Do You Appreciate the Technicians In Your Life?

Oct 3rd

It is day 3 of the government “slimdown” and I have seen more childish behavior from our so called leaders than I ever saw from my own children while they were growing up.  It’s utterly disgusting.  Americans under attack in Benghazi were ignored when they begged for help, but our World War II Veterans were blocked from their own PUBLICLY funded memorial faster than you could snap your fingers.  Someone’s priorities are severely messed up and anyone with half a brain knows who is to blame.  I am hoping and praying that compromise can be reached soon – so many families are depending on it.

Enough doom and gloom – what do we have to celebrate today?  Besides it being Thursday and nearly the weekend again?  Well . . .  let’s see!

Techies Day – Is there a techie in your life that you appreciate?  We have an IT guy for work that we call/IM/email or text if something goes even slightly wrong with our computers and odds are he is going to be able to fix it from wherever he is, with his phone! OK, now that’s pretty doggone cool and though I don’t have a clue HOW he does it, I’m glad THAT he does it.  makes me wonder sometimes how we ever ran offices without computers.  Does anyone around here remember those days?  I do, and sometimes I miss them – mostly I don’t though.   To be fair, even though when we think of techie we think of computers, this day is for ALL technicians, not just those who work with computers.  There are many technicians in many fields who deserve our appreciation and admiration for all they do.  When you get your car fixed, do you appreciate your auto tech?  They have to know how to fix all of the cars that are brought into their shops, no matter what those cars are – old, new, with computer chips, without computer chips, they have to have a huge assortment of tools, because all cars need different tools, and they are treated like dirt if they don’t know immediately what “a funny click” is in someone’s car and actually want to be paid for the time and effort of figuring out the problem and repairing it.  If it were easy, you could fix your car yourself, so show a little appreciation for talent and skill!  No matter what type of techie you have in your life, let them know their skills are necessary and that you are glad they are around when you need them.

Virus Appreciation Day – This is another of those celebrations that makes you scratch your head and say “why?”  No, really . . . WHY?  Why would anyone want a day to give respect to nasty viruses?  I’d rather just dose them up with something to make them go away! The people who created this day didn’t bother identifying themselves.  They didn’t make a list of the kinds of viruses we are supposed to be appreciating either.  Human, animal and computer viruses spring to mind as being of concern . . . and we worry that animal viruses can jump over to affect humans – like the bird flu.   I suppose, since actually appreciating a virus doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, we can appreciate that they can be very serious, if not deadly, and take measures to protect ourselves and our loved ones from them. For example, always remembering to wash our hands – often – with hot water and soap; covering our mouths when we cough or sneeze,  keeping our immune systems healthy with good food, exercise, vitamins and supplements; and if we DO get sick, staying home rather than risk infecting the people we work with, etc.     Honestly, I don’t know what the creators of this day intended, but maybe it would have been a better idea if the day were titled Virus Awareness and Protection Day.  Doesn’t that make more sense?
Food Celebration of the Day

National Caramel Custard Day – Sugar, milk and vanilla make up this creamy dessert. The folks of Spain and Latin America know it better as flan, while most Europeans call it creme caramel.  I don’t care what they call it . . . it’s delicious!


We’re one day closer to the weekend, so spend some time appreciating the techies in your life, and protect yourself against those horrible viruses! If you get through your day without getting sick, celebrate with some custard! It’s a PLAN!  Well? Get to it!  God bless you and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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