Do You Know About Calendar Adjustment Day? It’s Really Fascinating!

Sep 2nd

Good morning and happy September everyone!  Here we are, back to celebrating every day – because we all can benefit from something to smile about, something to celebrate and something to share with the world.  As we move on through the month I will be sharing some fun stuff going on around here with you, and I hope you will all be as excited for me, as I am for myself and my family.  I’m sure you’ll get to endure a few of my rants along the way because I just wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t air what bugs me, ya know?

Alright! Let’s celebrate!

September 1st – sorry – we were gone most of the day yesterday and I didn’t get to this when I should have.  I’m hoping most of you were pretty busy too.

Chicken Boy’s Day – Today we celebrate the birthday of Chicken Boy.  No, it’s not a cruel nickname.  Chicken Boy is a roadside icon that was erected in the 1960s on top of a fried chicken restaurant in Los Angeles.  A 22 foot boy with the head of a chicken, holding a bucket of deep fried chicken.  This fiberglass statue was a famous landmark on Route 66 for many years.  When the restaurant closed in 1984, Ellen Bloom and her friends decided that Chicken Boy was worth saving and made arrangements for him to be moved to her house.  Chicken Boy was kept at her house for 23 years, knowing that someday she would find a special place for him.  She was so convinced about it, that she published a catalog that included gifts like Chicken Boy logo merchandise and things that Chicken Boy would be proud to have, if he were a real boy.  I miss those iconic landmarks that you could see when driving down the road from one place to another.

Emma M. Nutt Day – In January of 1878 the Boston Telephone Dispatch Company had started hiring men as telephone operators, starting with George Willard Croy.  Men, including Emma’s husband, had been very successful telegraphy operators, but their attitudes (lack of patience) and behavior (pranks and cursing) was not acceptable for live telephone.  To take care of that issue the company began hiring women operators instead.  So, on September 1, 1878, Emma Nutt was hired, started a career that lasted somewhere between 33 and 37 years.  She retired in 1911 (or 1915).  A few short hours after Emma started work her sister Stella Nutt became the world’s second female telephone operator.  Stella only worked as an operator for a few short years, rather than making it her whole career like Emma did.  The customers responded to Emma’s soothing, cultured voice, and her patience, and customer approval was so overwhelmingly positive that all of the men were soon replaced by women.  Emma was hired by Alexander Graham Bell, changing her job from the telegraph office to the telephone company.  She was paid a salary of $10 per month for a 54 hour week.  Reports say she could remember every number in the telephone directory of the New England Telephone Company. That’s AMAZING!  For a woman to qualify for the position of telephone operator she had to be between the ages of seventeen and twenty-six, be unmarried, look prim and proper, and have arms long enough to reach the top of the tall switchboard.  **The scene from “Bold Experiment – The Telephone Story” shows Emma and Stella Nutt, working alongside a male operator at the Edwin Holmes Telephone Dispatch Company.

Labor Day – Today is a day in honor of the worker – and is also appropriately called “the working man’s holiday” – dedicated to the worker in appreciation for the work we do in or outside of the home, union or non-union, big company, small companies or government.  As long as you work somewhere at something, this holiday is for you!  Well, unless you work in retail, at a restaurant, an emergency service worker like a police officer, or on duty in the military.  Those places are awfully busy today! That’s a lot of folks still working while the rest of us sit on our duffs!  The first Labor Day was celebrated in New York City on September 5, 1882 and started by the Central Labor Union in New York City.  In 1884 it was moved to the first Monday in September where it is celebrated today.  Labor Day became popular very quickly, and one state after another voted it as a holiday.  On June 28, 1894 the US Congress voted it a National holiday.  Today we have come to view Labor Day as the official end of summer.  Though the Fall Equinox is still a couple of weeks away, kids go back to school and summer vacations are over, so this is a good way to mark the end of the season.  Many people celebrate this weekend with one last picnic or camping trip, then close up the pools and put away the boats.  As for me?  I feel like, especially in the Pacific Northwest, we still have a month of summer to go and often around here it’s the best weather of the year!  Not too hot, not too cold and still time to camp without a lot of crowds out and about.

September 2nd –

Happy Birthday DAD! Yep, today is my Daddy’s birthday!  He’s enjoying some time with other family members today, so I’ll get to do my celebrating with him tomorrow.  Dad and I don’t get a lot of one on one time together – so our father-daughter date days on Father’s Day, his  birthday, etc. mean a lot to me.  I hope they mean a lot to him too!  I hope you’re having a wonderful day Dad – I’ll see you tomorrow!




Calendar Adjustment Day – This one is FASCINATING to me!  I hope it is to you too.  After the passage of the British Calendar Act of 1751, Britain adopted the Gregorian Calendar in 1752.  Now there was a problem!  The current Julian  calendar system required that they drop eleven days so that they could sync themselves with the proposed Gregorian Calendar, SO on the evening of September 2nd, 1752, when the population of Britain and its American colonies went to sleep, when they woke up the next morning it was September 14th, 1752.  As a result of this adjustment, there was rioting in the streets by those who felt that they had been cheated, and demanded the eleven days back.  This calendar adjustment is also responsible for New Year’s Day being celebrated on January 1st, because before it had been celebration on March 26th.

National Beheading Day – In light of recent horrifying events in the world, this one today is in poor taste and is incredibly sad.  I’m not even sure WHY someone started this one is beyond me, and makes me wonder about the type of person they were/are.  Let’s try to put a better focus on it though.  Let’s put it in the perspective of the latest craze of zombie movies, OK?  There is one that my husband and I get a good laugh at every time we watch it and trust me, we’ve watched it often enough that there are portions we can nearly recite from memory.  It’s called “Sean of the Dead”, and is about a couple of English guys who are trying to gather their friends and family to save them from zombies.  It’s pretty funny all the way through and there are some pretty decent zombie beheadings throughout – so let’s put our focus on the silly, instead of the serious or we’ll all be in tears.  Though praying for the victims of the atrocities being committed by ISIS is a good idea and something we should all be doing, that their evil will be brought to a stop soon.


National No Rhyme (Nor Reason) Day – A lot of things seem to happen without any rhyme or reason, but today we celebrate the actual English words that do not rhyme with any other words.  These are all words that poets should try to avoid if they write the sort of poetry that is supposed to rhyme!  One word without a “perfect” rhyme is the word ORANGE. The words MONTH, SILVER and PURPLE are also without a perfect rhyming match. That’s pretty interesting! As someone who occasionally write poetry, I know those words make me crazy!  Does anyone have any other suggestions for words that don’t have rhyming matches? We should get a list going!

Bison-ten Yell Day – Today honors the bicentennial birth date of a fictional person. Get it? Bison-Ten-Yell. Bicentennial. hahaha seriously? Someone set this day up as a holiday?  Supposedly, Bison-Ten-Yell invented a set of ten battle yells. Get it? Bison-Ten-Yell. Ten battle yells. The yells were based on a memory aid system.  And that’s all I could find on it.  So do with this information what you will.  It’s at least a little funny and will make you wonder what some people are thinking.

This Day In History

1st – 1830 – “Mary Had a Little Lamb” was published.      
1st – 1878 – Emma M. Nutt becomes the first woman telephone operator.       1st – 1939 – Germany invades Poland, starting World War II      2nd -1666 – The Great Fire of London is started.      2nd – 1945 –  V-J Day.

Food Celebration of the Day

National Cherry Popover Day –  Popovers are the American version of Yorkshire pudding — an eggy batter that puffs up and over when baked in a muffin tin. They work great with a sweet or savory filling or topping!  With all of the pastries I’ve baked, this is one I still have tried.  I’m going to have to make a real effort to do that this year!


National Honey Month – Fun fact: It takes 22,700 bees to make enough honey to fill a single jar! That’s a lot of buzz for just one pot, but we’ll happily enjoy the sticky-sweet results.  Honey is incredibly healthy, and it doesn’t go bad!  You can have a bucket of crystallized honey, heat it up to liquefy it, and it will be good many years after the bees made it. Amazing!



That’s a lot to throw at you for the first day in a long time, but it does give us all lots of options for a really great day!  Time to go to work . . . don’t you just LOVE these short work weeks?  God Bless You and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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