Do You Have Fears and/or Phobias? Today is Your Day to Face Them!

Oct 10th

Good Morning! This is going to be an AWESOME day! How many times have I mentioned my fear of the wind, since it seems to always, or at least often, knock trees and branches on to our house, cars and trucks? I have spent many nights in tears, praying for our safety, as the wind howled outside and debris knocked against the house. Well, today, probably as you are reading this, a tree service is taking down 4 of the trees that are in the most risk of falling over in the wind. There are more to go, and eventually it will happen, but for now, this is a great beginning to reducing the risk and sleeping better through the stormy season. Isn’t that great? Well, it might not be for you but it certainly is for us!  Hubby is home today to be there while this is going on, and I am truly looking forward to getting home and seeing how it looks.  I have quite a few hours to go until that happens though, so I’d better get this going so I can be on my way!


Verse of the Day

October 10, 2017

The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the LORD lack no good thing.

Psalm 34:10

Thoughts on the Verse of the Day

While even the most fierce hunters cannot ensure their security and nourishment, those whose hunger is for God will find themselves nourished, blessed, and sustained.


Food for Thought

 It is easy to be nice to the people who are nice to us, but very difficult to be nice to those who treat us hatefully.  Today I am going to be in prayer in my head and heart, and as the days go forward, that I will have the ability to be nice to people who are difficult to like. I am tired of the perpetually negative attitude going on in certain situations in my life, one in particular, as it is toxic to everything around it.  The poison is always drip-drip-dripping, and I can’t think of what else to do.  I have reached out to try to bridge the differences, but those attempts have been rejected.  Today, I give up the situation to God, and however it plays out, it plays out. His will be done.


Ada Lovelace Day – Ada Lovelace Day was created to celebrate one of the first computer programmers. As the daughter of the poet Lord Byron, Augusta Ada Byron, was brought up by her mother, Annabella, after he passed. Her mother feared that she would inherit her father’s poetic temperament, and gave Ada a strict upbringing of logic, science and mathematics. Ada became fascinated with mechanisms and designed steam flying machines, poring over the scientific magazines of the time and embracing the British Industrial revolution.

In 1833, Ada Lovelace was introduced to Charles Babbage whom she helped to develop a device called The Analytical Engine; an early predecessor of the modern computer. Lovelace and Babbage worked together closely for many years in order to refine the Engine. Ada found relative fame in 1842 when she expanded on an article by an Italian mathematician, in which she elaborated on the use of machines through the manipulation of symbols. Although Babbage had sketched out programs before, Lovelace’s were the most elaborate and complete, and the first to be published; so she is often referred to as “the first computer programmer”.

Ada Lovelace died of cancer at the age of 36 a few short years after the publication of “Sketch of the Analytical Engine, with Notes from the Translator”. The Analytical Engine remained a vision for many but until Ada’s notes inspired Alan Turing to work on the first modern computers in the 1940’s.

Her passion and vision for technology have made her a powerful symbol for women in the modern world of technology.


National Face Your Fears Day – We all have fears.  It’s something we all have to deal with – sometimes we are afraid of leaving an old situation for a new one.  It could be a fear of public speaking, flying or of death.  These days many of us are afraid of viruses, what is happening in the economy – losing our homes, not having the money to retire, or to have on hand for an emergency if it arises – these are things we sometimes lay awake at night worrying about.  Me?  I’m afraid of the wind knocking a tree into my house . . . again.   I’m afraid of heights, and snakes . . . and maybe this isn’t a fear, but it’s something that totally flips me out . . . running face first into a spider web on my way to the car in the morning!!!  I hate that!  You know the reaction that most of us get when that happens?  Well, it’s a reaction I have and I’d like to think I’m not alone in this . . . the flailing of the arms, the screeching and dancing around while trying to make sure that there aren’t any spiders running around in your hair!  Oh my -OK, it’s not a fear, but it’s close! “They” say to conquer our fears by facing them . . . sorry . . . not going to deliberately run face first into a spider web to deal with this . . .you’re welcome to if you like . . . let me know how that goes for you.  I found a website that listed 100 Weird Phobias . . . the list gets a little long, so if you don’t want to read it all, I understand.  I found to be fascinating, so if you have some time . . . enjoy!

Social Phobias

These anxiety disorders are triggered by certain types of people, relationships, and social situations.

  1. Venustraphobia: Also known as caligynephobia, this is the fear of beautiful women, and may be caused by low self-confidence or putting too much pressure on appearances.
  2. Anthropophobia: This phobia literally refers to the fear of people but can also mean the fear of having company.
  3. Aphephobia: This phobia causes people to feel afraid when touched.
  4. Autodysomophobia: If you have a bad or “vile” odor, you may trigger someone who has autodysomophobia.
  5. Deipnophobia: Dinner parties, dining and dinner conversation are all off limits for people who suffer from this phobia.
  6. Nomophobia: This modern phobia affects people who are very afraid of losing cell phone contact.
  7. Soteriophobia: Some seriously independent-minded individuals may have soteriophobia, or the fear of becoming dependent on someone else.
  8. Sociophobia: Those who fear being judged by society suffer from sociophobia.
  9. Gamophobia: It’s not just an excuse: some people actually have a valid fear of getting married.
  10. Syngenesophobia: While there are certainly jokes about scary stepmothers or in-laws, this phobia refers to the fear of all relatives.
  11. Ecclesiophobia: The fear of church and going to church is called ecclesiophobia.


Many people are afraid of snakes, rats or bats, but these phobias represent the fear of more random animals.

  1. Ornithophobia: The fear of birds — especially pigeons — is referred to as ornithophobia, and is actually a fairly common
  2. Lutraphobia: While some people think they’re cute, others are afraid of otters.
  3. Equinophobia: The fear of horses is also called equinophobia.
  4. Zemmiphobia: It certainly sounds frightening: zemmiphobia is the fear of “the great mole rat.”

Natural Environment Phobias

Wind, the Northern lights, and even flowers are just too stressful for people with the following phobias.

  1. Aerophobia: Those with aerophobia — the fear of drafts, air swallowing and airborne diseases or germs — may wish to wear face masks, especially in public.
  2. Pteridophobia: For some, being near ferns is too frightening.
  3. Anthophobia: Most people are happy to receive flowers, but anthophobia refers to the fear of them.
  4. Ancraophobia: The fear of wind is also called anemophobia.
  5. Heliphobia: Nighttime hours come as a relief for those who are afraid of sunlight.
  6. Auroraphobia: Those who are afraid of the Northern Aurora lights have auroraphobia.
  7. Chionophobia: Instead of hoping for snow, those with chionophobia must dread it.

Personal Phobias

People who have trouble dealing with certain aspects of their own character or appearance suffer from these phobias.

  1. Spectrophobia: Those who are too afraid to look at their own reflection in a mirror have spectrophobia.
  2. Athazagoraphobia: Athazagoraphobia is the fear of being forgotten, and also the name of this blog.
  3. Gelotophobia: Those who fear being laughed at — and actually evaluate social situations for “signs of laughter and ridicule” — suffer from gelotophobia

Physical Objects

From red lights to knees, here are some weird phobias involving physical objects and body parts.

  1. Selenophobia: Selenophobia is the term for the fear of the moon.
  2. Asymmetriphobia: If you’re afraid of mismatched socks or asymmetrical objects, you have asymmetriphobia.
  3. Aurophobia: Most people would be ecstatic to have the chance to find gold, but people who suffer from aurophobia are petrified of it.
  4. Ereuthophobia: The fear of red lights is called ereuthophobia.
  5. Genuphobia: Knees can cause great irritation and fear in people with genuphobia.
  6. Automatonophobia: The fear of human-like figures, like dummies or wax figures, is called automatonophobia.
  7. Atephobia: Visiting ancient Greek or Roman ruins would be a nightmare for those with atephobia, or the fear of ruins and old buildings.
  8. Aulophobia: Aulophobia refers to the fear of flutes.
  9. Dextrophobia: People with this phobia do not like having objects situated to their right.
  10. Linonophobia: Though it’s useful, string is the cause of anxiety for people with linonophobia.
  11. Papyrophobia: Paper is the cause of great anxiety and even fear in people who suffer from papyrophobia.
  12. Domatophobia: One wonders where people with this phobia — the fear of houses and being inside houses — live.

Ideas and Concepts

Certain intangibles cause a lot of anxiety and irritation in some people, even seemingly harmless ideas like depth or newness.

  1. Tachophobia: Anyone who suffers from tachophobia — the fear of speed — may be afraid of riding in cars or trains.
  2. Xerophobia: The fear of dryness is also called xerophobia.
  3. Arithmophobia: Arithmophobia means to the fear of numbers generally, but can also refer to the fear of math, numerals, certain numbers, calculations, and/or calculus.
  4. Bathophobia: This obscure phobia refers to the fear of depth.
  5. Cainophobia: Sometimes called cainotophobia, this is the fear of anything new.
  6. Macrophobia: Doctor’s offices and holiday shopping trips must be nightmares for people who suffer from macrophobia, or the fear of long waits.
  7. Hagiophobia: Holy figures and holy things or ideas are feared by people with hagiophobia.
  8. Sophophobia: Those who are afraid of learning anything new have sophophobia.
  9. Barophobia: While it’s common to have a fear of flying or a fear of heights, others have a fear of gravity, or barophobia.
  10. Rhabdophobia: This anxiety disorder means several things: the fear of magic and a magic wand, being beaten by a rod, or being very harshly criticized.
  11. Symbolophobia: Figurative and symbolic ideas can become a legitimate phobia for some.
  12. Chronophobia: The fear of time is referred to as chronophobia.
  13. Mnemophobia: The fear of memories is called mnemophobia.
  14. Philosophobia: It can be a challenging subject, but for some individuals, philosophy is legitimately terrifying.


Sitting, standing and walking are sore spots for people who suffer from these and other phobias.

  1. Ablutophobia: Ablutophobia is the fear of washing or bathing.
  2. Amaxophobia: The fear of riding in cars is referred to as amaxophobia, and can cause problems especially for those living in suburban areas.
  3. Agyrophobia: Even if there are no cars around, some people still suffer from the fear of crossing roads.
  4. Chorophobia: Weddings, prom, and parties must pose lots of problems for those who suffer from the fear of dancing.
  5. Ergophobia: If you miss a day at the office, you could try telling your boss that you’ve suddenly developed ergophobia, or the fear of work and/or functioning.
  6. Kyphophobia: Being in the stooping position causes too much anxiety for people with kyphophobia.
  7. Mageirocophobia: Cooking is a source of anxiety for people with mageirocophobia.
  8. Scriptophobia: A common phobia is the fear of speaking in public, but scriptophobia is the fear of writing in public.
  9. Sitophobia: The fear of eating is called sitophobia, and can become very serious.
  10. Basiphobia: Those who are too afraid to walk or stand because of the possibility of falling have basiphobia.
  11. Cathisophobia: Conversely, this is the fear of sitting down.

Group or Race Phobias

These prejudicial phobias are the result of the fear of random groups of people.

  1. Bolshephobia: Some people are afraid of meeting or hearing about Bolsheviks, and their disorder is called Bolshephobia.
  2. Apotemnophobia: People with amputations cause fear and anxiety in those who suffer from apotemnophobia.
  3. Walloonphobia: This disorder refers to the fear of Walloons, a group of people of German and Celtic origin living in Belgium.
  4. Parthenophobia: Those who are afraid of virgins and young girls suffer from parthenophobia.
  5. Ephebiphobia: This term refers to the fear of teenagers.
  6. Pedophobia: Children are actually frightening to people with pedophobia.
  7. Dutchphobia: Some people believe that the Dutch are upsetting, perhaps because of their traditional costumes.
  8. Heterophobia: Homophobia is a well-known, though controversial, phobia, but heterophobia refers to the fear of heterosexuals.
  9. Transphobia: The fear of transsexual or transgender people is called transphobia.
  10. Hoplophobia: The fear of people who own firearms is called hoplophobia.
  11. Iatrophobia: Those who are afraid of or discriminate against doctors have iatrophobia.

Sickness and Injuries

The fear of particular diseases and injuries are outlined in this list.

  1. Albuminurophobia: This very specific phobia refers to the fear of kidney disease.
  2. Aeronausiphobia: describes this phobia as the fear of vomiting due to airsickness.
  3. Amychophobia: People who suffer from amychophobia — the fear of scratches — are probably very protective of themselves and their skin.
  4. Anklyophobia: Some people are actually afraid that their joints will stop working, and this fear is called anklyophobia.
  5. Blood-injection-injury type phobia: This odd phobia group includes trypanophobia (the fear of injections); hemophobia (the fear of blood) and the fear of invasive medical procedures.
  6. Body dysmorphic disorder: Also referred to as BDD, this body image disorder causes people to imagine that they have or will develop physical deformities.
  7. Ataxiophobia: The fear of not being able to use your muscles properly is called ataxiophobia.
  8. Injury phobia: If you’re afraid of being injured, you have injury phobia.
  9. Syphilophobia: One hopes that having a fear of syphilis would inspire more responsible romantic encounters.
  10. Chemophobia: Those who get too carried away with organic diets or going green may be at risk for chemophobia, a condition that refers to the fear of all chemicals and preference for natural elements.
  11. Rhypophobia: People who are afraid of defecation have rhypophobia, and are at risk for other health problems.

Truly Bizarre Phobias

In this list, you’ll find some of the weirdest phobias out there, from the fear of purple to the fear of constipation.

  1. Allodoxaphobia: If you like to voice your thoughts on a particular subject, you may want to stay away from people with allodoxaphobia, or the fear of opinions.
  2. Porphyrophobia: The color purple causes some people to be very afraid and develop this condition.
  3. Arachibutyrophobia: If you’re desperately afraid of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth, you have arachibutyrophobia.
  4. Blennophobia: Unless you’re in a science fiction movie, you probably won’t come into contact with slime, but some people are afraid of it anyway.
  5. Cardiophobia: Although the heart is your lifeline, some people are afraid of it.
  6. Coprastasophobia: Some people are actually terribly afraid of becoming constipated.
  7. Didaskaleinophobia: If you’d rather skip class, just claim this phobia, which refers to the fear of going to school.
  8. Nomatophobia: This phobia refers to the fear of names.
  9. Lipophobia: The fear of fats in food may be blamed on the red meat scare of 1977.
  10. Hormephobia: Hormephobia refers to a person’s fear of experiencing shock, which is probably made more likely after an anxiety attack.
  11. Sesquipedalophobia: This term refers to the fear of long words, and seems like a cruel joke.
  12. Phobophobia: This condition is described as a rare disorder and refers to the fear of having a phobia.
  13. Hellenologophobia: Confusing, highly technical terminology — including Greek terms — make those with hellenologophobia anxious.
  14. Cymophobia: It’s understandable that some people might be afraid of waves, but this phobia also refers to the fear of “wave-like motions.”
  15. Pteronophobia: The idea of being tickled with feathers is upsetting for those with pteronophobia.
  16. Optophobia: Opening one’s eyes is just too stressful for some individuals.

Somehow, this list makes me feel MUCH better about being afraid of something so ordinary as heights or snakes!


National Handbag Day – For those of you who are handbag obsessed, today is YOUR day! It is the first, official National Handbag day started by Purseblog founder Megs Mahoney. She has all sorts of details on her blog about fancy purses that nobody in my income bracket could possibly afford, and even if I could, wouldn’t want to. There are folks who walk among us who DO get that excited about purses though, so to you, I give you this day! As long as I have something presentable, that doesn’t clash completely with what I’m wearing, and can carry all the stuff I cart around with me every day, I’m good.  Most of my bags aren’t made for beauty, but for practicality. That’s me! Always practical. I do have one totally impractical purse that I love, and most people would probably look at it and wonder “why?” It’s pretty awesome. It’s red, western style, with sparkles and turquoise bits all over it and goes PERFECTLY with my red cowboy boots. Some of the turquoise stones are coming off of it so I need to figure out how to repair those, but it’s still an awesome purse. Alright, maybe I have a little bit of the impractical purse love in me after all.


Naval Academy Day – The United States Naval Academy was established this day in 1845, with 50 midshipmen students and seven professors.  The curriculum included mathematics, navigation, gunnery, steam, chemistry, English, natural philosophy and French.  This new curriculum required midshipmen to study at the academy for four years, and to train aboard ships each summer.  This basic format remains at the academy to this day!  Happy Birthday U.S. Naval Academy!



Food Celebration of the Day –

National Angel Food Cake Day – Angel food cake is a sponge cake that you can keep simple or make fancy for a  real treat.  It’s easy to celebrate this one – just buy or make an angel food cake, top it with fruit or pudding and whipped cream, and enjoy!  Angel food cake is typically vanilla-flavored. But why stop there? It’s equally delicious with chocolate, lemon, cranberry and even blackberry flavoring.  I considered celebrating this one, but didn’t feel like actually making a cake.  I looked at the grocery store and there wasn’t one single angel food cake there!  Wrong time of year!  Which makes me wonder . . . why is this one celebrated in the fall instead of in the summer when we can cover it with fresh strawberries and whipped cream?


Have a wonderful Tuesday, and I will do the same! We can get through this day with a smile on our faces and a happy attitude, no wonder what comes our way, right? Right! Now, where’s my 2nd cup of coffee?  I have to go!  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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