have a lovely Wednesday and find something to celebrate.  Maybe take an elevator ride up to the top of a skyscraper!  Eat some chicken! Two wonderful options on a beautiful September day.  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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