Do You Know How Much Candy Corn Americans Eat Every Year?

Oct 30th

Amazing.  Second to last day of October.  We are so close to Thanksgiving and Christmas already that it just boggles the mind!  I’m not ready . . . I say that every year, but this year I really mean it!  There are other things to focus on first . . …… my son’s wedding for starters.  In the meantime, we have all these fun little celebrations to keep us in practice for the BIG ones!  Ohhh, and a big YIPPEE today!  We passed 17,000 views yesterday! AWESOME!  I am so excited! I just want to thank everyone for checking in every day.  I wonder if it is too much to hope for to get 20,000 views by the end of the year?  Can we do it?

Mischief Night –    I’ve never heard of this one, have you?  Tonight is Mischief Night!  Traditionally it is an evening when people participate in harmless (emphasis on HARMLESS  – as in DO NO HARM!) mischief.  Also, keep in mind that even harmless mischief can cause problems, so choose your tricks carefully.   This celebration is discouraged by law enforcement organizations, for obvious reasons, because many times people who are choosing to celebrate something like this do things that are not only less than funny, but they can lead to vandalism or be destructive.  So what types of mischief have been traditional on days such as this?  Well, here are a few that I found listed:

  • Soaping windows
  • Egging houses and cars
  • Tossing a few rotten tomatoes
  • Toilet papering house trees, etc.
  • Knocking on doors, then running away

Honestly, the only one I see on here that doesn’t mess something up for someone is the knocking and running!  OK, I have to say, I agree with law enforcement on this one. 

Checklist Day – I love lists.  I list everything I need to do.  Chores, plans for projects, groceries, everything.  There is something so satisfying about crossing a completed project off of the list and moving on to the next item.  Today is Checklist Day, set to remind you to check your lists.  So, historically speaking, how important are checklists?  Variations of them have been used for centuries, but the first documented, widespread use of a checklist came about due to a tragic aviation mishap.  On October 30, 1935, a prototype for the familiar Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress bomber crashed during takeoff because the crew had forgotten to disengage a gust lock.  As a result of that accident, a group of pilots instituted a series of checklists for takeoff, flight and landing that helped to prevent future accidents, and they were able to deliver their next batch of 12 B-17s without any further problems.  In commemoration of the accident that led to a more widespread use of checklists, October 30th of every year is Checklist Day.  Do you have your list made for today?

Create A Great Funeral Day – This one probably won’t have anyone jumping for job, but it is one that is very important.  About 10 years ago Create A Great Funeral Day was registered as official holiday by Stephanie West Allen as a way of relieving the pressure of having to decide what a loved one would want for their funeral.  It was the hope that this would encourage people to get a plan together for their loved ones, letting them know what they want at their funeral.  This would take so much stress on the family left behind, and keep them from trying to make such important decisions while dealing with their grief.  Love your family enough to record your wishes somewhere, and make a financial arrangement to put them in motion.  It’s hard enough losing someone you love, but trying to make all of these decisions when numbed by sadness and loss is just too much to deal with.  Plan your funeral today – it’s one of the most loving things you can do for your family – and pray you won’t need those plans for a long, long time.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Candy Corn Day – Candy Corn isn’t one of my favorite candies.  I actually have no trouble leaving it alone, but apparently Americans buy nearly 20 million pounds of candy corn each year, and only 75 percent of that is around Halloween. (I couldn’t stand it, I had to find out how many candy corn that was . . . there are approximately 265 Candy Corns in a pound – do the math! That’s a LOT of Candy Corn!)  It was invented in the 1880s by George Renninger and first manufactured by the Wunderle Candy Company.  The Goelitz Candy Company was the first to manufacture mass quantities at the turn of the century.  Candy Corn consists mainly of corn syrup, honey and sugar.  That’s a LOT of sugar, but it’s fat free!  I was watching the news last weekend and they mentioned that the Jones Soda Company came out with a Candy Corn flavored soda.  As much as I do enjoy sugar, that’s taking the sweet just a little too far! My goodness! even had a few recipes for you to celebrate this one!  If you try one, let me know how it turns out, alright?

It is Wednesday and I have a bunch of stuff to do, starting off with a quick trip to the store.  If I hurry I can get to town and get back with plenty of time to get a few things done around here!  Have a wonderful, Candy Corn sweet day!  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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